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Talking Grrrrr -- just GRRRR!!!

Hi all!
So I just completed the 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge at the local Yoga studio .
But, before I went, I weighed in at WW. Not my usual day (1 day early), wearing not my usual clothes but pretty similar, not my usual time. And I'm UP 1.5 lbs!!! WTF????
I know, I know, water/salt/time of day and so on, but STILL aggrevating.
And I am zigging and zagging around the 170s like CRAZY -- for June: 176 lbs, 176.5 lbs, 173.5 lbs, 175 lbs.
Coinciding, of course, with my personal experience that when I UP the exercise, my weight loss slows/stops.
I KNOW, it doesn't make any sense, but this is my personal experience.

Anyways, so I weigh in at WW and you wouldn't BELIEVE the conversation between me and the WW Receptionist:

WW: -in a hushed tone - You're not very successful this week....you're UP 1.5 lbs.

me: Yes. Thanks. I wish I knew what was going on, because I'm doing the program.

WW: Are you exercising?

me: YES. I do Hot Yoga every single day. I have for all of June. I do this for 90 minutes a day. Every day.

WW: Well, are you eating the exercise points?

me: I have an extra banana. But I find that if I eat all of them AND my flex points, I lose absolutely nothing.

WW: You HAVE to eat them. Everybody else does. It works for everyone else on the program. What makes you think you are so special?

me: I'm NOT special. I just find that this is what I have to do to lose weight. And it's been working up until now.

WW: Well, YOUR ideas aren't WORKING very well for you. What do you do for exercise? Have you thought of going for a gentle walk at lunch?

me: -fighting urge to leap over the counter and smash her in the face with my WW points calculator -I do HOT. YOGA. EVERY. DAY. 90 minutes. 1 and a half hours. EVERY. DAY. Are you familiar with Bikram's Yoga?

WW: No. But you need to do more than just sit around all day.

me: THANKS. I'm not going to worry about it. I'll discuss this with my regular leader next week. BYE.

O.M.G.!!! As if today wasn't bad enough!!!

Have a better day than me, chickies!!!


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That woman is so obnoxious!!!!!!!! You should invite her to a Bikram class and see if she lasts ten minutes.

I've never done the 30-day challenge at my studio, but I know that when I do hot yoga, I am up the next day. Every single time. Something about your body adjusting to the heat/water/crazy sweating/etc. Have you noticed a difference in inches/clothing fitting?
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I've had gains and losses and they have never talked to me like that. I would have never came back if so. Also, when I was doing WW the first time, I hardly ever ate my weekly or exercise points. Also, eating all those points DON'T work for everybody. There is a thread all about it in the WW forum.
Still trying again. Never completely quiting this journey.
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I would find another center with a leader who knowa what she is talking about. I would have had a hard time controlling myself with this dingbat.
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I can understand your frustration. I recommitted myself to my health about a month ago. Been eating right - although I do slip once in a while - and have greatly increased my exercise. What do I get for my efforts? A 2 lb. increase on the scale. WTF???? Makes me want to cry and scream all at the same time. But, I'm keeping on keeping on and hoping eventually the scale will move in the right direction.

BTW - That leader sounds like a jerk.

Continued success to you..........
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OMG, what is her problem?!? Sorry you had to go through with that. Know that what you are doing is working, don't let her get to ya.
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Kira-LOL!!You crack me up!!!!!!!!!
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OK, that made me laugh, just because of how you told it, but definitely not funny! At least she's not your regular day person - maybe you should mention something to the center manager. It's comments/attitudes like that that turn people away. And WW is a business, after all!

I am new to WW and still trying to figure out how my body responds to the weekly and activity points.
~*~*~ Lesley ~*~*~

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail". Ralph Waldo Emerson
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She was the receptionist, wasn't she?

Maybe she thought "Hot Yoga" was some TV show. I don't know. I certainly had never heard of it until you mentioned it Kira.

She certainly had no business speaking to you that way. Gah.
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Oh you're good!

Beeyatch! Just take my payment, check me in and STFU!!!

Anyway, you keep doing what you're doing and ignore her.
"All of the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening."
-Alexander Woollcott

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Sheesh, was a twit she was.
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First of all, for not snatching her out from behind that counter and putting those muscles, you've been toning, to good use, on her face.

Seriously, so many people are misinformed about weight loss and what it actually takes to get the weight off, that people "supposedly" in the industry, think we are ignorant and oblivious to what we need to do. Your method, is quite sound Kira and you are losing weight...so take comfort in that my dear.
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I think it was a missed opportunity. You could have lost Pounds of ugly fat just by taking her head off.....

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I remember I asked you about the activity points... So, sounds like you're not eating them. Even though that person at your meeting wasn't the brightest porch light on the block , I think it's true that you need to eat your points.

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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YOU HAVE TO READ,"SUCH A PRETTY FAT" by Jen Lancaster, I love the WW stories in it. Plus her original account of being in WW was the same as mine. You're killing me
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