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Default Suggestions for At-Work Mini-Meals

What are your favorite snacks/mini-meals when you're at work?

(I finally broke down and checked what I *was* having on Fitday, and OMG, was I on the wrong track!)

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One day at a time!
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I like to keep a bag of carrots and/or grapes on my desk. Also, I keep food in one drawer of my filing cabinet. I keep a selection of canned pineapple, packets of instant oatmeal, Fiber One bars a box of Townhouse Reduced Fat Crackers (Keebler) that I like to have with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese, and usually some of those small packets of tuna. We have a refrigerator where I keep the Laughing Cow Cheese.

I have to keep something or the vending machines start calling my name.

I take some type of fruit with me every day.

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My 10am snack is almost always a babybel light cheese. In the afternoon, I always have 1 or 2 snacks on hand so I'm never tempted to have that cake in the office or the chips lying around. Almonds, blueberries, peanut butter on a whole grain english muffin, pear, hard boiled egg whites...healthy, yet filling and delicious!

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I found these cocoa dusted almonds that I've been taking with me almost every day. The 1-2 oz provides me with a good punch of protein AND calms my chocolate craving in the same instance! And they are very low in sugar. I believe they are made by Emerald....

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Half a red/yellow/orange pepper pre-cut into strips
Baggie of cherry tomatoes
Celery sticks
Laughing cow cheese spread on two wasa crackers
broccoli plain or with Annie's Goddess dressing, just a bit.
baby carrots
ff yogurt
Square of dark chocolate
LF cottage cheese
apple, wedged with cinnamon sprinkled on it
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I like an boiled egg and fruit yougurt, or PB and celery with a fruit, look up Bento boxes there are some amazing pics of healthy food. especialy on flicker look up Bento Porn, its not really porn its that the food pics look so amazing they call it porn funny too.

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When I worked somewhere that had a microwave, I used to keep a sweet potato in my desk drawer.

The Laughing Cow package says refrigerate after opening, so you could keep them in your desk. I haven't tried this yet.

I keep oatmeal packets, tea bags, unsalted nuts, dried fruit.
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I like those Nature Valley fibre granola bars although they're kind of sweet (but only 2 points for WW).
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I keep hummus and carrots in the fridge at work. There's usually a few pieces of fruit in my desk, along with a Kashi granola bar.
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I always have an apple (or rarely another piece of fruit), along with some protein. I used to always have string cheese, but I am eliminating cheese from my diet (ok, slowly!), so now I have 12 almonds or a tbsp of peanut butter. I am always starving by 10 am so I have this one then.

I get off at 3:10 so I have my afternoon snack at home if I even eat one. Usually air popped popcorn with sea salt or triscuits and hummus. I guess either could be adapted for at work use, though. 100 calorie mini popcorn bags would be easy.
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I usually have a piece of fruit, a sugar free Jello pudding, a fruit cup or those cocoa dusted almonds. Sometimes a high fiber granola bar or some popcorn. I'm a big snacker.
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Becoming myself
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String cheese
Lara bars
baby carrots & fat free ranch dip
banana chips
dried pineapple
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Almonds, fruit, yogurt, tea, water. That's pretty much it for me.
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yogurt, cottage cheese, all sorts of fruits, a small salad with sunflower seeds, sometimes the 100 calorie popsecret popcorn. all very yummy and keeps me satisfied for a while.

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Yoghurt, fruit, muesli bars, small tins of tuna, nuts, tea, hummous and veges.

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