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Out is Through
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Cool The Daily Plate

Hey everyone! Just a quick question before I have to head back to studying for my final

I've been using The Daily Plate online to track my food intake and exercise every day. What's up with 'Net Calories'? Now let's say hypothetically I've eaten 1500 calories and I exercised, making my net calories 1000. Am I -supposed- to eat more after that or what? I was trying to research it last night but everyone has construed visions on what you're supposed to do so I figured I'd ask you chickies

A little off topic but what scales do all of you use? I have this really horrible one that consecutively read a different weight every time I stepped on it. I could also MAYBE contribute that to my problem, but I stepped on it a few times this morning and the scale decided not to have multiple personalities today

Meh, I seem to be doing everything right and I've actually gained half a pound. I'm going to tough it out and stick to my plan, I know the scale will budge eventually

Thanks in advance for any advice! Back to the books..

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I wouldn't eat any more calories. Me, I eat my 1400-1500 budget whether I exercise or not. Seems to be working so far.

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No, don't eat more. Eating more due to exercise and activity would be completely and totally counterproductive. We are looking to create a bigger calorie deficit in order to lose weight. We can only go so low with our calories, so we therefore turn to exercise to help make the difference.

I keep my calories burned totally and completely separate from my calories consumed. I eat what I eat and I burn what I burn. One has nothing to do with the other. Any calories burned through exercise and activity is a bonus. Since those "Calories burned" calculators are HIGHLY inaccurate, I don't bother to track them one iota. The only thing I keep track of is my calories ingested.

I have a Tanita scale. Gives me the same reading time and time again.
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That's one thing I hate about Daily Plate... they automatically add in the calories they think you burned in exercise to your total. I don't trust their numbers, and I don't want to see what the so-called adjusted or "net" total is. I want my calories to be my calories, and I want to track my exercise. I don't want them connected. *sighs*

However, they have an easier database for finding things than FitDay, so I've pretty much switched to Daily Plate.
~~ Synger ~~

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I agree with the others, don't adjust. I eat toward the higher end of my calories to lose (from 1200-1600 a day) becuase I'm very active with excersie. If I don't eat enough I get super tired and cardio becomes almost impossible. It's about listening to your body and seeing what it needs but I would never eat more than my body feels it needs to satisy the tracking program.

I've never tried the daily plate but I use sparkpeople to track and it keeps everything separate. I've used fitday too and it doesn't combine things either.
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I use Daily Plate because I like the food tracking capabilities, but I'm with the others on tracking the calories burned. I don't track that there. Sparkpeople is better with that part, but their food database isn't as good as the Daily Plate. I've tried so many of these tracking places and I think it boils down to what is important to you. You might try a couple of them to decide!
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