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Default What have you given up because of your weight? 93 lbs challenge.


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No Fear
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I know some people don't let their weight stop them from anything,and I think that is great!Unfortunately that is not me.
It stopped me from trips to the beach.{I love the beach}
Interviews for a better job
Going in certain nightclubs w/friends
Eating in some restaurants
Certain types of clothing. I am tired of hiding under big shirts & sweaters
But none of this made me stick to a plan?
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Step away from the buffet
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I have given up riding horses, which is my passion. I have owned horses since I was 12, and I have not ridden regularly for most of my adult life due to my weight. When I do ride, I ride western rather than english, which I prefer, because the english saddles are tiny and I feel ridiculous. I have 4 horses, but none I can ride at this moment. One of mine is retired from riding, two are just babies (5 mos.) and the 4th is just now being trained under saddle.

When my trainer is finished with my horse (about 2 months), I will have NO MORE EXCUSES! I want to be down as much as possible by then and get my bum back in the saddle!

We can do this - we have so much to live for and we deserve to live life to it's fullest! Let's keep each other going!
Current Mini-goal: Slimmer Summer

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I understand completely. I use to be an extremely confident person but it's very difficult when you have so much excess weight. I've given up too many things to count but a short list includes rollercoasters (which I LOVE), keeping a current wardrobe, *cough* an active sex life with my husband *cough*, volunteering for certain school events for my step-daughter where there would be a lot of people, keeping in contact with old friends and the list could go on.
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NEVER EVER going back
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I gave up riding horses. That is the BIG ONE. I can't WAIT to get back on a horse! It's my 200 lb lost present to myself. The day that I hit 177 I'm going riding!
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
Starting weight 377, Weight in spring of 2010 198, Weight in August 2011? In the 240's.
Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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I feel like I've given up my entire life since I gained weight . Its been so gradual, I guess I just didn't notice. I no longer can/will wear the cute clothes I used to, I hate being out in public because I feel like everyone is looking/making comments (which is crazy), I'm tired all the time, I used to love to ride my bike but I'm too embarassed. I feel like my lack of self esteem is damaging my kid's lives as well, because I can't fully offer them the best mother I can be. The list goes on and on and on......

I'm with you -- time to get my life back. But it's important to not put everything off until I lose the weight, so as slow as the weight comes off, I will also learn to rebuild my character as well

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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Never want to go back!
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I, too, admire people who don't let their weight get in the way of living their lives. Low self-esteem because of my weight has been a big problem for me unfortunately. I've done all the things you mentioned: lying to get out of having to see people who haven't seen me in a while, not doing things because I literally didn't have any clothes that fit to wear, avoiding places where I worry there are is a great possibility of running into someone I know.

So, yeah, the fear of judgment has kept me from a lot of social events. I am not proud of that at all. I also think it has kept me from seeking out a relationship. My dad has been incredibly hurtful to my mom about her weight over the years to the point where I just assume that all men hate fat women even though I see relationships that seem to defy that "logic" at times.

Then there are the physical things I've given up because I just am not able to keep up with my friends or do all the things they do. These would be a travel destinations that involve lots of walking in the heat or long plane trips in a tiny coach seat.

I'm tired of being limited or limiting myself based on the weight, on what people will think, on what I can fit into, on what I can physically do. My greatest wish is to get myself to a point where I never have to worry about those things ever again.
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I hadn't given up much because I didn't HAVE much throughout my earlier years of obesity. So maybe what I gave up was my FREEDOM. You know, the freedom to try new things. To get out there and do those wild things people try. Like scuba diving. Like rock climbing. And I gave up the "permission" to dress well and look good -- I schlumped around in sweats and tees for years because I didn't think I "deserved" to look good.


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Starting over
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I haven't always been overweight. I can remember what life was like when I was slim.

I was strong. Physically strong. I didn't need to ask for help, ever. I've given up my strength and my dignity, both.
(Today I had to look on the bottom shelf of the fridge for pickles for my husband's supper. I had to call him--and with his help AND a chair, I could get back up again. I hate it.)

Bad habits plus pain in my feet, knees and back brought me to this weight--and by choosing to stay here and not do anything about it, I gave up my self-respect, I gave up my sense of self-worth.

But I'm reclaiming it, now! I deserve to make the effort to live the best I can (even if it won't be 100% pain free. But maybe it will be. We won't know until we get there!)

Great question. Thanks.
my weight loss blog: http://mypsychemysoma.blogspot.com/

"Your best weight is whatever weight you reach, when you're living the healthiest life you actually enjoy." Yoni Freedhoff
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I completely understand how you feel. I too have given up things because of my weight. Buying new clothes because I don't feel I deserve them. Flying because I might hang over the arm rest or worse pass out because the seat belt is killing me. Going places for fear that others may comment on how I look. Swimming because I don't want to be in a swimsuit. Horseback riding cause I am just too fat. I have even given up letting my husband even try to pick me up because I am afraid he might get hurt. I out weigh him by almost 80lbs.

I am glad to see you say, NO MORE. I too say that. I will no longer allow my fear of situations because of my size/weight keep me from living my life. Way to go!
Egg-cellence! A Happy Easter Challenge

Jingle Away the Jiggle 2010 Challenge goal - EXCEEDED!! (287 to 246.2 = 40.8 lbs GONE)

Renewed my commitment to a lifestyle of healthy habits 09/04/10
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Live with Intention
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I've given up more than I can begin to list. Such as clothes with normal sizes, high heels, sexy lingerie, and bathing suits. Swimming, amusement parks, dancing, or anything that puts my body into uncomfortable situations where people might stare at me.

I'm so stinking sick of myself and I have to get this weight off.
This is my final time 6/16/09

One for every 10lbs-->
Just when the caterpiller thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!
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I've given up going to theme parks because of their weight restrictions, I don't swim in public places, I'm afriad to take dance lessons because and I also shy away from cute clothing because they wouldn't look good on me anyway. =/ I don't want to draw attention at all.

Good luck with your journey though!!
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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At my highest weight I wouldn't fly home to see my family whom I hadn't seen in a year because I was afraid to fly. I stayed in a job I despised for four years because I was too fat to buy an interview suit and too tired and depressed to look for another job. Lots of things like that.
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here we go again
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hey sweetie!

Welcome and well done for wanting to make a change. It's always difficult at the start when you think about where you need to go but just remember why you are doing this and remember that rome wasnt built in a day. You have to conquer each day as it comes and slowley those will turn into weeks, months and before you know it, you will be maintaining!

We are all here to support you and wish you the veyr best of luck!
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3 + years maintaining
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I know some people say that weight shouldn't stop them from doing anything. But I found that next to impossible. No make that impossible. MANY, MANY things were out of the question because of my size and my activity level and my lack of stamina. It had nothing to do with the fact that I LET it stop me - it DID stop me.

Oh gosh. What a long list that would be for me. I don't even think I'm aware of all that I gave up.

For starters though, I gave up -

-my self respect
-and probably (no definitely) the respect of others
-tons of photo opportunities. My photo albums look as if my family is without a mother 99.999% of the time
-roller blading, roller skating, ice skating
-long romantic walks
-more interaction with my children, family and friends
-horseback riding
-rides at disney
-vacations and travel
-going on an airplane
-career opportunities
-nights out with friends
-days out with friends
-the beach, parks, zoos
-the absolute joy of clothing
-my femininity
-setting a good example for my children
-being the best mom that I could be
-the chance to have a scar and mar free body - think excess skin and stretch marks
-peace of mind
-happiness, joy, pleasure, laughter, fun

This list doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Not even close.
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