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Red face Exercise?

I think this is one of those statements you are not suppose to make publicly, but I absolutely hate exercising. I have been on my new lifestyle plan for 10 days now and have not exercised yet (with the exception of a couple of walks and playing with my kids, but those are not deliberate exercising).

I was reading on the maintainer board last night that many of their plans was/are calorie counting and exercise. So, I know that I will need to incorporate exercise sooner than later, however, how soon should I do that? I know, no time like the present, but I am afraid that it'll be an motivation squasher if I do it now. However, I also know that I have to burn more calories then I consume in order to lose weight and I do not want to sabotage myself.

Thank you for your input!
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I can do anything!
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I used to think I hated to exercise... but honestly, I LOVE it now! It's time where I can go and do something for myself and not have to feel guilty about it . I'm lucky that my husband encourages me to go hit the gym (most days) and watches the kids for me.

It's nice to have an hour or two of time to clear my head and listen to music!

I hit the elliptical, the bike, or catch some laps in the pool. You may find that once you start it's quite addictive!

Just get out there and do it, I know you can!
It's OK to be Strong & Pretty! Lift heavy or go home!
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Right foot, left foot ...
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I have often felt that I hate it too. I don't so much anymore, but sometimes I still have to push myself out the door.

One thing I found that helps motivate me is to push myself while I'm doing it. When I walk, I walk fast. I'm breathing heavy as much as I can. When I do weights, I also need to feel that I'm breathing heavy and my heart's beating quicker.

By pushing myself, I feel more proud of what I've accomplished and I do see results. And all I do right now is walk (3-4 times a week) and weight train (2-3 times a week).

After a while doing it, you also may start to crave it a bit. So I'd say just force yourself, push yourself and there's a chance it really may get easier and more enjoyable. Good luck!!

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O'Brien
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Loving life!!
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I used to hate exercising too and sometimes if my routine gets disrupted I really have to do some coercing to get myself back on the treadmill or elliptical I do exercise for at least 60-90 mins a day but really didn't start exercising except pilates until I reached about 230lbs.

Just start out small and once you start getting active it should progress from there....I'm assuming that is your little boy in the picture (if not sorry!) but get him out in the yard and just play with him. If he's anything like my little boys you'll be sweating and sore afterward lol

"The most exciting, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

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A lot of people lose serious amounts of weight by diet alone. Don't underestimate the power of walking, either. Start slowly and work your way up & it won't seem so bad. I would personally rather exercise and be able to eat a little bit more. It gives me incentive to do it.
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getting healthier!
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I'm not a big fan of exercising either.. but I do it... because on the days that I go to the gym.. I almost always see a drop in the scale the next day.. I push myself when I'm there and it's so worth it to see the scale go down At first I was SO intimidated to go the gym.. I always made my boyfriend go with me.. but now I enjoy going by myself and having some time to focus on myself getting healthier
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Thank you all so much for your encouragement and motivation. I truly appreciate it and because of it will go walk on my dusty old treadmill during my lunch break (I am a WAHM).

And RomanceDiva, that is my little guy (and my daughter is nursing under the pink blanket... I guess that isn't the best picture of her haha)! And you aren't kidding about them little boys!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I hate it too, always did. I hate sweating LOL I hate feeling dirty, yuck. But, it's one of those things you just have to do. I hate scrubbing toilets too but I do it constantly because I like the result. I admit I dropped the first 40 lbs. just with changing eating habits. The next 40 was a combo of that and walking and doing resistance bands, love those!! Well, not love, just hate less hahahah. I want to try BOXING but maybe after another 25 lbs., I love how they do it on THe Biggest Loser, just WAIL on someone hahahah that looks kinda fun!

Started: 323
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NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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There is no spoon!
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I'll echo others and say I hated exercise before and now I love it. For me it has become a routine that I simply can't get enough of at times. I think it's the endorphine rush for me. I think once you commit to it you'll be just fine.
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I would say the first 10 exercises are the hardest. After that, I was addicted and just can't NOT exercise... you'll see.

Now the sweatier I get after a workout, the better.

Good luck!
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Soul Cyster
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I concentrated on eating right and getting that more on point than started exercising. Then I started another class and exercising is really sporadic now, I have one more week of class then it's back to at least 3x a week exercising
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yay! summertime!
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Exercise is good for you in a whole lot of ways and THAT is the main reason to add it to your life. However, you are making a whole lot of changes already, so you might want to concentrate on really getting a handle on your eating and drinking that water; then, you can begin to incorporate exercise in the same little baby-step sorts of ways. (I would recommend setting a definite date as to WHEN you start exercise, so that you can't procrastinate forever and so your brain can let go of worrying about it and sort of check it off.)

Then, remember that the only exercise that is going to do you any good at all is the kind that you ACTUALLY DO. Do you like getting wet? Maybe look into pool walking or some water aerobic classes. Do you live in an area with some nice walking paths? Walking is simply, easy and cheap. Kids have you absolutely tied to the house? Invest in some exercise DVDs or just crank up the music and invent your own exercise DVD (the kids will probably join you!) One thing might work for a while and then have to change with the weather or your boredom level or something. This stuff isn't written in stone, you know --- you have complete and utter control! So what sounds like a fun (and doable) way to train your inner athlete?

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I hate exercise too. But I love dogs. I adopted one because dogs MUST have a walk everyday. I knew that I might make excuses about going to the YMCA, but I'd walk my dog because I want a well behaved one. Whatever it takes, right
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I'm not the biggest fan of exercise, but the more you do it, the more you incorporate it into your life. Really, you gotta get off your butt and LITERALLY get off your butt.. it doesn't have to bad.. it can be a dance party in your living room, a walk to the mall (park your car about a km away, walk to the shops and walk back) or even doing a video at home where it is a painless thirty minutes. It's about adding a little to your life.. not overwhelming yourself by thinking you have to run at a gym on the bloody dreadmill.. I hate that too. So make it fun.. some people use the Wii Fit, play tennis, run around parks after their children, play the video game Dance Dance Revolution.. whatever works.. it doesn't have to be horrible.

Start with ten minutes every day and work your way up, increasing the time by ten minutes every week.. until you reach a level where you are happy.

Started on February 11, 2009
My Diet Blog
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I didn't exercise until I was a month in and I love exercise. I would focus on eating now and then add exercise..Slow and steady.

The past is over, now let's get it!
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