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Default Adios fast food

I had been saving calories so that I could eat fast food today. I went and had it for lunch, and got a MAJOR headache afterwards. I don't know if it was the sodium, or what (I don't have high blood pressure or anything). Then I remembered how often I would get headaches before I started eating right, like I'd probably go through 50 tablets of Advil a month. I was thinking about going to the doctor, because it seemed like I always had one, and then when I changed my eating they disappeared. I really didn't notice they had stopped until today when I got one.

Never say never, but I will say if I ever eat fast food again it won't be for a looooong time. It was yummy, but not really that much better than a healthy lunch. Fast food splurge = so not worth it.
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I hear ya, whenever I eat fast food I get headaches and it always seems to give me the runs (tmi I know) and I am insulin resistant and my blood sugar just goes crazy for awhile after. Besides I am hungry again like an hour later...so not worth it to me. Now if I could just convince my boyfriend that fast food is the devil we will be all set
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I keep wishing fast food would hit me as bad as so many people report!
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i know julie, me too. lol

i might recommend if you do eat out again try something on the healthier lighter side and you might be ok.
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they put tons of MSG in those foods that may be why, since your eating healthy now its probably all out of your system and putting it back in may have given you a headache that happened to my mom.
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Yeah, I agree with raerae009, it could be MSG. I get headaches from it. Haven't had a headache in years!

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same hear on the headache thing. i would have one all day every day. it's not to have to worry about that anymore!
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Before I started my new and exciting choices, I would have headaches daily--sometimes more than once even. I was also very sore when I got out of bed in the mornings.

This post hit really close to home for me. I had fast food Wednesday evening for the first time in probably six months. I had a Whopper Jr. with no cheese or mayo and a small french fry. It totaled 630 calories. I woke up yesterday with???? yep, you guessed it--a headache!

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wow - I haven't drawn the connections but it's worth a shot!

good job!
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Thanks for all your comments. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have this problem-- makes me feel validated. Actually I'm not sorry this happened, because it's the perfect motivation to stay away from that stuff.
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I had the same thing happen the other day! I had the worst headache for almost 2 days. It's a good thing, though. Like you said, it makes me want to stay away from it for a looonnnngggg time .
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I used to subsist on fast food. There were days when I would literally eat it for every meal. Headaches weren't my problem; horrible irregular bowels were! I even tried Activia, but for someone who *likes* yogurt, Activia is GROSS!!!!!! I haven't had fast food since I hopped back on the wagon on New Year's Day, and it's amazing how well my intestines work now

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