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Egg Plant or Brussel Sprouts Anyone???

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Default Egg Plant or Brussel Sprouts Anyone???

I was just wondering if anyone enjoys egg plant or brussel sprouts...

My mom was a picky eater so I have never tried them and have no idea what they taste like... but I'd like to try some new, healthy veggies.

Does anyone have any recipes to share?
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I have a recipe for brussel sprouts that I will post later.
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OMG.... Brussel sprouts are one of my new favorite foods. I love to roast them with string beans, asparagus, peppers (green, yellow & red) and zucchini. I put 1T olive oil, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 4 T Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper in a ziplock bag. Add veggies and then place on a foil covered and sprayed (PAM) cookie sheet and cook until they start to turn brown.

I cut my brussel sprouts in half, peppers into long strips, and the zucchini slices into quarters.
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Eggplant is good, and it works well in cut into cubes in chunky red sauces like tomato sauce for pasta, or caponata. It's best to peel them. Some people find eggplants have a bitter taste, and that can be fixed by soaking them in salt water ahead of time.

Forget the Brussels sprouts, would be my opinion. I have only had them once in my life that they were yummy. Let me just say, you need to really, really love cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower...

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I love brussel sprouts this way...

Take sprouts (baby ones work best...thawed if froze, or use fresh), cut the ends off and cut them in half.

Brown sprouts in a skillet (you can fry up a couple of pieces of bacon to give flavor, or just use a little butter). Just a few minutes.

Pour in some chicken or beef stock, salt and pepper to taste. Let the sprouts simmer in the stock 10-20 minutes (shorter if you like 'em crunchy, longer if you like 'em soft, like I do)

If you used bacon first...crumble up the bacon on top! SOOOOO good!

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Eggplant is good on a sandwich. Cut into thin slices, brush with balsamic vinegerette, add a few slices of roasted red peppers and a portabello mushroom cap, add a slice of cheese if you like. lay on bread of your choice and toast for about 10 mins in the oven

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Thanks! I know you guys would come through for me..
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I don't like the american eggplants (chunky large ones), I do like the japanese and chinese eggplants. The japanese ones tend to be long, slender and dark purple. The chinese ones tend to be similar long, slender but a light purple. They actually have a sweet taste to them. My mom used to pan fry them in olive oil (not really fry, but basically coat pan with some olive oil, then toast them until done). I usually cut them in thin slices and roast them.

Brussel sprouts have always been one of my favorite veggies. If they taste bitter, they need to be cooked longer. I generally steam them in the microwave although sometimes I'll roast them in the oven. It helps to cut them to cook them though.
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Ive been needing a good brussel sprout recipe, since I havent tried them since I was a kid, when I hated them. Since Im vegetarian, I need to give them another try. I think I'll get some at the store today. Thanks for the idea!
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I used to love brussel sprouts but now they put a bad taste in my mouth. Eggplant is usually doable for me. Of course I love it fried!!!!
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I love eggplant as Baba Ganoush. Yum! Better than hummus in my humble opinion. Baba Ganoush is just roasted eggplant, garlic, lemon, spices and tahini. Divine!

Brussel sprouts - I'd eat them if someone cooked them and placed them in front of me. I don't think much about them one way or the other. I've had roasted ones I've liked.
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I am a newbie brussel sprout lover as well, and I am very picky with veggies!

I cut them in half, and roast with a little oil, salt and pepper. Very tasty!

They kind of remind me a broccoli a bit, which I love - so that's probably why I like them.
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All I can think of is Eggplant Parmesan which probably isn't very healthy as it is breaded and then fried. It is good though!

I love brussel sprouts, too. They are really good just lightly steamed. The bad rap they get is from cooking them too long. If you boil the life out of them they stink and taste gross. Steamed for just a few minutes...mmmmmmm !

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Roasted brussel sprouts, for sure. They're like candy. My DH hated brussel sprouts until I started roasting them. Now that I've started talking about them, I gotta go get some!

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Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. Whenever I make them they stink. How do you roast them?
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