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Default Feeling like CRAP--a rant/advice please!

Well. As the title indicates, I am feeling like absolute crap today! Starting yesterday (early evening) I've been having problems with feeling really dizzy when I'm standing/walking... I've been having really bad nausea for the past few weeks, too, which I think/thought was due to the fact that I just started taking the BC pill, but now I'm suddenly having other problems. Because of the nausea it's really hard to get enough calories, because I honestly don't feel like eating anything, and the few things that I do feel like I can stomach are either junk or don't have much nutritional value, so I don't want to gorge myself on rice and toast, but on the flipside I cannot eat chips and candy all day! Another thing is that I kept having to pee like every half-hour last night! I know I drink a lot of water, but d***! It's not usually that bad! And also my eyes hurt a lot when I look side to side or shut them tightly, like the way I'd feel if I hadn't gotten enough sleep, except I slept for almost 11 hours last night! (NOT on purpose.) And I kept waking up drenched in sweat, so I think I might have a fever, but we don't have a thermometer.

I'm no kind of doctor, but I think it's preeetty clear there's something wrong here, and I'm so frustrated because I have no idea what it could be! I'm worried that maybe I haven't been eating enough because of the nausea (I swear I'm not starving myself on purpose), and this is some sign of undereating. I've started losing weight a little TOO quickly, and I'm worried it might be unhealthy. I definitely don't want to screw up my body or lose weight so quickly that I gain it all back--I want to be healthy! But it also could be side effects of the pill, OR it is my TOM right now so maybe it has to do with that, OR maybe I really just have the flu or something. Or maybe it's something more serious! I don't want to be paranoid/a hypochondriac but I have no idea what to do... Making a doctor's appt seems too extreme (plus my doctor only makes appts like 2-3 months in advance), but I'm really worried and if it IS something serious I don't want to wait too long to do something about it. I've been trying to Google all of my symptoms but I'm getting nowhere. Grrr, I really hate this! Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? What should I do? Hope I don't come across as too clueless... But I suppose that's essentially what I am right now!
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If I had a doctor who only made appointments 2-3 months out I'd be looking for a new one. You really need medical help with this. It could be a big reation to BC and you need to stop it or it could be something else. Don't wait!

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Totally unprofessional take on this: it sounds to me like you're getting a cold/flu.

If it were me, I would probably assume that and prepare for the illness to come and I wouldn't link it with my diet/weightloss/weight or to the state of my general health.

But I'd say if these symptoms don't go away or don't actually become a full-on cold/flu in a few days, i would call my dr then, or go to an urgent care office (you can google one in your area) to see someone immediately rather than waiting for your normal MD.

I hope you feel better soon!

EDIT: I just wanted to edit to say that this above is how *I* would react to having those symptoms, but then I have a tendency to ignore problems or minimize them and assume it's nothing serious. I'm usually right and the problem I'm having isn't very serious, but you know your body, so if it feels like something more serious is going on then do seek medical attention asap.

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Honestly, a doctors appointment does *not* seem extreme to me. Especially since you have started on a new BC pill. There are side effects from those pills, and you could very well be having problems with them. So, speaking with your doc would be wise, IHMO.

It could be you just getting sick, but the coincidence of new hormones and dizzyness/nausea is a red flag for me.
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i would like to know what you are eating... because it could be an extreme reaction to a reduction in a type of food you were used to.

so what are you eating and drinking now?
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Could be hyperthyroid too (overactive thyroid). Could be a lot of things, but definitely needs to be evaluated.
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Maybe you could go to one of those drugstore clinics like Target or CVS has. They are staffed with nurse practitioners.
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I'm not a doctor, but a dietitian... Nausea, dizziness, frequent urination -- could be pregnant, could be diabetes. Both require a simple and FAST blood test or urine test. Both could mean your health is in danger if you WAIT. Maybe you could tell the dr. your symptoms and ask for a quick blood test that he doesn't even have to examine you for? Or find a nearby clinic to have a test. They can tell either diagnosis in less than 2 minutes. Then you can go from there. PLEASE see a doctor.
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Making a doctor's appt seems too extreme
Ok, you're dizzy, have night sweats, have nausea, are losing weight, have to pee all the time, have eye/head pain, possibly a fever, and are sleeping more than normal ...

And you think a doctors appointment is extreme???


Your doctor may require a 3 month wait time for a regular appointment, but for an urgent illness, if she (he?) won't take you immediately (like w/in 24 hours) then it's time to find another doctor.

(As an aside, I had to schedule my regular physical exam 5 months out, but I got in the same afternoon, the day I called and said I was sick.)

Seriously. This could be something as simple as the flu, a bad allergic reaction, a sinus infection. Or it could be diabetes, pregnancy, a reaction to your new BCP, or any other number of fairly urgent issues.

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Well, I am having a similar problem right now, except for the pill part. I've been nauseas, had a high fever, congestion, and stomach ache. I just got back from the doctor and I was told that I probably have a viral infection but that my symptoms also could be an early stage of appendicitis. (Funnily, though, I have my TOM too, just an odd coincidence). I really don't think you'll be able to find out exactly what you have, though, without a doctors visit, so you should try to get one soon!
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I'm sure you've heard it enough but I have the same advice...see the doctor! A symptom or two here and there may not be anything, but so many all together is definitly a reason to get checked out.

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Call your doctor. They may take a while for a routine appointment, but they all save a few spots for emergency sick visits. I'd go with the "your coming down with the flu" except that you just went on a new medication (the pill). Don't self diagnose. No one here has a medical degree (at least that they are claiming.) If your doctor won't see you, find a new doctor!

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they aren't always a lot of help but a lot of insurance companies and local hospitals have ask-a-nurse service where you can call their hotline & get advice.
i have had similar horrid reactions to birth control pills in the past. I'm sorry you don't fell well- I do agree with the others that a trip in to the doc is probably a good idea.
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Meredith, how are you feeling today? Were you able to make an emergency illness appointment?
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Star2B - feeling better? I saw you posting somewhere else. Hope all is well.
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