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Unhappy I'm so bad

I am going to LA Weightloss. So far I have lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I cheat a little but in a good way. They want you to eat alot in my book and I know my body. I can't do that. But since I payed so much money(don't ask lol) I have the accountability I needed to stick to my own regimen. I have 5 kids and I go to college full time and I am way to busy to plan and eat all that so I just write down in my journal they give you what they want to see and then I keep a real one with what I really eat. I keep it at 600 calories or less and I exercise. I know I know but it's all that works for me. After the weight is gone I can eat wha they say to. I am kinda worried about labor day weekend and I just got an 11 on my first stats quiz!!!! It was only 3 questions! All because I put decimals in my averages! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhh!!!!! It was the dumbest mistake ever. OH and one question asked what the class average is, an A or a B. So I did the average, no big deal and the average was an 85 and I even put 85 but I thought an 85 was a C. So I put C and in the college grading scale its a B. GOD!!!! Who the heck knew there was a difference!!! I put 85!! He is such a butt! Thank god it was just a quiz and not a test! I am studying by my notes. I don't have a book. I can't get it till my student loan check gets here. I could have got a 100 on this thing and that kills me. Oh well. Test is monday and now I am so scared. Hope I can keep from stress eating!
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I don't think you are bad. I don't really think anyone is bad. I think that we're human and capable of making some pretty silly mistakes. One quiz does not a semester make. Focus on studying your notes, and continue to make detailed ones, until you're able to get the book you need. And lesson learned about the decimals, right? I love math, but it is detail work. I've done it before... mixing up numbers... accidentally adding instead of subtracting. It can be a lot to remember.

About the journals... I don't think you're doing yourself any favors by keeping a fake journal along with a real one. I realize you say 600 calories a day works for you... but it concerns me, because if you do this for the long term you may actually starve yourself out of good nutrition that your body needs in order to function.

After the weight is gone I can eat wha they say to.
I would caution that this certainly isn't a race to get to our goal weights as fast as possible. It's about learning how to eat for the long-term from the beginning. We want to be healthy not only when we get to goal, but while we're on our way to goal, too, right?
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600 calories isn't enough for anybody. You aren't helping your body or setting yourself up for long term success.

I say this as someone that attempted very low calorie diets MANY times. I did lose weight, I always did. But - and this is really really really the important part - I always eventually binged, stopped and gained all the weight back and more.

I was finally successful, back in 2004 when I decided to stop fighting my body's amazing ability to survive and start working with my body. That meant no more radical, unsustainable, low calorie diets that deprived my body of the nutrients it needed to be strong and healthy.

I know you probably won't listen, I sure as heck didn't listen back in the day when people told me I was hurting myself but I can't stop myself from giving this advice. I understand, to the depth of my soul, what it is like to want to get the weight off IMMEDIATELY right this second and want to do anything, anything to make that happen. So, I get it, I really do. If you go to our maintainer page and talk to those of us successfully maintaining their weight, you will find few individuals who lost the weight and kept it off on a very low calorie diet (I do believe one person used a VLCD under a doctor's supervision).

It took me 20 years to wrap my head around this concept - but the end goal is not losing the weight, it is losing the weight and keeping the weight off.

Best wishes on your weight loss and school
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I agree so completely with what Glory said.

Please please please please rethink this line of action. You're setting yoruself up for a huge fall which will only make you feel so much worse.

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Yep...that 600 really jumped out at me too. Glory is dead on. Please think about this, and think about working with your body instead of against it...
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Hi there I know the frustration that you are feeling -- I am a full time student too-- On stats there is a computer program called SPSS that you can use to help you when you get really into the class to check you analysis -- but you did make simple mistakes -- All I can say is we all make mistakes slow down - even if the rest of the class is done don't let them rush you from double or triple checking your work (unless it is timed) --

On the eating -- I did the same thing not on LA weight loss but the plan I am on I cut almost in half because I am not that hungry and my body isn't use to that much food i was only eating between 600-750 calories a day--BUT my hair began to fall out and I have lost almost half of it -- I had to add more food in and take special vitamins to help with the hair loss and gum problems --which were both directly a result from my altering the plan.

Just a warning that not eating enough has more side effects than rapid weight loss.

GOOD LUCK with both school and LA weight Loss--

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