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Default Box Meals

Okay So I am counting calories as my Plan and its working good for me. I just needed to ask. Do you guys think that boxed meals in the freezer section at the grocery store like Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones are actually healthy meals. I mean they say they are low calorie but they are not made with whole grain. Like today I had a Lean Cuisine meal that was Fetticine alfredo and it was white pasta not wheat but it was under 300 calories. Do you still think they are healthy for you and a good meal while trying to lose weight?

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I have to use those box meals a couple of times a week. My favorite ones are the ones from Kashi, where I am getting enough whole grains and protein, plus they really fill me up.

There are so many to choose from, just look at the ingredients list and find the ones healthiest for your plan.

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I eat more Lean Cuisines than most people, I'm sure. They are a staple of my program. I don't like to cook, and I need restriction of portions. Plus they are easy and fast. I've done lots of label reading and decided LC has a good mix of nutrients. No preservatives, no trans fats, and consistency so I know what I'm getting.

I call it the "poor chick's Jenny Craig"!

This approach is not for everyone, and these aren't all I ever eat. But I probably eat 10 a week.

I'm careful to get enough fruits and other vegetables--for example, I'll add green beans, or a mixed green salad with pickled beets, or broccoli, and so on.

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I personally don't like them, and I dont trust what's in them either. I think processed food is alot easier access for people but for me I preffer fresh foods.
- Lauren
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the help. They are really low in calorie and I enjoy them too, they are a good meal to take to work with me for dinner. I agree they do help you watch your portion size too and they actually really good. I love the Roasted garlic chicken pizza it's awesome. I am doing low calorie as my plan and I guess I will just try it out with them and as long as I am staying under my calorie intake I set and fat intake I should be good.
Thanks for the help!

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I use them sometimes esp if I have a party and need to eat quickly before I go.

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If i am i a real pickle i will eat them. My personal opinion is the reason they are low in calories are because of the portion. Which im sure is a good healthy portion. But i like to eat and i like to feel full. So I can make twice that amount of food for the same amount of calories. I dont necessarily think they are outrageously unhealthy. I like to eat lots of volume though so those dont fill me up and i end up eating more anyway.

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There was a segment on this topic on Good Morning America this morning.

IMO, it depends on what you are looking for in your dieting goals. Those meals come in handy for me because I enjoy being in control of how many calories I'm eating. Just today for my lunch, I had a can of low sodium soup (100 calories), a side salad and fat free ranch dressing, and a lasagna frozen entree. If you pair them with healthy side items, you can make them work. Just look for ones that are lower in sodium and make an effort to cut back on sodium in other areas.

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They are a good to get yourself going and losing some weight. After a while, you might want to experiment with making some of your own meals. You will probably find your own creations to be much more filling and delicious.
- Rhonda

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I use to be addicted to both LC and HC. I loved the fact that I could eat fettucine alfredo and pizza and still be on a diet...not to mention the fact that I'm a horrible cook!! Lately, I've been trying to wean myself off of them and onto less processed food. I was wondering if anyone had heard of any studies/articles arguing that frozen meals could actually cause weight gain despite being in an otherwise healthy and balanced diet?
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I use them sometimes too, but I try to limit them just because I don't need all that extra sodium. However, they really are convenient for work sometimes. My biggest problem is limiting my carbs, though, and while a few LC meals will help me do that, a lot of them are pretty carby. So if I eat them, it's usually for lunch rather than dinner.
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I eat 3-6 LC's per week. I always have a couple servings of my own veggies with them though.

As a single person, stocking up on LC's on sale works better for me in a pinch. Sometimes I really want an off plan pizza... so I'll have an LC pizza.. or other times I'm feeling really deprived.. so I have an LC with cheese in it.

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I include LC, HC or SO in my plan now and then. I find that it's fun to have a portion of lasagna, pannini, pizza or mac and cheese etc. These are things I like, but, wouldn't cook for myself. It's nice to have it portioned out.

Whatever works for you is good. Every person is different.

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When I first started, I ate them a lot. Like every day. I love the paninis. I always add a big bowl of vegetables or a salad, though, to bulk it up and add nutrition.

Nowadays I only keep certain ones on hand as my comfort food staples. When I am PMSing sometimes I just want carbs, and I like that I can have mac n cheese without worrying about making a whole pan (and eating it all!)

So I keep on hand: LC mac n cheese, fettucine alfredo, swedish meatballs with egg noodles, four chees ravioli (YUM!!).

I also LOVE Amy's cheese and spinach stuffed shells for lunch once in awhile. When I want pizza, I eat Red Baron Four Cheese Thin Crust individual pizzas. They are 300 calories which is the same or better than the "diet" pizzas but they taste SO GOOD.
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I love almost everything from Amy's (except the tamale with green sauce ... yuck). Nutritionally they're pretty good, and the portion size is just right for me.
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