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Default Where will you be by Christmas??

Mrs Dorson posted on the other thread that there are 21 weeks til Christmas Day. Wow! Who knew? Okay, so thinking about that, where do you think you will be, weight-wise, on Christmas Day?

21 weeks. If you lose the "suggested" 1.5 pounds a week, that means about 30 pounds gone by Christmas. That would make me 185 pounds. Oh wow! Can you even imagine??? I can't...

How about you? Where would you like to be by Christmas?
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*Courtney Rae*
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I will be at least one size smaller. Currently in a size 16. I will be in a size 14 if not a 12. And in onderland and hopefully out of the 190's too. OOO now im excited to go workout

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Lyn, let me just say, Thank you for not saying (Shh!) shopping days. Yark!
I always used to look forward to the next 'season'. You know, Ah, by Fall, I'll be back in size whatever, and I'll look just like the models in the Sears catalog, wearing a simple sweater with a long skirt (or whatever else in in fashion at the time.) I have giant rubber tubs full of size 9 tall pants from Reitmans that I have never worn. I'd go in because they had a sale, and couldn't make myself buy a 13, or 15, but rationalized that if I buy the 9 or the 7, it'll fit me in a few months anyway.
I'm so close to 150, I can taste it. I haven't weighed that in more that 7 years. I've gone up to 185 a few times since, but 150 was my fit, track-team Grade 12 weight. And I thought I was fat.
Right now, I'm kind of racing into my wedding dress. It fits, but I'm still a little nervous. You know, the Bad Dreams. You know.
But after all the hoop-la dies down, I'm going to try for a baby. Do it 'right', this time. Right for ME. So I'm afraid my thinness might be short-lived.
This time, I know better. I know that gestational diabetes is Serious, and if I get it again, I can't sneak ice cream, and slushies, and mars bars, because the Doctor can't see me eating them. I'm grown up this time. (Okay, I was 23 last time, but kind of stupid. Also scared and alone.)
To answer your question, Lyn. No matter how much I weigh, depending on how many I'm eating for, I will be healthy, and in good shape. And proud of myself. Because this time, I GET IT!

Lyn, you inspire me. You are a Real Person, and I get what you are all about. Thank you.
*~ Kori ~*
Going on a cruise in March!

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I would like to lose 24 more pounds by Christmas, but that might be a bit too optimistic! I am a slow loser, but will continue to do my part with staying on plan and exercising.

Lyn, I can definitely imagine you reaching your goal! You will get there.
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Oh gosh, I think about this constantly. Last Christmas was when I made up my mind to start for the new year.

There's no way to know, but I can indulge in a little wishful thinking, yes?

All of my new clothes that I'll get for Christmas will fit this year, unlike last year. That was heartbreaking. I won't settle for a holiday outfit that fits this year. I'll shop, deliberate and the only thing I'll agonize over is a CUTE choice rather than the unflattering fits.

I'll be able to roll around on the floor and play with my son and his new toys rather than perch on a couch with a pillow on my lap to cover my stomach. I won't think about my stomach rolls because they won't exist.

Instead of avoiding parties because I'm embarrassed, the fattest woman there and I've become fatter in the last year I'll flaunt my hot body and bask in the compliments! I'm going to be the hot wife, the hot mom but the same cool (albeit healthier) me

I won't care in the least bit when my photo is taken. I'll ham it up! I'm going to get my photo taken on Santa's lap, just because there will be no chance of me busting his legs.

You know, this is sad. Really sad. I always SAID my weight wasn't a huge deal, but I can see here, typing this out that it was. It sucked. I'm getting away from that.

Weight wise, I honestly hope I'll be close, close close to goal. Really close. I can do it! I am doing it! I want to be concentrating on exercise for the pure enjoyment, strength training, perfecting my muscles rather than cutting fat (I do strength train and exercise for fun now, but the remaining weight I have to lose lurks constantly in my thoughts). The only thing I want to worry about next year is maintaining my new body, becoming stronger, healthier, possibly doing a BB competition for kicks. I want to be a maintainer for Christmas.

Please Santa?

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I am 37 lbs from goal so I could concievably be very close by then. But knowing that weight loss slows the closer you get to goal, and what my rate has been recently, I'd be more than happy with 20 lbs by then.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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S/C/G: 180/ticker/129 or so =)

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Well, I hope/expect to reach my original goal tomorrow (official weigh in day). But I already plan to reset my ultimate goal lower. I'll try for another ten pounds which should be doable by Christmas for me even with slower weight loss and some practice maintenance. So, I'm hoping for 139 by Christmas.
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I will be in Onederland for Christmas! Buying lots of size 14 presents from me to me!
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In a perfect world I would be in the high 150s, but if I can get into the 160s by then, I'll be thrilled. I'm such a slow loser, but I'm really determined not to take any more 'breaks' before the end of the year.

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I dare to hope that I will be at goal and maintaining! It's hard to even imagine, but that is what would be a great scenario for me.
~ Lori

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Hopefully I'll be maintaining by then.
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Hmm, well if I were to lose 30 pounds between then and now, I'd be 217! Not bad. Wow, it's really hard to imagine me weighing that little. But if I work reeeally really hard, it'd be SO cool if I could be in Onederland by then!! Just a dream of course, hehe, but it'll keep me going!
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot
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Such an interesting question...I thought - as I read this. I would LOVE to be in the 170's by then....or darn close. I have been losing only 2.5 pounds a month these last four months. So.....that would be nice - to get to the 170's by then. I am shooting for that or more.

My goal - always - even more than the number at the scale is to have sanity with food.

Move ticker, move!
Next Mini Goal - 214

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.
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Default I will be at 199 by Christmas!!!!!!!!

I will be 199 this Christmas because I have entered a Biggest Loser contest here in my hometown. The prize could be almost one thousand dollars. I have plans of winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Oh, to have another 30 lbs gone......I have been losing about 1-1.5 lbs a week the past month, so if I kept up that rate, by Xmas I'd weigh 180!! And most likely in a size 13! I haven't seen 180 lbs. since I was about 13 (which is a little sickening, when you think about it...I gained a ton when puberty really kicked in)---that's 10 years!

You know, I never really thought about that before...now I have something new to strive for! *enter new Xmas ticker*
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