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Red face I can't stay away from the scale!

Quite awhile ago (1 year ago) I started trying to lose weight. I lost a little at the beginning purely through HARD exercise. Then my weight stalled.
My diet was not all that bad (or so I thought at the time) until I found out I had PCOS and IR. I hated the thought that something could dictate what I could and could not eat. Being the rebel that I am, I just kept eating whatever I wanted.
Finally my symptoms got so severe and the weight kept creeping up, even though I was hardly eating. I didn't eat all day long (not even a nibble) and then I had a decent dinner. I realize now that my body didn't have enough fuel and hung on to every bite I was taking. And I was eating the wrong things for my condition.
So, 8 days ago, I made myself a promise to eat healthier. I cut out all the yucky carbs, refined sugars, fatty meats, etc. and replaced them with low and healthy carbs, natural sugars, and lean meat. Also I started eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few little snacks if I am hungry.
You wouldn't believe my shock when I stepped on the scale after only 1 week and I saw that I lost almost 10 pounds! I know this is simply "beginner's luck" and I shouldn't expect to see this type of weight loss every week. But, it is definitely some motivation and it tells me that my body likes my new diet and eating patterns.
Now my problem is that I am obsessed with the scale! At first I said that I would only weigh myself once a week, then that turned into once a day...in reality, I find myself on the scale 3-4 times a day!
I know it is stupid because your weight naturally fluctuates a little here and there but, I always just HAVE to peek.
Do all beginner dieters go through this scale obsession phase? Will it ever end? How do I convince myself to only step on the scale every few days or once a week? A week seems soooo long!
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I'm not obsessed with the scale but I do weigh daily. Doing this helps keep me accountable. This will vary from person to person.

As you said, the numbers will fluctuate. Knowing this helps me not to stress. To help you not go crazy about the scale, look at other ways you're losing. For example, inches, clothing size, etc.

Good luck to you on your weight loss journey.
"All of the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening."
-Alexander Woollcott

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Hi Goldana! It's nice to hear from someone who is in a situation very similar to mine--I feel like I could have written your entire post myself!

I, too, just started my plan not too long ago. (For me I officially count my "first day" as the 18th--the day of a doctor's appt that really motivated me!). Also, like you I found that I lost a relatively large amount of weight in a veeery short time: about 16 lbs so far, in just about 10 days. Of course I haven't been doing anything unhealthy to lose, so I'm certainly chalking it up to "beginner's luck" as well. However, like you I've ALSO found that I'm becoming a little too attached to the scale. Ideally, I wanted to weigh myself once a day, but it's quickly turning into a desire to weight myself multiple times throughout the day--when I wake up, after working out, after dinner, etc. I think it's just because I'm getting too addicted to the rush that you get from seeing a dip in the scale, hehe. I can certainly see how that might be a thing for beginner dieters, because I have never made any focused effort to lose weight before, so this is just something I'm not used to at ALL... So I relish in every little dip in the poundage.

But of course it comes back to bite me in the butt if I suddenly gain a couple pounds, because then I go crazy wondering what I did/ate that made it happen! Grrr, such a frustrating feeling. Which in turn makes me want to up my workout or eat less or something so I can lose it again--obviously a reaction that could lead to something unhealthy if I don't watch myself! I got sick of the emotional roller coaster, so I decided (yesterday, actually, ha) that I'm really going to commit to the idea of weighing myself just once per day. It's sooo tempting to take a peek, just to see how I'm coming along for the day, but I figure if I can resist all my junk food cravings, I certainly should be able to resist a friggin' scale! Haha.

The best advice I can give is that if you really want to weigh yourself a lot, I don't see any real harm in it, as long as you are (as you said) totally aware of all the little fluctuations that will come. For me, I found that it drove me crazy to check so often, but maybe for you it helps you to get that little kick of motivation from looking at the scale! Or, if you find that it's making you a little crazy, too, I'd recommend weighing yourself either in the morning, or after you work out (so far those seem to be the times that I weigh the less ). Whatever works for you!

Best of luck with your weight loss! <3
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I'm scale obsessed as well. I manage it two ways...

One is an official weigh in day each week. That day, whatever it says, goes on my ticker and in my head. Ironically, it is Monday which is generally my highest weight day! (Which is probably good.) Over time I see drops, but I am generally a pound thinner on Friday than on Monday (which may have something to do with my weekend.)

The second thing is to really really focus on how happy I am to see the current, lower, number on the scale. Even if it is higher than the morning before, I really concentrate on the pleasure in seeing the scale in the 230's, rather than the 250's. That way getting on the scale is a happy experience rather than a frustrating one.

I find that knowing the little fluctuations actually helps. If I am 3-4 pounds up in a day or two, I can almost always trace it to ting patterns that I can change. (For me, salt is a biggie, salty foods or meals will have me retaining water like a balloon.) That in turn helps me make better decisions.

It also helps to remember that if I have had one bad meal or indulgence, it is very unlikely that I have eaten enough to put on 3-4 pounds! Ironically, often when I have a big jump, the scale often follows in a day or so with a bigger drop. (That water weight flushes easily!)

I'd like to think that eventually I will wean from the scale a bit...but in the past when I stop weighing, I start gaining! (And when I start gaining I stop weighing.)

The scale's movement is going to slow down, but remember, even when it does, you are already significantly smaller! Hurrah!

Keep committed...

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