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Default Feeling Down

Hey guys, this is the first time I have posted in this thread. Usually I post in Atkins that is what I have been following as my plan. I started in May and I have lost about 10lbs since which is great but the last couple of weeks I have been way off track. I was doing so good, then we had a family function and I was like okay I will cheat today which I know is bad I need a life style change and then I think okay I will just eat right and watch my portions and calories but then it was my daughters birthday and I had too many pieces of Pizza and said okay I will start tomorrow. I always say I will start tomorrow and I always end up going off plan. I am feeling really depressed now because it's like I have no will power and I want to lose weight so bad. I feel so bad about the person I am now. I use to only way 140lbs in high school now at 20 only two years since high school and a baby I am 242. It makes me sick. I was 215 before I got pregnant and after I had her I never lost the baby weight. I work out almost everyday and I don't have a problem working out I like to work out but its just the food.

Yesterday I went to Kings Island and Amusement park around here and I wore Capris with my Tankini Bathing suit top and even though I know most people probably weren't every time someone looked at me, or laughed I thought they were making fun of me or looking at me and secretly talking to someone else like look at that girl. I felt that way the whole day and my boyfriend who I have been with since I was 14 who has never said he cares about my weight I felt like he even cared. We were in the pool and I went to go kiss him and he was like were in public don't do that. I know if I had been skinnier maybe he wouldn't care. He say's he doesn't but I feel like he does. I even went to get on a roller coaster and it was a tight squeeze and the roller coaster guy checking the lap bar was like can you push yours down alittle more and I couldn't. I feel so bad about my weight and I know I really need to do something about it but I don't feel like I have any support.
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You can get lots of support here. Our friends and relatives are often not supportive because they haven't had the same experience with trying to lose weight as we have.
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kaymh - I am sorry you are feeling so bad right now. Probably many of us here have been in this position at different times in our life. While I don't have all the answers, I'll make a couple of suggestions.

First of all, you are a person not just a weight. The goodness that comes from you is YOU - not just what it says on the scale. Sometimes I think we think folks are looking at our weight more than they really are.

You need to find a plan that you can live with. There aren't any quick fixes in losing weight. Believe me, over the years....I tried them all. If you don't think Aktins is the plan for you...there are many plans...calorie counting, weight watchers, south beach, you on a diet and more. Try and find something that fits with your lifestyle and you can LIVE with - that is healthy for long term

If you can't get the whole thing going at once, maybe you can strive to take some baby steps towards better habits...ie...drink more water, eating more veggies, walking for ten minutes a day - these are things that might be a way to start.

For me...what made the difference is that I started to do meditation and visualization. There are many tapes available on line.

Also, it helps me to plan my day's food. My plan might change..but, it's a start - so that food thoughts don't need to spin around in my head between meals - as to the next thing to eat. It is helpful for me to write down everything I eat...planned or unplanned.

These are just a few ideas. We all know what has worked for each of us and what hasn't.

I count calores, fats, protien and carbs within a daily range. That has worked for me. Others will tell you what has worked for them.

Good luck...I am so glad you posted.

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here we go
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You do have support! This is a great place to get inspired,and get new ideas.I swear I have lived your same day! I used to just laugh it off,but inside it always hurts. I golf now and I'm always looking around thinking "am I too fat for this sport?", but the I relize if I'm playing I'm not eating! Keep your head up. Its hard but look at all these people doing it too
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Well, you definitely have support here. I know exactly what you're talking about with the baby weight. It was really hard for me to come to the realization that even though it would take a while and I might be miserable refusing some of my favorite foods, I had to lose the weight.

I had done Atkins before and could never lose more than 8 pounds. I spent like a year gaining and losing the same 8 pounds. After I had my baby, though, I decided to try Weight Watchers, but just at home because I didn't really have the money to pay for meetings and such. I love it. I get to eat whatever, just not the portions I wanted. I even incorporate some of the Atkins lifestyle in a little bit. For example, I do the omelet thing a lot, but just with egg whites. If Atkins isn't working for you, there are other diets that people have been successful on. I started dieting on April 7, 2008, and have lost 30 pounds. It took me a long time to wrap my mind around the fact that carbs weren't the devil though.

As far as your husband goes, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health. You deserve to be treated like a queen. On the other hand, you should treat yourself like a queen as well. Stop beating yourself up. It is hard after you have a baby to even start thinking about losing weight. Being on a diet includes a lot of thinking about yourself and a new mom sometimes struggles with that.
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i'm sorry you feel so down. Im sure a lot of us out there have felt the same at some point. What actually got me to be serious about my weight loss, was when my mom passed away. She had lots of problems with her health because of her weight. Before she passed away, i promised her that i would lose weight and be healthy again. I loved my mom dearly, but I vowed to myself that I will not end up like her.
You have the support of the people here on this website. I/They are here to help you along the way. I hope this makes sense and helps a little.
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I'm sorry you're feeling down. However, you have made progress. Losing 10 lbs is not easy, so good job!

I have the same problem with food and drink around family. I always allow myself one cheat day a week to work around that issue.

Also, when following a diet strive for consistency, not perfection. Not eating perfect for a day or two is fine. Don't beat yourself up over it; just start again the next day or the next meal.
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I'm sorry you're feeling down right now
I'm feeling the same way lately too...

You have lots of support here though!
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I echo a lot of the thoughts...ten pounds is a significant loss, congratulate yourself.

I had one other thought. you said "I think okay I will just eat right and watch my portions and calories but then it was my daughters birthday and I had too many pieces of Pizza and said okay I will start tomorrow. I always say I will start tomorrow and I always end up going off plan."

For me, I find that saying I will start tomorrow triggers more eating! After all, I have to get that last treat in. When you hear your inner self saying that stop, say I will start now. No matter what you have already indulged in, starting now is better.

You can do it...it won't be easy but it is doable. You are so lucky, you have age working for you, and already have an exercise habit.

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Ten pounds is awesome! I'm so jealous.
You've got what it takes. Just start again...now, not tomorrow (I say this to myself too).

We can do it!
Little by little, one travels far~Tolkien

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I definitely agree with what someone else above said about losing the "start tomorrow" mentality. For me, that always just seems like a reason to eat more today ... and then you wind up doing the same thing tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Instead say to yourself "I'll start now". I'll put down this piece of pizza. I'll say no to this piece of chocolate. I'll have an apple rather than the ice cream.

And, you know, it might be that Atkins is not the right diet for you. If you find yourself "cheating" a lot ... then maybe that's an indication that you need a different plan. One where eating carbs isn't "cheating".

Good luck to you as you figure out the bset way to make this work for you!

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YOU SOUND SO MUCH LIKE ME. that's why i love this site. I'll tell what works for me. i get down on my knees and pray. remember.....God created you and He takes great delight in you just as you are! I know that I can ask for help. immediately His peace finds me.

REcently i felt so out of control that I had to take a drastic step. I needed severe control. WW has worked in the past, but I feel like right now I cannot be trausted to make decisions. so, i started medifast. it is just what i needed because I make no decisions. i am hoping this will jump start my weight loss and give me motivation. once you start losing consistently I think the urge to "cheat" subsides a little. Good Luck to you and may you find peace in Christ
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Originally Posted by Kelleigh View Post

You've got what it takes. Just start again...now, not tomorrow (I say this to myself too).

We can do it!
I say this to myself all the time also and it works, I'm slowly working off my "I'll start my diet tomorrow" weight.

The only way to do it is to start right now. Even if it is in the middle of the day and you just ate an entire cake. Put that behind you...get a glass of water and start on plan from that moment forward.

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I know exactly what you are talking about I have been there too but I did start again and lost 7 pounds the next week -- so there is hope-

I had to go to a waterpark with my husband and kids a couple of days ago with his friends and their wifes who were all very thin and I felt very inadequate and embarrassed. I made some bad eating and drinking decisions but I am back on plan today --

AND I am going to walk for at least 30 min tomorrow -- I hope you decide to do the same--

I know I will feel better when I feel like I am doing something to change the situation--


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