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Red face Bad news/good news?

Hello everyone! My name is Meredith and I've been posting here for a few days. I'm 19 years old and I'm trying to lose 100+ lbs. Anyways, today I have some bad news and some GOOD news!

I had a doctor's appt on Friday, and as I was stepping onto the scale, I secretly hoped that I might weigh a little less than what I thought I weighed at the time--255. Well, as luck would have it, it turns out that I actually weighed a little MORE than I thought. We've never kept a scale in my house, because my mom didn't want my sister and I to develop an obsession with weighing ourselves (which I think is reasonable), so for my "starting weight" on here I was going by the last time I weighed myself at school. Well, I went to the doctor and according to her scale, I was actually 263! Grrr! Frustration! I'm not gonna lie, that hit me pretty hard... I know it's only 8 extra lbs but I was hoping that it might be a little LOWER than 255; wasn't even expecting that it might be higher.

BUT the good news is, I didn't let it get me down! That (plus, of course, the advice from my doctor) just made me think, ok, it's time to get REALLY serious about this. So I've been doing strict calorie counting and have exercised a couple times in the days since then, and today I finally insisted that we get a household scale - I'm old enough now that I won't obsess over it, and I really want something to use to track my progress! - AND guess what?!

The scale said 259! I can't believe I've already lost 4 pounds, in just a couple of days. Of course I know that there's no way I could continue at that rate (plus, I wouldn't want to--how unhealthy!) but that sure did feel great. Just shows me the huge difference that these little changes can make. Yea! May not be a huge loss yet, hehe, but it sure felt great to me!

Thanks to everyone for your support! Can't wait for that number to get even smaller!
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We'll all get there!!!!
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Congrats Star! That's amazing! I'm 19 too and also on this journey of losing 100 pounds. Good luck and congrats on the great start!

Once and for all:

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Welcome and good luck!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Stick to the one scale from now on, no more surprises. Also - make sure it's the same time of day when you weigh yourself. I weigh first thing in the morning after the bathroom but before coffee or breakfast.

I wish I had started this journey when I was 19. Way to go, gir!!
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Thumbs up Congratulations!!!!

Hi Meredith -
I'm new to 3FC also, but I have a couple of decades on you. Congratulations on your commitment to losing weight & improving your health now. It will only help you in the long run. Plus, you won't be like some of the rest of us dealing with slowing metabolism & the need to lose weight.

CONGRATULATIONS on your loss!!!
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Hi! Welcome and Congrats on losing those first pounds. It always feels good.
I agree with chick in the hat...use only one scale as the one that is your weight and can reflect consistently what your weight is doing. I don't pay much attention to my doctor's scale because I only weigh on it every now and then. It's my scale that is the true measure.

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I always weigh more on my doctor's scales...scales vary so much..so like one of the PP's said, stick to one scale and weigh on it the same time of day each time you decide to weigh. Good luck!!!
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Congradulations! You should be very proud of yourself for your healthy choices. I agree with everyone else that you should just pay attention the the scale you have at home because you can weigh there at the same time everyday. The differences in different scales can drive you crazy!
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MSer living healthy
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to 3fc and to the 100lb club. I only wished I had embarked on my journey when I was 19.

Good luck on your weight loss journey and reaching your goals along the way.
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Welcome, and congratulations on making the commitment to change your life!

I'm a little concerned that you said that what you've been doing for the last few days is unhealthy, or that you couldn't sustain it. I know for most people here the key to success is to find something that we can keep doing for the rest of our lives. Can you share what your current plan is?


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Congrats and good luck! I know WE ALL can do it! I'll be cheering from you- I'm 22 and wish I had payed attention at 19- then I wouldn't be where I am!
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Congrats on your loss and your decision to start on this journey.
Your enthusiasm is fantastic and I'm sure you'll keep going.
Good Luck!
Don't quit before the miracle happens......


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I'm kinda new here myself but so far I've found it great!!

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Welcome! You are making a good choice to change your life!

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