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Red face Alternative to WW---Help, please

I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I am really struggling---take medicine that causes weight gain (have to---no other option right now )---my signature is not accurate---feel like I have gained.

I decided to go back to doing WW points. I haven't been very successful---get too hungry and end up eating something off plan---like frosting or candy! Basically I am scared to try any other option, because losing weight is even harder with the medicine I take and I feel like if I count points, I can have a chance of losing. But I feel crappy ---I mean physically crappy---I really want to come up with my own plan, but am scared it won't work because of the medicine---and losing weight is dang hard anyway.

Any ideas?? I would like more freedom to just choose mostly healthy foods when I need them (if I could tell). And not feel crappy. I am SO discouraged I NEED to get results, but I can't keep going and feeling so crappy---I need a way to be healthy and lose the weight and feel o.k. while I am doing it. Oh yeah, and I definitely stress eat, so there is another challenge. Thank you so much. I want to start being successful today.


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I would first off get rid of all of the junk in your house....if you go to another food plan the temptation will still be there Will power sadly does not come with any plan....it comes from you. Are you going to meetings?

Secondly, remember this lifestyle change is something you want to do for yourself. You are giving yourself a gift! I know I need to be motivated to do this so I read a lot on here and I have pictures all over my house of what I know I can look like plus motivational weight loss quotes on post it notes up (esp on the fridge).

I'm on WW and started off with the Core Plan. You can eat until satisfied from a list of healthy food. It got me into a good eating habit and while I'm now on Flex I try to stay as close to Core as I can. I'm trying to get a grip on my portion control right now so that is why I switched.....I have been losing but knew I could do better. The great thing is that you can switch back and forth if you need to.

I packed up all the junk and sent it to my dad's house next door when I first started....told the kids and my husband if you want junk it's over there lol Went to the store and bought the food on the Core List and went from there.

Good luck girlie!!! I know you can do it with no matter what plan you are on!

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Why don't you just start journaling your food on a site like fitday.com or thedailyplate.com ? See what you are eating and how much. Then you can work out your own plan calorie wise - and maybe kind of count points on the side to give you some kind of guidelines at first.
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I, too, like the Core plan. It puts the emphasis on healthy foods, but with the 35 WPA, you can eat bread or something else if you want. Most people report that they don't have the cravings for sweets, etc. once they start the Core plan. When you get hungry, pick up those healthy options because, like others have mentioned, the junk food needs to be out of the house.

Are you exercising? Often walking out that door when you feel a craving coming on can stop it, or brushing your teeth, chewing gum, etc.

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I am doing ww at home on my own. I use their basic structure but I started out at a higher points per day because I knew I could not go from what I was eating to such a small amount of points. I started out using 34 points per day which was really for someone who weighed 100 pounds more than I did. I was never hungry but never full either. I guess satisfied would be the word. I stayed at that point value until I personally felt like I could go down a few and then I started moving down 2 points at a time. I have lowered myself to 28 points as of today and I have been using this system since March of this year and have lost 49 pounds in doing so. I drink lots of water to keep me full, exercise each and everyday no matter what and I always stay on plan. You can do it!! It does take alot of will power and I just tell myself that I am going to do this no matter what and that going out of my points is simply not an option. Good Luck to you!!
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Yeah, I would recommend the Core plan.

Although many people have come up with their "own plans" that have been successful, it can be a lot of trial and error. If you're looking for a plan that "gets results" then trying your own plan may be more discouraging than not.

I hear two things that say that core might be more your style:
1. You're still hungry. (Core allows you to eat until you're satisfied)
2. You want the freedom to choose healthy foods. (Core is based around healthy food choices.
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I found that I was so out of control that even WW gave me to many options and therfore options to cheat. I found that the diet meal delivery programs were a good way to start and by limiting your options. You have less opportunity to cheat. There are several good ones to choose from and the food is quite good and you get used to the correct porportions.
Once you get back in control WW is great for teaching you how to eat in the real world insead of always being on a diet!
JM...Good luck
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If you do decide to do core, make sure you read and practice (and I can't remember how it's worded) the eight guidelines for healthy living. My first time around on WW I got so focused on understanding the points I totally missed these guidelines. Consequently the points became more of a game of getting as much of the foods I wanted to eat anyway with the points I had. Core is more focused on good foods, but it's still easy to miss the guidelines. One thing I really like about SB for me is that something clicked about healthy eating. Now it's more about working to get as much healthy food in as I can. You may want to look at the South Beach forum stickies and see if that looks like a fit for you. If you do decide you want to more about it, I highly recommend reading the book.
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