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Thumbs down Doritos and Sour Cream ARE e v i l

Ok, so I'm a newbie and I've made this decision I'm going to be more careful about what I eat. Holy cow batman. Maybe I should just try keeping track of what I eat in the first place, maybe I'll stop eating this crap. I detailed this in my blog earlier but here it is in a nutshell...

In two sittings today I have snarfed down 1/2 a bad of Spicy Nacho Doritos and an entire 8 oz container of Sour Cream.

Doritos consumed - roughly 6 servings @ 140 calories *6 = 840
Sour Cream - 8 servings (@ 2 Tbsp.) @ 60 calories * 8 = 480

Thus my two little snacks totaled 1320 calories… OMG that’s nearly a one day calorie intake.

made me do it
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aka Sarah
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Portion control is definitely important if you want to lose weight.

But you can look into substitutions for the things you like to snack on, too. For example, plain nonfat yogurt substitutes pretty well for sour cream. I mix up half a cup of yogurt with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, some chopped garlic, and some cayenne or chili powder for a great dip for chips. That way, it's actually contributing to my health. And then for chips, I measure out a portion and put the bag away. Sometimes I will get baked chips instead of regular, too, so I'm not eating a lot of extra fat.

Anyways, point is, a healthy, sustainable diet includes healthy snacking.
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they are hard to resist i know ! i love dorito's im on Weight Watchers i try to factor a bag into my points evrey day (you know the little 25 cents bags ) but its soo hard i used to scarf down an entire jumbo bag in one sitting .... over come the craving !! dont let it get the best of you !
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Oh my goodness, SOOO true!!

My boyfriend and I used to snack on doritos and salsa almost every night. Definitely had to put an end to that! It was definitely one of my all-or-nothing vices!
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Yup. I had sour cream and ranch dip today with veggies. I know how much I had and haven't gone over my cals ... but you gotta watch that stuff. Closely.

You can also make the dip with low fat sour cream and it's still good. I don't like the low-fat stuff plain, but when you're making dip out of it, it's still ok.

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my girls
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this was my fav food group before wls. i love love love chips and dip. now i cant have carbs so i try to stay away. i have a taste every once in a while, but just a taste.
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I am yet another lover of doritos and sour cream.....EVIL....but I love them so.

Chips are a very, VERY big part of my problem.
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Well, yeah, Doritos are evil. Something about that cheese powder is addicting. I used to... get this... take an 8 oz BLOCK of sharp cheddar and slice it up in a bowl. Then bring that bowl, a big bag of Doritos, and a container of sour cream into the living room and eat it ALL. A whole friggen BLOCK of cheddar!! With Coke no less! Frankly I am surprized I don't have cheese for brains.
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Yes...Doritos are EVIL! That is mostly what I wanted to eat while on vacation the other week. BAD BAD BAD...It has been hard trying to forget the spicy nacho ones.
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only Dorito junky...

I couldn't have them in the house when I started my program. Some foods are just like that.

Now, I can have them in the house--but my rule is that the bag gets divided up into serving-size portions in zipper bags, which then get put into a larger bag, which then gets tossed on an upper shelf in the pantry. Sometimes I forget they are there! Also, now that I am used to an actual serving size, I realize that that's all one has to eat of them to feel satisfied.

But I could not have done this to start!

I have other foods on the "not in my house" list... It's really the best way to deal with them for me.

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poco a poco
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I've never been a fan of orange dust so Doritos, Cheetos etc not a problem--but salt and vinegar Pringles....I am powerless before them so they are totally banned from my life.
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Huh, it never occurred to me to combine Doritos and sour cream. Dang.
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A bag of doritos and an 8 oz block of cheese grated and then melted in the oven. Oh yeah! Then some sour cream for dipping.

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I've had the same kind of problems. I have had to keep a very detailed journal of everything i eat. I have found this helps me a lot!
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Dipping doritos in sour cream? At first I was confused and thought you ate them separately--- but just plain sour cream as a dip... interesting...

I'm not a salt fiend, so that's not an issue for me (well, I don't CRAVE chips, etc... but once I start to eat one or two, I can't stop). I'm a baked goods CRAVER.

But yeah--- keeping a food diary, logging calories--- SOOOOO important!!! So many times before I eat a meal I type it into Fitday and go WHOA, no WAY am I eating that!!! Didn't realize how many more calories were in there!!!!

It also helps b/c when you're REALLY craving something you can plan your day and eat ONLY what you have written down adn planned so you make SURE there's room for that little treat.

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