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Default Feeling Discouraged!

I'm not sure how to handle this. I'm going on 3 weeks with no loss. I have been eating well and excersizing daily. In fact, I've seen the scale go up a little bit daily this week. I just don't get it. Why is it doing that when Im doing everything right!!!
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It is easy to let the numbers get us down--focus on your "right" actions.

Are you lifting weights or is it your TOM? These two things can cause our weights to go up. I like focusing on the measurements better--a former slave to the scale, here.

I know it can be hard to ignore the numbers: congratulate yourself on making the effort everyday. I know sometimes we can eat more calories than we think we are, too. It can halt the results.

Sweetie, keep on keeping on, regardless. Take each success step by step. Good luck. We are here to support you each step of the way.
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Red face please dont give up!

i had the same thing happen! i lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks and then NOTHING for almost 2 weeks! and i was exercising more thnai ever have in my life and eating less. actually ia lot less! and the freaking scale didnt move! i was so discouraged and almost to the point i was going to go to the doctor to see if there was something wrong. then................i got my period. and even during it, the scale started to move. thank goodness.

women have weird bodies.

if you are eating right for you and exercising; it WILL happen.

just seems if a person has a lot to lose, it should melt off like butter in a hot skillet; doesnt it?

this is our fat getting its butt kicked!
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Plateaus suck, but they happen to all of us. It's just part of the process, and it's all the more reason to stick to your plan! Try changing things up a little; take your calories down a bit, or up a bit, or exercise a little more. Sometimes small changes can kick-start things again.
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After my first 60 lbs my body stalled. I have read several places that sometimes your body needs time to readjust to a new weight, after significant loss and I tend to beleive that's true for many people.

I sat at around 176-ish for a looooong time (after the pain of the stall, I kinda slacked off and went into maintenance mode for about 3 months). Just recently I've started losing again - I'd say in the last month.

I"m not trying to freak you out into thinking you might have a 3 month plateau, but just to let you know that it happens and it's NOT the end of the world. If you keep on plan and keep doing the right things, your body will eventually kick into gear again.

Also ... it might help to change things up a bit. If you've gotten into a bit of a rut with exercising, maybe try a new kind of class or add more weights or switch from ss-cardio to HIIT or something. Also it might help to raise your calories for a couple of weeks and then drop back down again (by maybe 150 or 200 cals). Just something to shake it up for your body and your metabolism.

But whatever you decide - hang in there and don't give up. You've made great progress so far and it will continue!!!

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It is great that you are eating well and exercising, but I have to ask....how many calories are you eating each day? Are you tracking your calorie totals? I started out on the Southbeach plan (which I 100% love!) but my weight loss stalled despite following the plan to a 'T." When I added calorie counting, I quickly realized how easy it was to overeat on the healthy foods. A calorie is still a calorie no matter what form it takes.

I hope your weight loss kicks in again soon.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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