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Default What kitchen aids help you with dieting?

I have several "kitchen aids" that help with my dieting. Since I live alone, I have one of those little George Forman Grills that just makes the yummiest meats. I also have a sandwich maker that is pretty cool. I'm even able to use it to make single serving "cakes" and "tarts". I use my blender a lot to make low fat floats, and delicious fruit slurpies... but one of my absolutely favorite things is a Crisper Oven pan...I love "fried" baked fries that I cut myself and it makes "fried" chicken and all kinds of "fried" foods crispy. The food is much crispier and cooks faster than on a cookie sheet. I love it. I bought it here: http://www.wdrake.com/walterdrake/Sh...tID=0000121114

So, what do you use to "help"?

For your sandwich maker, here's some good recipe websites--you can "tweak" them however you need to make them more "friendly" to whatever diet you are on.
Here's a pizza recipe--so good!!!

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I can't live without my food processor or my digital kitchen scale. Eyeballing food portions doesn't work for me, so I measure everything. I paid a little more for a digital because it had a "tare" feature. I can put the container on the scale, hit the tare button, and it zeros back out. Very helpful.
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Ditto on the digital scale! I love mine and have become slightly obsessed I "test" myself and have gotten quite good at recognizing what portions are which comes in handy when eating out/at friends/etc. My blender and steamer are tied for second!
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I like my stainless steel collapsible steamer - I use that alot for veggies. I have an emersion blender that I use for smoothies, fruit drinks and soups. DH is a stickler for good sharp knives - and they are wonderful for chopping all those veggies. I have three sets of measuring cups and spoons. Seems like a go thru those all day long. And, my crockpot is wonderful for throwing together something tastey and healthy early in the day. Also, my microwave.

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The trash can.

It's great for when things are just tempting me TOO much. Couldn't lose weight without it.
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digital scale
vitamix (every morning I make a shake)
tupperware like items (glass for microwaveable, plastic for other - make my lunch every day)
knives (can't live without a set of good knives and a cutting board)

Those are what I'd rate as the top. Others include rice cooker and pressure cooker.
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My Cuisinart digital scale (LOVE IT) and my good old fashioned measuring cups!!
TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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A rice cooker - doubles as a steamer and it's what I use to cook big batches of chicken, as my George is broken now.

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digital scale
toaster oven
bullet blender
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What would I do without my Vitamix? That's a thought too terrible to contemplate. I also love my rice cooker. And my yogurt maker, though it's time-consuming so I never use it. Pity, because homemade really does taste better.
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my scale...which isn't a digital but i love it anyway
my blender - i make a smoothie almost once a day

what else do i use frequently? my strainer - to wash all my blueberries
my calphalon grill during the winter and now that it's getting nice out we'll be using our outdoor grill.

and my laptop, which isn't a kitchen aid, but it does live on the kitchen bar area and i use all the time visiting my healthy motivating websites including
3fc and the daily plate.
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my microwave for my oatmeal every morning
my coffee pot for my coffee
my very old chop-chop micro food processor (does about half a cup at a time) and was my mothers.... use it to make fine flour out of oatmeal
my good knives and cutting board
my mini trashcan on the counter so i don't have to walk back and forth to the trash when i'm cooking
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Default kitchen aid

It's my measuring cups that are shaped like bowls and are from 1/8 to 2 cups - perfect for measuring out exact amounts

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I'm an appliance ho- but my first choices for healthy:
My digital scale
Love my big monster juicer
Food processor
My Kitchen Aid mixer and various attachments
OHOHOH- ETA- my George Foreman

And you know what makes me happiest? Because regardless of what I cook it makes the meal seem complete- my Le Creuset Cookware collection. My MIL gives them to me on every special occasion, that rocks.

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Hmm...mine would be my stainless steel steamer. I love it!! I steam all my veggies. I have to agree with the sharp knives and cutting boards. VERY important! I also like my blender...I am getting reacquainted with it.
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