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Default Excuses, Excuses. Why I can't seem to exercise.

Iím totally psyched about my ďlifestyle changeĒ, as far as the dietary part goes. Iím having a real hard time with the physical part. I am by no means sedentary, although I donít know what is considered ďactiveĒ. I work full time at a job I despise, but iím moving the whole time. There are times that I am standing in the front of the store, by the door, ďsupervisingĒ. The rest of the time I am walking the front. Getting change for cashiers, getting tape, giving manager overrides. I walk the front, to the garden center, to lumber, to contract sales, and back to the front. I bag. I load purchases. Whatever, but Iím almost constantly walking. For nearly 8 hours a day, and usually briskly. Iíd like to find a way to incorporate fitness into that, somehow without looking like an idiot in front of 15 cashiers. lol. Anyway. The point is, I get home, my feet hurt, my legs are swollen, my back hurts, my head hurts (my daily headaches are another story altogether), I just want a shower, and some ice water, and some peace and quiet. I cannot make myself get up and go exercise. Iím beat!! If I try to make myself do it BEFORE work, I never make it. I tell myself it will wear me out to much before work, and I need all the energy I can get to make it through a shift. I am trying to find some better shoes. Right now I wear skater shoes at work. They arenít very supportive. Iím trying to find some good solid walking shoes, and inserts that can stand up to 10 hour days of walking, that can also double as WORK OUT shoes. Blah. But more than thatÖthe shoes and the inserts and all this is just an excuse. I mean, itís all true, but I have to do something.

Does anyone know what is considered ďactiveĒ? I also thought of getting a pedometer, just so I can get an accurate idea of how many steps I do take in a day. I read that under 7,000 was sedentary, and anything over 10,000 was considered activeÖI donít know if thatís at all accurate.

What I do know is that on my days off I hardly move. I get dressed and thatís about it. And THAT is basically recovering from my work days. Hopefully exercising will give me more energy and iíll break this cycle.

This week has been ****. I work at Lowes, if anyone is curious. And SPRING is in the air. This past Saturday we did $207,000. (just an idea of how busy I was) There have been times this week that I have been running back and forth from cashier to cashier so much (especially with change and what not), that when I paused last week to gather my breath, I noticed my hair was drippingÖ. So itís not like iím just sitting around playing video games. I am moving. I just need to move.. more.

Tell me to stop justifying my laziness and get off my heiny.....

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Lazy? How can you call yourself lazy? I think you are doing great with just what you have to do every day. I don't see why you would need to add more exercise to your activities at this point. Maybe pick up some heavy boxes a few times for the muscles, but as far as the aerobics go, how can you fit in more than you are already doing? Being lazy is sitting in front of a computer all day long like I did for so many years, and barely walking to the bathroom a few times a day. You have to have some down time to recouperate from the active workdays that you have, so don't feel guilty about chilling once in a while.

Just stick with your dietary plan and don't worry about the extra exercise. Your body will tell you what it needs, and I can't believe it wants to do more than it already does.

Hang in there, you're doing great.
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I am the same way (well, except I work a sedentary desk job), I do very well eating on plan but I have a very very hard time motivating myself to work out, mostly because I really don't like anything about exercise. I am now working out one day a week (because my boyfriend motivates me to go to his gym on Sat when he meets with his personal trainer) and I really want to increase it to 4 days a week. I would definitely want to work out before work, by all accounts exercise before work should invigorate you, not tire you out. What is helping me get motivated are really really good workout songs to listen to while I'm on the treadmill. My favorite one is Check Yes Juliet!
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is baaaad to the bone!
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I honestly believe that the best way to get in any exercise is to schedule it. I schedule mine for 5 nights a week between 7:30-9:30pm. That is MY TIME. Nobody else gets into that time unless I feel that the event that I am being asked to attend is worth it to both of us. I rarely give up MY TIME to anyone. I don't care how tired I am....but I just go to the gym...tell myself I am going to do the bare minimum that I allow and usually end up doing my full work out.

Yes...the shoes help, the inserts help, but you cannot rely on your daily work exercise to count for your workout....in my opinion....honestly, you have been doing that all along and still have the weight gain (I don't know how long you have been gaining weight, but I hope you get my point)...the activity you get at work should not count towards your overall exercise. So get out there and start walking, running, jumping, lifting, yoga'ing, etc (ha!)...it's well worth it...you will really see a change....and you will truly be less tired.
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I started at your weight in January and daily lazy living would have me tired- there's no way I would consider you lazy!

As I started to lose weight by sticking 100% to my eating plan and my body was eased of the extra burden of that weight- life became (and becomes) easier. As I found myself re-energized I found the energy to exercise. March and April are the first two full months I've exercised. I spent January and February just eating right and losing weight.

On the 10,000 steps- that's a good goal to shoot for. Sedentary is 2000-3000. http://www.thewalkingsite.com/10000steps.html

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gatoramanda - You're right. I'm not considering my work exercise as my actual exercise, just trying to get an idea of how much to add to it. I gained weight because I didn't care what I was eating. I didn't plan for meals and usually relied on fast food. I'm an emotional eater, and anything not nailed down, I would eat, especially if upset. Even if it made me sick. I could be working my butt off and I don't think it would have been able to compensate for the garbage I was eating.... Ugh.

FB - Thanks for the support. I'm going to focus this month on keeping on plan as far as my food goes, and tackle the exercise bit within the next few weeks. I'm afraid that I throw to many hurdles in my way, I'm going to give up altogether, and I refuse to do that. this time. hehe. Thanks for the link! The page answered every question I had... Thank you!
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As a fellow reluctant early am exerciser, I know it sounds weird, but working out in the am actually gives you energy. The first couple of weeks are rough, but after that, it becomes more routine. Why not try it for 4 weeks, say 2 or 3 times a week? I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed, but before work's the only time I can fit it in. It took some time, but I got used to it. And spring/summer, with the sun rising earlier & warmer weather is less of a challenge than the dead of winter.

If you're looking to get stuff in after work, how about something like Sara Ivanhoe's Candlelight Yoga? It won't be so hard on your feet (a lot of the moves are seated) and the stretches might feel good after all the physical strain you go through at work:


Pilates might be good too. Though you'll still have to work in some cardio. Even though you're active at your job, you're not getting the uninterrupted intensity you would by taking a walk,e tc.

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Less is more.
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I know just how you feel...trust me.
I'm a stocker at wal-mart....meaning on my feet 8 hours...walking... pulling pallets way over 1000 pounds... lifting boxes.. up ladders, down ladders..all that jazz. I wore a pedometer for about a month and averaged around 22,300 steps EVERY DAY! *passes out.* and you know what?? I gained 20 pounds. Why? because I ate crap and didn't work out like I use to because I was too freakin tired. Plus I worked the night shift and all the gyms were closing by the time I get up.

Now there's this gym that's open 24/7 so now I have no excuse.
I'm eating better (kinda) and going to the gym whenever I can drag myself outta bed.

I don't count work as excercise because I figure my body got use to that kind of activity. I would say out jobs make us have a "active" lifestyle, but we still have to hit the gym to see results.
It's very hard for me to get up and go to the gym, so I try and get up ..wake up... get dressed. and sit in the car before I figure out if I really want to go work out. Because I'm in the car I may as well drive to the gym.... and because I burned all that gas to get to the gym I had better make the most of it and work my butt off.

As for shoes, there are many different kinds. i found that the sneakers made by Curves were the only thing that kept me from wanting to chop my feet off at the end of the day. I got them from Avon. But now i can wear most any kind of sneaker as long as there is some sort of inserts. I find that anything under $10 and over $4 works just fine. Depends on your needs. I have high arches and so need arch support.

I Also try to think of working out as being a "need to do" you work because you have to... to pay bills because you have to.. you shower because you have to... you walk around the block twice because you have to. no way to talk myself out of something I have to do.

Remember, the hardest part about working out is the first step out the door.
Hardest part of working out, is that first step out the door.

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I'm active in my job too. It works for a while but not to lose the whole she-bang. I lost 25 pounds that way with only one/two healthy meals a day. For the first few weeks, if you add in exercise before work, you'll be tired. The thing I've noticed is I have so much more energy when I do exercise even if I was horribly tired. Definitely add a pedometer. Figure out your average, then try to add 100 more a week.

You can do this. I started at 298(although I am shorter than you) and I relied on fast food, too. Kicking the fast food out of your life will do WONDERS.

You could try yoga or pilates to help relax you after work. Definitely try to do a few workout moves at work. My mom does it all the time. If you get stares, just tell them you are working on your body. My mom will do leg abductions, torso twists and more. Also, you could do a nice, peaceful stroll around the block. That'd would help, too. Exercising will help encourage you to stick to your eating plan, too.

*hug* You can do it.
Still trying again. Never completely quiting this journey.
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I also have an active job. Like you, by the end of the day my knees and calves hurt and my feet are killing me. But my doctor says my active job is not exercise, it's stress-ercise and that it absolutely does not count. To combat the problem with worn out feet, I take water aerobics. It keeps the weight and pressure off my feet while still allowing me to workout. On alternate days I use a bike. On nonwork days I use a treadmill or track.
It may take some experimenting to find what works for you but the important thing is you need to exercise.
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I'll ditto the plan it in. I used to get up early to exercise and haven't been able drag myself out. (That changes in the morning though.) I do use part of my lunch break to either jog or do some WATP tapes at my desk.

I used to work in a large discount chain for 3 1/2 years. If you don't think you are doing much exercise, let me give you a little perspective. When I quit there and went to a sit on my butt most of the day job without changing my eating habits I gained almost 30 pounds in like 3-4 months. When I went in for my yearly check up I made the nurse weigh me 3 times and kept checking to see if my purse was on the scale with me. You can be burning that many calories with all you do in your job.

Have you thought about trying some yoga in the evenings. It's relaxing and great exercise. (The first time I did it, the tape put me to sleep at the end. I couldn't tell you how long I was sleeping on the floor before DH came in and asked what I was doing. I can't stand to lay on my back for very long and especially not on a hard floor.)

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I don't know... if you really are CONSTANTLY moving for 8 hours straight... I don't see why you would need EXTRA exercise! I think you need to take a severe look at what you're eating. Calculate (I use Fitday.com) how many calories you really are putting into your mouth on a daily basis. You might shock yourself!!!

For me, I haven't hit up the gym/activity stuff yet. I'm trying to get a hang of my new married life, new job, and new eating lifestyle before going into that. I am counting calories and trying very hard to STICK WITH IT and be HONEST about everything I eat. I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months thus far, doign this.

How? Because when I used fitday.com to calculate how many calories I was eating, I was mowing down about 4,000-5,000 a day!!!!! Of COURSE I will lose weight if I cut it down to 1800 per day!!!

I think your'e doing a LOT of exercise, more than ANY of these women on here are doing on a daily basis. But I think you're sabotaging yourself with what you're eating. I think maybe incorporate some heavy lifting/weight training into your day, stick to your calories, and you'll be fine. And more and you might overwhelm yourself!

If your'e coming home every day from work bone tired, feet hurting, exhausted... if you're breaking out in a sweat and it's not because it's 100 degrees where you work... you're EXERCISING. A LOT.

For example--- my sister dated a guy who owned a construction company. When he would be out working on a project all day, roofing, carrying lumber, etc etc etc he was burning like 2 or 3 thousand calories during his job. Do you think he came home and went to the GYM??? No, definiately not. In fact, he could barely eat enough food just to make up for what he was burning off during his busy days.

Food for thought...

One for every 5 pounds lost .......

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Thanks for all the responses. I definately feel more motivated. I need to stop THINKING about it, and just DO IT. and I will. Girl scouts honor.

I am however kicking butt on my adapted diet. It would have been interesting to see how many calories I was eating in a normal day "Before", but no looking back for me.

BrandNewJen- AH HA, A fellow amazon princess...(we're both 6'1" i mean). You've definately inspired me. You started near my start point...and you've done so well. I can do this!
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Yes, you can do this!

I started out with 20 minutes of cardio a day... and it really makes a difference in your flexablilty if nothing else.
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bow chicka wow wow
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i know where you're coming from on the constantly walking back and forth. i'm a server at a pretty famous/busy restaurant and i'm always walking to and from the kitchen with a heavy tray.

have you thought about working a little bit in the morning and at night. like go for a 20 minute walk in the morning and a 20 minute walk at night. there's 40 minutes right there that you worked out.
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