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Default sick, and hunger signals scrambled

I've been sick since Thursday. It's just a bad cold, but it's really knocked me out. I've noticed that since I got sick, my hunger signals are completely scrambled. Either I'm not hungry at all and don't want to eat anything, or I want to eat chocolate. That's it. Just two settings.

I've been trying to eat relatively normally, even when food doesn't seem at all appealing. Maybe I've eaten less than normal, but I'm close. I did manage to control my chocolate impulses, too.

I'm continually amazed at how odd our bodies are. Intellectually, I know that I know that I need food so that my body has energy to heal, and I know that there's no way chocolate will fill that need. However, if I listened to what my body thinks I need, I would have had truffles for lunch.

Does anybody else find that your hunger signals get completely scrambled when your sick? If they are, do you ever listen to them?


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I know what you mean...I have had a really bad cough since about Thursday too. I am trying to eat what I normally have at breakfast and lunch. I'm still staying on my plan but I am becoming more creative with my choices.

My body/mind is definitely telling me pizza is the only way to go...but I know that won't help me. I think part of that, for me, is when I was sick before I used it as a way to eat whatever I wanted because I was SICK..poor me. I think being sick with a new eating lifestyle is very hard at first. When I am feeling not hungry, but know I should be eating, I just think of everything that I can eat and usually something sounds good eventually once I tell myself NO pizza is not what we need. I usually want sweet things when I am sick so I drink lots of tea and eat Kashi waffles, yogurt, cereal, things like that. Hopefully you will find something that sounds good to you. Maybe giving in to one piece of chocolate might help. If you can only eat one. Or a cup of hot chocolate? I also find I think I am hungry after I just ate when I am sick. It is very weird what our bodies do when under the weather.
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