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Question Opinions? Watching the scale...

I have been through phases of watching the scale everyday and then not looking at the scale at all for several weeks. I know people out there say it is better to stay away from weighing everyday but I think I maintain or lose better if I do. I gained a considerable amount of weight this winter because I threw caution to the wind.

What do you think?
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i weigh myself 3-4 times a week and i always weigh myself at the same time (in the morning) it just helps me stay honest with myself.

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Smile I've been there

I have been scale obsessed before. I try not to watch the scale nowadays because it was too much for me. My ultimate goal is now a size goal rather than a weight goal because I tend to weigh more than my size indicates (I lift weights as part of my fitness routine and of course muscle weighs more...)
Don't let it get you down and try to ween yourself off the scale watching is all I can suggest.
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i weight myself everymoring and record the weight on calori king it is very interesting to see how the little graph changes from one day to the next.. during a week my weight can go up 3 times then . i have a big drop.. lol its funny i know but its just the way it always goes.. i have a patteren happening up up up big drop.. up drop. up up up big drop.. lol and im losing atm 1-2 pounds a week .. If you are aware of your body i dont believe daily weighing is a problem.. if your obsessive about the fluctuations.. weigh your self once a week .. but i see a problem in the once a week.. what if that day you are more bloated ?? you have no way on knowing if that is your actual weight.. lmao.. so each to there own..

On your journey it doesn't matter how long it takes to reach your destintation .What matters is getting there!

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No description available.
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I weigh every day and it helps me stay on plan. There are fluctuations, but it is the trend that is helpful. I spent too many years ignoring the scale. If daily weighing helps you stay on your path, then do it!
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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I guess it depends what your goal is. I think if you are trying earnestly to lose pounds, it's good to check in to see how you are progressing. I think I'd be upset if I worked my butt off but maybe doing something wrong, but I didn't know that because I wasn't keeping track.

There was a good quote on someone's ticker, that weighing isn't necessarily the best way to track progress, but it's better than any other way!

I never weighed myself regularly until I started on this weight loss attempt in January, and keeping up with weighing myself keeps me motivated and focused. It's also really interesting to see how my body fluctuates. And if one week I lose a pound or two more, I go back and think about what I did differently. Also, I'm doing South Beach, and as I'm introducing carbs back into what I'm eating, it's interesting to see if I can maintain weight loss wit what foods I'm introducing. Otherwise I probably would be distracted and not think about it and then maybe I'd gain back all the weight I lost.

I think it's an individual thing, but I'd say weigh in. Not compulsively, but like once a week. (I do an official weigh in Monday mornings, but I check my weight a couple times a week, and the fluctuation of the scale doesn't kill my motivation.)
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-- Thomas Jefferson
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On Day at a Time
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I've been through both phases as well. This first week was great because I saw a loss every day. However, once I weigh myself and it shows a gain I know I'll be beating myself up. But it's an obsession....I think that seeing the numbers change, going down of course, makes me feel like I've accomplished something...even if I don't feel it physically. I'm sure the first gain I have, I'll be throwing the darn thing out the window!!!!! Who'd of thought we'd be addicted to a scale when in the past we hated it?!?!

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For 15 years I have been trying everything under the sun with regards to weight loss. In the past, I tried very hard to heed everyone's advice to only weigh once a week. It drove me nuts. I could not STAND to wait a week. I would think about weighing ALL THE TIME. Then after a few dasy I would sneak and weigh and then if I had not lost, I would flip out and binge. BAD trend there.

Finally, I realized I was giving too much power to the scale. For me, the answer has been to weigh every day, ONCE a day in the morning when I get up. I record the weight on a chart. Doing this takes all the power out of the numbers for me. I see the trends that go weekly and monthly. I take note if I gain or lose but the overall trend needs to be downward.

Now I am no longer scale obsessed. I know I get my daily scale fix and that's all I need. It has really worked out for me and I think helped keep me from gaining over the winter.
Lost 103 pounds, regained 80+, taking it off again.
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I used to weigh my self every morning, right after i got up and went potty. At first, I really thought it helped me, but then I became obsessed with whatever number I saw daily, and it would set up my whole day, good or bad.

Now, I only weigh myself 1 or 2 times a week. I still feel like I am maintaining and holding myself accountable. I definitely think its a matter of what works for you.

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Honestly.... I think it depends on the person.

If you are the kind of person who is emotionally affected every time the scale shows a gain.... then I think it's a really bad idea to be a scale hopper.

I am on the scale several times a day... lol... but I've been doing this for years. I know if I have a salty meal the night before, the next day I'm going to be showing a gain and I'm happy with that. I know if I've not been drinking my water I'll show a gain.... or if it's that time of the month. I've been doing it for soooooo long now I know the highs and lows I get every week and every month and a gain doesn't effect me... if anything it helps. If I see I'm up on the scale I'll figure out why and then I'll up my water intake or whatever to compensate for it.

Am I making any sense?? lol

My first 10lbs! (out of 60 to lose!)
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I weigh every morning....and, only that one time every day. This keeps me accountable with myself and let's me know if I'm on track with my plan. Of course, seeing the scale go up a few pounds overnight for no apparent reason was very discouraging in the beginning. Now, I'm used to the fluctuations and they don't have as big an impact on my attitude and they don't cause me to go off-plan.
- Rhonda

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The Radiant One
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I personally don't see any problem weighing once a day


- you understand there will be daily fluctuations
- you don't let daily fluctuations get you off track
- you don't play games with the scale (like hopping on and off, trimming your nails, cleaning out belly button lint, etc)

If you find yourself weighing more than once a day, ban the scale.
~ Lori

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If I'm giving the time and energy to my weight loss plan that I need to, I weigh every day. If circumstances prevent me from getting the sleep that I need (which is a key ingredient of my weight loss) I won't weigh every day. I still try to stay true to my eating and exercise plans, but I know I won't show a loss if I don't sleep much, though I can easily show a gain, so I stay off until I can get sleep again. As everyone has said, it's whatworks for you. And it sounds like weighing every day works for you. So embrace the fact that you've found a tool that helps you succeed and don't worry about the rest.
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I weigh myself every morning. I don't let it decide how my day goes, and I do understand daily fluctuations. But sometimes it does get a tad frustrating to see the same number...I get a bit anxious after six days or so! I'm quite annoyed at maintaining this week! But it's not a huge deal.

TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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low carbin' it
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I weighed every day but didn't worry about fluctuations. By measuring every day, I learned to feel when I was retaining water, when I was dropping my water weight. I learned that as long as it wasn't many pounds that I had gained, it was probably water. I didn't worry about the day to day but the overall picture.

I also read once that one of the keys to maintenance was weighing daily. If you do it every day you can catch yourself sliding into bad habits before you gain too much weight.
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