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Default Help from other WW's

OK, I posted this in the ww section too but there seems to be alot more people here that get to it faster....so here is my post...

OK, so I am doing the ww at home and I know the basics of the program. What I am confused about is the extra weekly points we get, 35 I think to use how you want them? On the ww site, everyone is so tight lipped about details, that I am feeling guilty over something that is probably ok. I just need some reassurance that I am doing this right. Today for instance, I ate all my points and then went 16 over because I felt rather bingie! I have never went over the extra points in a week. Am I still doing ok? It is 35 extra a week for whatever, whenever you want and your still not falling off plan? I have been beating myself up all night
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35 points a week at your discretion -- just suggest not using them all the night before your weigh in

My first week on WW I pretty evenly ended up spreading them out over the week (not on purpose), the second week not so much -- a couple of rather difficult days used them up pretty quick.

I find them nice because you can have a bad day and not technically be off plan, because you have the "point parachute" to catch you.

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Thanks for replying...I am glad to have it confirmed about those extra points. I still feel so guilty for using them...I guess it's just that old diet mentality that I did something wrong by eating something that would normally be a no-no. I know you have to use all your points each day but do you have to use those extras every week too? Would it mess you up if you used them some weeks and not others?
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Shelby has it right. They're there if you want to use them or if you need to use them. You can plan them, or keep some around for a rainy day during a week. Unlike the daily points you do NOT have to eat them. But they do "disappear" at the end of the week. You can't save them up for another week. As to whether or not it will mess you up, I can't say because everyone is different. For me, no, it doesn't mess me up if I use some one week and not another.

Do not feel guilty about using them. They're your points! They're given out for a reason.
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The extra points won't make you gain weight - but the guilt can throw you into a huge tizzy!!

So eat & feel "safe" knowing that a slew of really smart people developed a plan that works

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Don't feel guilty about eating those points, but also know that you don't have to eat them if you don't feel hungry.
I know a lot of people feel guilty, but WW wouldn't be putting them in there to deliberately sabotage you. They are there to help you
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I don't do weight watchers.... but I understand this concept. Once a week we have homemade pizza for supper - (it's a fun tradition) I have found that changing things up has helped me on the scale. Then I don't feel like I'm on a diet. Things come up - going out for supper, a wedding, etc. This is life - some day you won't be on ww - you are training your mind to learn to be flexible yet still live a healthy life.

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