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Unhappy Kick Start

I am having a difficult time getting back into the grove.

I had been sick for a couple of weeks and while I did okay, my A game was certainly not on. I struggled with water, kept my calories under control but was not exercising. I am finallly getting back to normal, water is better (it is sooo hard to drink water when you are not feeling well), I am exercising again but my calories are not great.

DH brought home a pizza last night (he asked me first). Well, this has happened three or four times since I began my journey and I have always been able to keep it under control - one, maybe two slices if my calories allow it. I have been proud of the fact that I could control it - after all, for me that is a huge part of the battle. I don't feel like I was under control last night. Not at all.

So, my question to you is - how do you get your grove back? Where do you get that kick start? It is possible that it is coming to that TOM - a little early, though...

Thanks for your help!

All great achievements require time.
~Maya Angelou

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Hey Tonia When I had that terrible week in December, I had to come back to my changes in the same way that I started. One thing at a time. Faster than when I first began of course, but that's because as soon as the little things came back to me I found the "groove". I began with making sure my points were where they needed to be (keeping the healthy foods in stock at my house), then moved on to making sure I was drinking my water, and finally began my exercise back up again. The whole process took about a week and a half for me that time, but the point is that I took each day and focused on the one thing that I needed to.
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I agree with Faerie! Start back again one thing at a time and remember why you started this journey to begin with. Refoucus and get back to what you need to do to become the healthier you.

You have to decide to stop putting it off.
Every meal, every choice, is a chance to do the right things &
they all add up to equal success! - Jo

I'm still fighting.

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It is hard to get back into control.
You need to plan. Sit down and write down a plan of what you are going to eat, what your goals are just for the next few days, and what steps you need to take to meet those goals.
You need to take physical action to get the mind to follow, and writing stuff down is key, in my opinion.
You can do it!
~ Lori

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Lori and I seem to think a lot along the same lines. Usually when I notice I'm losing control is when I've let something in my plan slip. I plan my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and plan my exercise. I will sometimes leave the breakfasts and lunches open since I have a few selections I choose from but that's usually when I will notice myself slipping a bit out of control. I just go back to my planning everything and that's what gets me through.
Now during TOM I usually will plan two morning snacks, two evening snacks and and after dinner snack (nothing over 100 calories) so I don't feel so starved by meal times. Doing this so far I've not gained any weight during TOM and 1 pound is the least I've lost during TOM week. It's here again (early) and so far I haven't needed the extra snacks (but they are there if needed.)

Halloween Goal

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When I loose my groove, I go into "fake it until you make it" mode. I just do what I am supposed to do (even though I don't feel like it) and then after a few days, it all seems easy again.

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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I agree...when I start to struggle, or fall off the wagon or plateau - I start big time planning. Writing down meals and snacks. I am a calorie counter - so that when I need to "get it together" that when I also include: calories, fats, satfats, cholesterol and carbs. I tell myself that I must write down anything that goes in my mouth - planned or unplanned.

It helps me pull it together.

Also...drink LOTS of water.

Good luck...you can do this!

Move ticker, move!
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"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.

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Thanks for the advice, my friends.

So, what I am hearing is write it down and plan? jk...you are right - I totally need to do that! And, I will. I have felt very successful in losing 30 pounds - I am still exercising and drinking lots of water but it is the food that was getting to me! Being sick and then going to a conference has not helped me to plan so, of course, you are right...I will totally do that tonight!

All great achievements require time.
~Maya Angelou

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