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Default Homemade Sweet Potato Fries versus Homemade regular Oven Fries

What's the difference folks?

Both are starchy vegetables---- is one better nutritionally than the other?

Or is there a calorie difference?

Just wondering... I've love to try them if they're BETTER... but I like the regular potato fries I cut up and cook in the oven... so if there's not much difference, I'll stick to the normal white potato.


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Sweet potato fries are so much more delicious! And and and you can use a little (sugar free of course ) syrup with them. But that wasn't your question!

I found this link that you might like to read about sweet potatoes:

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Sweet potatoes are packed with more nutrition and have a lower glycimic index than white potatoes. That said, white potatoes have good nutrition as well so I think either are an excellent choice. I prefer sweet potato fries with mango chutney!
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I haven't tried sweet potato fries but I usually eat sweet potatoes instead of white ones only because they are moister. When I have a regular potato I feel like I need to add tons of butter to make it moist, sweet potatoes don't need anything. I do want to try sweet potato fries, I think I would love them
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I much prefer the TASTE of sweet potatoes over white, but that's just me.

As for nutrition, they can't be beat. Sweet potatoes isn't a "Superfood" for nothing.

If you like, why not mix white and sweet together?
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I love sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are more nutritious than white potatoes, but white potatoes hold their own. Sweet potatoes have higher fiber and beta carotene, and they don't hit your blood sugar as high as white potatoes do.

You should just switch off with either. =D I never liked sweet potatoes because growing up the only time we ate them was that canned stuff. Yuck. But I got addicted to sweet potato fries when I was on the South Beach diet the first time around. =D
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I looove sweet potato fries. They have a lot more nutrients than white potaotes, too. Try em, and see what you think, but my advice is... if you try them but don't like them, don't eat them!
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I have always been reluctant to try new foods, and this is something that I've fought very hard to change over the past several months. And I love pumpkin, so I think I would enjoy sweet potatoes.

Can someone post a good recipe for sweet potato fries? And maybe tell me what the difference is between a sweet potato and a yam? I think I could handle trying sweet potatoes, but yams don't seem so appealing. I don't know why.
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Yams actually have better nutritional information than sweet potatoes although they basically taste the same. Although I believe I've heard that yams are very rare to find in grocery stores and often they are sweet potatoes even if they are called yams.
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I love sweet potato fries-I cut them into wedges, toss them with a little olive oil and chili powder and bake them.

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If you don't like sweet potatoes but want something better than a plain white russet potato...try yukon gold potatoes!! They taste like they already have butter on them. They are absolutely delicious. My mom switched to them for mashed potatoes since they have the butter flavor all you need is some low fat buttermilk in them and they are good to go! They also make GREAT oven fries.
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I agree with the idea of using Yukon golds! More expensive than plain white potatoes, but good for a little treat!
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I don't eat white potatoes anymore. I really like sweet potatoes. Here is something from Prevention.

The Sweet Potato Is King

A nearly perfect food that's low in calories and sky-high in everything else
By Andrew Weil , Dr. Weil is clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona and director of its Program in Integrative Medicine.

If you don't eat sweet potatoes very often, or only at holiday time when they're smothered in melted marshmallow goo and baked until they're unrecognizable, you're missing out on one of nature's truly perfect foods. They're low in calories, high in fiber, great for diabetics and people who are carbohydrate sensitive, and packed with vitamins and minerals. So good for you is the humble sweet potato that Nutrition Action Healthletter once rated it the number one healthiest vegetable. Because it's so delectable and versatile, the sweet potato is one of my favorite foods.

The rest of the article can be found here.
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I love love love sweet potatoes! Health properties aside I love the taste. My husband doesn't care for them so I'll bake him a regular potato.
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Regular potatoes do have some nutrients sweet potatoes don't, so unless you're following a specific diet that requires it, I don't think that eliminating one in favor of the other is necessary. Waxy potatoes (red potatoes, new potatoes, yukon gold - basically any variety with a very smooth outer skin) are higher in moisture and lower in calories and starch than the rough skinned varieties.
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