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Default NSV - Cardio workout

For awhile I have been wanting to do a full 65 minutes (60 + 5 minute cooldown) on both the treadmill and the elliptical trainer at the gym. My best timing was 65 mins on the treadmill, 45 on the elliptical (my right foot constantly falls asleep, my left foot gets sore).

Last night i just pushed, pushed, and pushed harder to achieve this. A few times on the elliptical i stopped, just to shake my legs out.

On both machines I kept on adjusting the levels (don't wanna get comfortable, I strive to get my heart rate at 80%. Will get it to 85% for a minute or 2). When all is said and done, I burned off 2,002 calories!

I really wanted to jump onto the exercise bike, but, unfortunately, I had a pounding headache (did not bring my ibuprofen).

While 3 hrs sounds extreme, even to me, one day I will add in 1 hr of that bike. This will be my own personal triathlon goal !

Here was my stats for my cardio last night:

Treadmill, 4.52mph. 950 calories burned. Total of 4.79 miles. Started on level 8 of random, and increased by 1 level every 10 mins. Last 10 mins was on level 13

Elliptical. 6.32 miles. 1,052 calories burned. Started on level 5 of manual, and increased by 1 level every 10 mins. Last 10 mins on level 10 (I don't know what people around me felt, I was breathing hard at this point. I hope I din't interrupt them while they were reading their magazine!). I only went at 65rpm, to save my feet. When I do the elliptical alone, I will do 75-80rpm (a little over a mile per 10 mins)

Total calories consumed during the day? 2461.5
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Holy Crap! That blows me away!!

I'm still just starting out. I do a 30 min workout total (my son is in the kids corner while I'm exercising) I got my hr up to 153 on the xtrainer the other day, which is 90% - which is probably too high!

Over 2000 calories burned - WOW!

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Wow...that is like a days worth of calories. Congradulations!!! What a wonderful feeling that must be!

All great achievements require time.
~Maya Angelou

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I second the holy crap!! No wonder you have dropped mad weight! Well done!
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This is simply fantastic!!!! One of my goals is to get to even 1/2 hour on the elliptical since I started my journey not too long ago. Thank you for being a continued inspiration and showing us what we are capable of when we don't give up. I am amazed and absolutely thrilled for you! I'll think of you when I have my 2 hour workout tomorrow. Thanx for the xtra motivation! Incredible!!!! Just thinking of the pain you had to work through to get there--this great accomplishment.WOW!!!!!
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Wow! I am inspired now. I did half-mile on the elliptical the other day and that's all I could handle. You're doing an awesome job!
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