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Default Reason for dieting?

I was wondering for what various reasons people are dieting and loosing weight? Sometimes I hear people saying that someone is dieting for all the wrong reasons, i'm sure that cant be true! Here are my reasons for dieting:

1. I'm fed up for being 'the fat one' of my class.
2. I'm fed up of feeling miserable because i'd like to buy nice clothes but can't fit in them.
3. I'd like to fit into a gorgeous dress for the summer prom as its my final year.
4. I'd like to get thin and healthy before I go to uni.
5. I hate my lack of confidence!

What do you believe to be wrong reasons for dieting?
Thanks guys!
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I can completely relate to you lovedeathcab. I am dieting for many of the same reasons as you.

Its tough having to be in society and thinking that people are looking at you differently.

It's annoying walking into stores in the mall and knowing there is no way they will have a size that fits you, and if they do have your size there it never fits properly. Its almost like the manufacterer just upsized the clothes to make them larger but not tailored to someone with a larger body. There are some specialty stores you can go to that are made specifically for the people with larger bodies, and are designed to bring out different features like your bustline and draw attention away from the problem areas. However I know that there isnt alot of these stores out there, and when you find them they are quite pricy.

I can definately hear you on the lack of confidence issue, Personally thats one of the reasons Im also dieting.

Some other reasons Im dieting is for my health. Because Im overweight Im having major hormone issues and my body isnt producing enough of one kind. Meaning Im getting unwanted facial hair, I dont get a period like most women unless Im on birth control. I also find it hard to breathe in most cases, especially when Im walking up the stairs ><.

In terms of the wrong reasons for dieting, I think that the only wrong reason to diet is to please other people. I believe that dieting is something you should do for yourself wether it be for confidence, health, or just because you want to look more beautiful then you already are.

And always remember your not alone in your weightloss struggles, there are millions of people out there who are overweight and have some extra pounds that need to be shed!
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Yeah, there aren't many shops in the UK where they especially cater for lager women and the few that there are, are mainly for older women rather than teenagers. I also don't want to end up like these two guys in my year who are also majorly overweight and they just seem to pity themselves or not even care. Its like they think that its not their fault their fat and that there is nothing they can do about it. I never want to be like that, or at their weight! Thank you for sharing!
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I'm dieting mainly because I want to LOOK better!

I've NEVER been skinny, my entire life, and I just want to know how it feels.
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Because being fat stole ten years of my life, including most of my kids' childhood. All they know is having a fat mom who can't play with them and has no energy. I missed out on so much, and now they are teenagers. I still have one little one left and she is my last chance to enjoy playing with my child. I am only 38 and I feel 50. We only get one life, and I am not going to waste anymore of mine on sitting around eating crap and feeling sorry for myself.
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I think one of the reasons people sometimes try to lose weight that is a "wrong" reason would be for someone else. Someone who comes in and says they want to lose weight because her boyfriend thinks she's fat--that's, I think, what people mean by "the wrong reasons." It's not wrong to try to lose weight, but trying to lose weight for someone other than yourself is likey to backfire in that it becomes a viscious cycle. For instance, if you're losing weight for a man, then you have a fight with him, you might "get back" at him by pigging out. That's just not healthy. Of COURSE I want to be attractive to my fiance, but that's really just a perk of losing the weight, not a primary objective. I know he loves me regardless of size (I've been over 260 the entire time he's known me).

I think any reasons that are for yourself are great reasons. The only exception I would make to that rule is for children--wanting to be healthy during a pregnancy, wanting to be able to play with kids, etc., are sort of like trying to lose weight for someone else, but it also enriches your own life, and relationships with children are very different from relationships with adults.

That said, my reasons for wanting to lose weight include the following:
  • I want to be at a more healthy weight/fitness level when I'm ready to have kids. I know many women have had healthy pregnancies while obese, but my health history leads me to believe I'd have every complication in the book if I tried to do so!
  • I want to fit in. Not with people, but into actual things. Like restaurant booths, roller coaster restraints, airplane seat belts, stadium seats, etc.
  • I want to be able to find fun, age-appropriate (I'm 25) clothing at more than 2 or 3 stores (and even those stores are very "hit or miss").
  • When others talk about me, I'd like to be known as "the funny one," "the one with the long hair," "the sarcastic one," etc., instead of "the fat one." This is a bit superficial for me, but I hang onto it anyway since I have so many other reasons for losing weight
  • To feel physically normal for ONCE. I've never been thin, aside from ages 0-4. I've never been below 200 pounds since 8th grade. I no longer want to be defined by my weight.
  • I've proven a lot of things to myself. I've proven that I can have a happy, successful romantic relationship (I'm engaged), that I can be successful professionally (I have more than doubled my salary since I started working full time in 2004--I've taken a $10k increase each time I've changed jobs), that I can be successful domestically (we bought our own townhouse last year, and we are GREAT at managing our money--not many 25 year olds can say they have 0 credit card debt), and that I can basically have a happy and successful life despite being fat. Since I've proven all that to myself, there's really no reason to STAY fat anymore!
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I am losing weight because:

* I want to feel strong and sexy again. I loved how it felt when I was able to run for miles and miles, or wear little shorts and a tank top while hiking. I want to have the unshakable confidence I had when I was fit!

* I want to look good in clothes again, and be able to buy cute clothes again, instead of having to settle for the unfashionable "plus size" stuff.

* I also want to look good in pictures again.

* I don't want to have to look in the mirror to see if any of my flab rolls are noticeable under a shirt, or if the jeans I'm wearing highlight my lumpy behind. I just want to be able to pick anything out of my closet, and walk out of the house knowing I look fab!
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I want to be healthy, feel good about myself, and be able to wear my daughter's clothes. :-) I think the biggest "wrong" reason is to please someone besides yourself. You have to be the one who wants it, just for yourself. When all is said and done you have to choose every motion you make and every bite you eat. No one else can do that for you.
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