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Default Who are you putting out of business?

So, since you started your weight loss journey, whose stock will be going down?

My top 5 --
1. McDonald's has lost quite a bit of money from me, since I now consider them diet poison but used to visit them probably twice a week.

2. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies -- LOVE THEM -- but they are obviously not diet-friendly.

3. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (multiple flavors) -- I think I will miss them the most -- but I've finally learned that no, a pint is not "single serving size"!!

4. Any makers of cheese danish -- not even interested in you anymore -- you always made me sick anyway because I had to eat all of it!!

5. Cheese nips white cheddar -- not sure why, but can't have these in the house or I would eat the whole box.

So -- I calculated the other day and found out I'm saving approximately $20 to 30/week by not eating my trigger foods -- wish I had the resolve to actually put it away for something.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.

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I LOVE this post!

I am causing financial distress for the following business:

1. McDonalds - Ditto. They miss my money, I do not miss them.

2. My local coffee shop - Sorry folks, I love you, but I CAN NOT have anymore of your calorie-laden pastries or fatty sandwiches.

3. Taco Johns - see item 1.

4. Walmart (Oh, I wish) - I don't have to buy bigger clothes every month anymore.

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1) Lane Bryant (Although I am boosting others business)

2) Indian restaurants (sigh, for the love of Naan)

3) Dreyers (this is old school because I haven't had them in YEARS but before I started losing weight, I used to buy ice cream quite a bit. I'd also say I used to love 'Fat Boys' too)

4) French bread and cheese makers (used to love eating that combo, although any type of bread would do)

5) More recently, Dairy, egg and meat producers industry. I've given up all animal products which I used to eat quite often.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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Shelby--- I agree----- anyone who says it's "expensive to diet" is CRAZY! The amount of money I was spending on JUNK is sooooo much less than I'm spending now!!! Plus, due to the SHEER LARGE AMOUNT of food I was consuming, I'm spending less now that I'm acutally following portion recommendations and portion control.

1. Ice cream makers (haven't bought a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in a LONG time... before it was 1 or 2 a week!!!)

2. My local bakery--- those "mega muffins" were KILLER delicious... and killer on my arteries, I'm sure!

One for every 5 pounds lost .......

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This is a fun thread!

1) Coffee shop 1 block away from my office -- I was going there every day for a latte and a cookie. For afternoon "energy." I'm pretty sure it was putting me to sleep instead... And draining me of $4/day.

2) CTS - The city bus service. I'm walking more often so they miss out on at least $0.75/day from me! (Gonna do some damage with that one, huh?)

3) The little Chinese Buffet place down the street. Was going there regularly with coworkers. The food was never that good anyway... and that's $7 in my pocket every time I say no!

4) I'm pretty sure I was single-handedly supporting my neighborhood IHOP. The staff there recognized me. I stopped going when I was waiting for the bus one day and a guy came up to me and started talking as if he knew me... and I realized it was a waiter I had at IHOP.

5) The Reese's Miniatures industry. The grocery stores can't figure out why they have a surplus in stock--why aren't they selling as many as they used to?

I was going to say the guy who resized my wedding ring repeatedly... Unfortunately he profits either way -- I stop spending money on getting it sized UP, only to have to go pay to get it sized DOWN. :/
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Hahahah! Greatest thread. Ever.

Their stock is falling sharply:

1. Sonic -- Holy cow. My favorite fast food place. I really liked their burgers. They had this great burger with fried jalepenos and a weird sauce. So good.

2. Frito-Lay -- Sweet, sweet chips!

3. Cocoa farmers everywhere -- Yea.

4. Anyone who makes onion rings -- Another weakness.

5. Martha Stewart -- Sorry, Martha, but I just can't make any of your foods that tempt me so delightfully when I read your magazine.
The Big 1-0-0

"Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far. The Europeans value themselves on having subdued the horse to the uses of man; but I doubt whether we have not lost more than we have gained, by the use of this animal."
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Oh goodness.

Frito Lay - Mostly sour cream and onion potato chips and Cheetos.
Pizza Hut - Ordering pizza for dinner was at *least* a once a week thing for us
McDonalds - "a large order of fries and a diet coke, please"
Sonic - 2 corn dogs, an order of cheddar peppers, and a late night sundae. Whoa baby!

The deli downstairs from my office: pasta bar on Tuesdays, taco salad bar on thursdays, homemade mac and cheese on Mondays (a large, please), and throw in one of those extra large chocolate chip cookies for dessert - sure!

(had to edit to add Sonic - which is 1.2 miles from my house *sigh*)

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Hooters. I was crazy for their buffalo shrimp.
My local Indian restaurant.
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Whoever/whatever company decided it was okay to charge me extra because my shirt has an "x" on the end of its size!!!

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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Lol! This is great!

1. Willington Pizza and Stafford House Pizza - when I do order - it's only a small to share with Hubby - not a large!!

2. Kraft - I have cut out almost all of the American cheese I was eating (two pices on my breakfast, two on my sammich for lunch... two more if I had a sammich for dinner, etc.)

3. The TA Travel Center Diner - Since I haven't been drinking in excess on the weekends - there has been no need for that extra 2 a.m. meal of breakfast foods.

4. Combos

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Cheetos stock has seriously suffered with my dieting. I used to eat a whole bag a week, with hot dogs...

Hebrew National hot dog company is also wondering what happened. I used to eat 5 hot dogs at one SITTING and then finish off the pack later that evening (with Cheetos of course).

And what did I have to drink with my hot dogs and Cheetos? Coke!! 2 or 3 or even 4 cans a day. I have not bought a soft drink in quite some time...

McDonalds and Arbys, a close tie. Used to buy their meals as a "snack" plus got it for dinner for the family once a week. Yikes! The drive thru lady is wondering, "hey, what happened to that fat lady who came thorugh here every day pretending she was talking to someone in the back seat so it wouldn't look like she was ordering all that food for herself?"

And pint ince cream makers. There is something cute and petite about buying a teeny little pint of deluxe double dark chocolate ice cream. It's so SMALL, right? I can sit and eat the whole thing because it is a serving, right? I think Ben n Jerrys and Haagen Daz are wondering where I am....
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Anybody that uses trans-fats.
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FYI...Hebrew National makes 97% fat free hot dogs that are only like 45 calories each. I often use them with 99% fat free chili, whole wheat buns and 2% cheese to make KILLER chili dogs that are actually a decent meal. If you ever want a hot dog, these are pretty much guilt-free.
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Great idea for a thread!

1.) Barilla---I love your pasta. I know you miss the days when I would eat pasta 3-4 nights/week.

2.) McDonalds---Our secret little late night rendezvous are no longer an option for me. Regardless of how much it hurts your bottom line.

3.) Lane Bryant---Who will you get to buy your librarian-esque over-priced fashions now?

4.) Bristol-Myers-Squibb---I no longer have to hand over ridiculous amounts of my hard-earned money to pay for anti-depressants that make me fatter to cure the depression that I suffer over being fat!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

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We'll all get there!!!!
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OMG. This is such a great thread lol. Let's see...

1.) Good ol' Mickey D's. I used to go about once a week... they haven't seen me pull up to the window for a while.

2.) Edy's. They are wondering why the sale of "Dibs" has suddenly gone through the floor...

3.) The dollar store. Yes, I used to buy candy there (Like ten pieces) because they would sell them 2/$1. Not anymore, thank you very much.

4.) My local grocery store. I used to spend $30 in just junk food when i went there once a week!! They haven't seen me in a while either... I'm sure they are wondering why pop tarts suddenly stopped selling...

Once and for all:

Starting weight: 230
Current weight: 207
Goal: My dream has always been to be a single digit size. So whatever weight I am in a size 6!
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