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Default How much coffee a day?

Just wondering how many cups of coffee does everyone drink a day?
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I probably drink two or three mugs of coffee a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But definitely at least one cup a day.
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I drink a (quite large) mug-- probably the equivalent of a Dunkin Donuts large- in the morning. I used to be a total coffee addict and would easily drink four or five huge mugs per day. However, I still use half and half and that added up to a zillion and a half calories, plus my eyelids were always twitching from the caffeine OD. I'm much less tired when I only have coffee in the morning, but it was really difficult to get to that point, and i still drink a fair amount.
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The Radiant One
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I drink 2 large cups in the morning, then have a latte in the afternoon.
~ Lori

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I have probably 3 cups of black coffee a day. *Eye twitches* I should probably cut back. lol
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4-6 cups a day...and I love every single cup!
- Rhonda

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4-8 cups here also. I just gave up those flavored fake creamers for FF half and half and I like it just as much. I wondered if I was drinking so much just for the flavors I was adding!
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Oh, I do love my coffee. I have two HUGE mugs a day, but I use skim milk and sweet-n-low instead of my old favorites cream and sugar. The change hasn't made me love my java one iota less!
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Heather 2.0
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Oh, I am the coffee queen. On days my hubby isn't home - I WILL drink the whole pot. Usually, three or four large mugs - so about 6-8 cups
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Mellow but Sassy
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I usually only pull out coffee on 7 am test days (yes, all our tests during the semester are at 7 am so that we can still meet for lectures on the days of the tests).

But those days I think I finish a whole pot by 9 am. I take it black (have since I was a kid) so I figure it's not too bad. We only have about 2 a week during the thick of the semester.
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Just to add some perspective -

None. Never drank it. Never intend to. I do drink decaf green tea sometimes, though.
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I don't drink it at all ( well maybe once a month) But the other day I was in the mood for a starbucks latte but then I wondered how many cals must eb in it so I didn't bother!

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one cup in the morning, nearly every day.
sometimes another in the afternoon.
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Just Me
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I don't drink coffee, can't stand the taste.

I love tea but I since I don't drink caffeine, I only drink herbal or decaffeinated tea.
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I drink one mug of pressed coffee in the morning. Depending on which one I grab probably 6 to 8 oz.
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