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On my way...
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Angry Huge Slap In The Face!!!!!!

I went to my yearly gyn appt. UGH!!! So the nurse tells me to stand on the scale and she says 247... 247???????? Um no I weigh 240.... I asked her what I weighed at my last appt and she said 255. So here I thought that I lost 15 pounds when in fact I have only lost 8. I am devistated. So i have decided that I am going to stop "TRYING" to lose weight and get healthy. I am "GOING" to lose weight and get healthy.

I am so scared. I have had my weight to use as an excuse for mose of my life. So thinking about being so vulnerable scares me. BUt it is time for me to let go of my fat and embrace life.


"Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Choose your hard."
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Queen Yo-yo
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I know you'll do fabulously. Also, you should just pick one scale and concentrate on the number from that one! It can be so frustrating to have all these different scales telling you that you've lost different amounts of weight!
I know you'll do amazingly!!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.
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Raised by a cup of coffee
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Do you normally weigh yourself on your own scale at home? Is that where your starting and current weight came from? If so, stick with it. You should always count your weight on the same scale at the same time of day, etc.

Either way, the weight you lost is LOST and you should try to keep it that way! You can't let every disappointment get you down - you need to move on, stay on plan, and get to your next goal which is what you are doing - and you will do it!

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It will be alright!!! At home you weight nude I am sure, and you weigh in the morning. Both those make for weight fluxations. Don't get discouraged...GET MOTIVATED!!!!! Do Not belittle yourself!!! Self destructive behavior only makes things worse!!!

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I agree, IGNORE the doctor's office scale if you've been weighing at home.

You've still lost the same number of pounds...don't let this get you down.

This same thing happened to me when I bought my current scale...it sucked but I got past it.

Hang in there....you're doing GREAT!!!

TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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Luck has nothing to do with it.

You're determined, you made up your mind, and you made a commitment. You can DO IT!!

Remember, the only way you can fail to reach your goal ... is to stop before you get there.
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That's happened to me too, having a different reading on my home scale before breakfast and at the doctor's office an hour later. Don't sweat the actual numbers

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Like the other have said if you are weighing at home, go by your home scale. It just sucks to go in knowing you've been doing great only to be told it's just so so.

Halloween Goal

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The doctor may have several scales, they may have recallibrated the scales, they may have switched scales. If your home scale says 15 pounds, congrats! It's fifteen pounds! And your newfound determination will only increase that number.
onederland in 2016
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I'm a Loser ;)
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I would just pay attention to the scales at home - it's the only one you really have been using, and the only one you should pay attention to.

Also don't forget, your body fluctuates throughout the day, and what were you wearing?

Ugh that reminds me, I gotta go for my physical on the 7th :yuck:

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I agree with the others go with your own scales who is to say the ones at the gyne where acurate!
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I 8th that?? stick with what your scale says..and also depending on the day...or time of day..etc..

I know,lots of slaps in the faces lately..I feel you,but..everyone is right,get healthy,move more,and it will show every where else..Im trying to take my own advice..lol

keep at it!!

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I know how you feel. I go to the gyn in a month and am scared!! I hate getting on the scales there and it doesn't help that my GYN is a stick. She is nice and I love her, but she is still a stick, lol. Just keep weighing on your scales adn go by that number, it'll all work out.


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Made of Starstuff
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*hug* Like everyone says, stick with the scale you're used to.

We're here for you when it's rough, and we're here for you when it's time to celebrate.

Meg is on the money with this one. It's only when we stop trying that we start failing.

Keep at this!
~Made of star stuff~
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Maybe you were wearing lighter clothes and your appointment was earlier in the day last time. Ignore the Drs scale, it just doesn't matter.

You've already shown yourself that you can lose weight. You will continue to succeed and will be slim and trim the next time you go.

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