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Default Reward yourself!

Well, because I've joined the 100lb Club it's obvious I want to loose around 100lb! Thinking "I must loose 100, oh my..." makes it look like a loooooooooooooong road so we might lose motivation. That's why it's good to split the journey into little steps. To make it even more fun and to keep the motivation on, I was thinking of rewarding myself for every little step, of course, the rewards should be bigger and bigger as the accomplishment is higher.

Me, personaly I had 203lb (92kg) and my first goal was to reach 194lb (88kg), because for me, 194lb means going from severe obesity to moderate obesity. When I reached 194lb, my reward was a Pilates ball and a step counter. Nice reward who will help me to focus even more on taking my 4 walks/week and will help my posture as I am sitting on the swissball instead of sitting on a chair in front of my computer/tv.

My present goal is to reach 180lb (82kg). For me, 180lb means the old me last january. So, when I'll reach it, it will be like I gained no pound during the entire 2007. My reward for accomplishing 180lb will be a set of spandex belts for my upper arms, tights and waist. These belts are sauna like effect and will help me sweat even more during my exercises.

What about you? How are you rewarding yourselves?

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I kind of got to be the size I am because I do nothing BUT reward myself hehehehe.... "you're awesome tracey, have another cookie! you're so special you deserve it" hahahah OMG deluded or what????

I've never been motivated by rewards, I wish I were. The whole "take a bubble bath" or "buy a book", well I do that whenever I want so big whooop as a reward! What motivates me soooo much is a dumb pair of pants! A size too small, seems impossible to ever actually wear, and then a few weeks later helllllllllo I'm wearin' 'em around no problem! that's what floats MY boat! I guess we have to find the magic motivation that works for US

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Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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For me, small rewards are motivating, because after losing over 40 lbs, I'm still pretty much in the same clothing size as when I started, and I see the same person in the mirror every day. It isn't that the rewards themselves are motivating, it's the keeping things fun and interesting that I have to address, because I get bored very easily. I'm on medications that slow metabolism and increase hunger, so one day of not paying attention can undo a whole month's work. I made a sticker chart and for every pound lost, I give myself a sticker. If I regain, I don't remove the stickers, but I can't get a new one, until I lose a pound I haven't lost before (well, since starting the chart any way). At the end of each row (5 lbs) I do set a small reward. At the end of a page (20 lbs) I set a bigger reward. I do the same for exercise.

It's more to play a game with myself. My TOPS group does the same for the group, by running various short and long-term contests among the members. For every 10 lbs lost, a member can choose a charm for a charm bracelet, or a month's free dues ($3 value). You can also get free dues if you lose weight three weeks in a row in a month, or if you're at goal weight have maintained for 3 weeks in a row. Each week, we pay a fine of 10 cents per pound if we gain (double fines after holidays) and the biggest loser for the week takes home the fines for that week.

The reward isn't so much a bribe (which has never worked for me), but a pat on the back for sticking with this, because the largest part of weight loss is long, boring, hard work. In fact, I think it's more boring than difficult, and at least for me, boring is harder to stick with. I think that has been the biggest contribution to my weight loss is boredom and the search for entertainment and adventure (mostly through my mouth).
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I really like the charm bracelet idea. I dont beling to TOPS but I could get the charms myself somewhere. Anyone have a good place to get them online?

I also like new clothing VERY much. As soon as I am down to 20's I am buying a whole summer wardrobe (of low cost clothes I can resell later!)
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My last reward was a CD (The Wall). I also ordered last month the Firm Transfirmation for getting into the 170s - It just shipped, so I might end up in the 160s before it gets here LOL!
~ Lori

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New clothes...in smaller sizes....are the best rewards in the world to me!
- Rhonda

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Getting into onderland was a huge goal for me so I got myself and ipod. When I reached 150 I gave myself a mini shopping spree. I tried to reward myself with a little something everytime I reached a ten pound marker - 190, 180 and so on. I'm all about celebrating success. We are working hard and we deserve it!

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I only set rewards for myself when I reach a spot that is tough. In the summer I had set a reward of a pedicure for when I broke my plateau. Well, I ended up getting a pedicure when the summer was over but boy did it feel good.

Right now I have just set a goal of new sports sandals when I go below 210 & maintain it for a week (I bounce so much I only count a weightloss when I stay there for at least a week). I've been struggling with my motivation with the move & lack of vehicle & crappy gym so hopefully this will help me focus. I'm really sick of walking in my warm running shoes & a good pair of sports sandals would be just as supportive for my walk.
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Kelly M
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My rewards during the journey were more motivation oriented...I purchased jeans a size or two smaller than I was, then when I got into them comfortably my reward was getting to wear them as well as shopping for a new pair that was too small. Kind of an endless circle. Originally I hadn't thought of a long term reward, but in January of last year I went to a Silpada party and there were several things I wanted but didn't purchase. I thought about that stuff for a couple weeks then decided I would have my own party once I reached my goal and would reward myself with several pieces that I love. Well....here I am....I reached my ww weight goal in November and my ww Lifetime goal the end of December, and my party is Sunday! It's almost surreal to think that I'm doing this because of a bargain I made with myself a year ago!
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Hmmm, rewards I hadn't really thought that through yet, being I have been so bad for the last decade (ARGH!!!).

Let's see...I think I will do my rewards in 25 pound intervals. With my ultimate goal weight, a new wardrobe. I haven't had one of those since 1995 when I had my oldest daughter. I guess I felt so huge and thought I don't deserve nice things because I wouldn't look good anyway, so why bother.

My first reward is my new running shoes, becuase I need them and I deserve them to keep going!

250 ~ Something to track my heart rate.
225 ~ Mani/Pedi and other girl things, just for me!
200 ~ Workout equipment.
175 ~ I need a new hair style!
150 ~ New wardrobe and a commitment to maintain!

I will try that for now and see how it goes, remember I have never made a commitment to get healthy!

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

Height: 5'8


I rewarded myself this morning!!

get this!!! I'm scootin' around wal-mart, check out the plus size stuff, see a rack of sale stuff -- saw some awesome trouser jeans, just a tinnnnnny bit of stretch not the usual kind you find these days LOL, tried 'em on in a 20 and THEY FIT!!! and the best part --- they fit like a DREAM!!! they look sophisticated, nice wider leg no nipping in at the knee and flaring out (BAD look for a girl with my legs LOL) and the best part???? they were 37$ marked down to 8$ that's right EIGHT DOLLARS!!!

Soooo I bought the dark wash blue and a black in my current size, and the same again in 18's heheheh all for LESS than the regular price of one pair!


Started: 323
Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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Oh buddy, it's on!
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Trazey I looooooooove deals like that! Awesome find!

I haven't thought about rewarding myself in the past or even now but after reading this thread, it could be a good idea. I'd like to think I'm easily motivated anyway but rewards don't seem like a bad motivator at all.
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