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Default What have you achieved in 2007

So we have the New Year's Resolution thread but I thought it would be good for us to look at the things we have achieved this year (weight & non-weight related). I'll start:

-Finally found & was successful at a job that I liked (but had to quit due to my husband's career moving us to Costa Rica - lol)
-Maintained a 30lb loss through the winter
-Broke a monster plateau through perseverence & upping the ante
-Lost an additional 40lbs
-Finished kitchen & bathroom renovations in our house
-Finally got up the guts to see a doctor about our infertility & received a diagnosis of pcos & at no point was told to lose weight & come back (the BIG fear that kept me from going to the doc sooner)
-Apparently found the correct medication balance for my depression
-Made some new friends along the way
-Created a passion for training hard

Wow - that feels good. Not a bad year! Who's next?
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Good idea. The first thing was realizing for sure that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

This year:
We brought home our second son through international adoption and completed our family of six!

I have lost 90 lbs and have really learned how to eat and how not to.

I started running. I went from 0 miles to a little over 6 miles at a time. I run 24 miles a week and LOVE IT!

There has been so many little things this year, to many to list. But this is my 3 BEST things that happened to me this year!!! Jelly

Trying again
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I second the fact that God is SOOO good and thru Him my daughter and I were able to conquer food addiction. She lost 50 pounds and I lost 80+. I thank Him for allowing us to reach such awesome goals and improve our health 100 fold.

I have had lots of ups and downs but one of the best one was that I have lost 80+ pounds this year. My goal was 100 but I will just have to carry the other 17 over to 2008. I really believe I would not be here for 2008 if I had not made the commitment and lost the weight.

My first (and so far only) grandchild (boy)was born happy and healthy in 2007.

My only daughter became engaged and is getting married(to a wonderful Christian young man) New Years Day of 2008 so we are out of the Christmas mode and into the wedding mode full throttle!!!

That sums up the real good things of 2007!!

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Starting over 3/24/2017
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I will join in the chorus of God's goodness to me and my family in 2007!! That is definitely number one on my list. Below are a few things we were blessed with and/or accomplished this year.

*Our house was miraculously saved from fire TWICE (once was a can of beans mistakenly left on the burner more than 18 hours and the other was a candle that had burned a doily)
*I have learned how to eat better and healthier and thus lost 77 lbs
*My kids started a satellite school which has helped tremendously in our home schooling
*My husband and I have gotten even closer in our relationship
*I have realized that "life happens" and not to sweat the small stuff. This is actually quite huge for me as I tend to be a worry wart.

I know there are many, many more...but at the moment my kids are playing too loudly for me to think of them all.

It is refreshing to read a thread such as this. We are definitely blessed, aren't we?
~ Lost 137 #s in 2007, then had tragic year in 2012 & regained it all plus some. Now making my way back down again.~

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One life, live it well
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I don't have a "list" - well if I thought about it I could, but I have more of a "feeling". As the end of this year approaches I can reflect back and see that 2007 was actually the most difficult, most trying year of my 36-year-old life. At the same time, it's been one of the best years. We are resilient. (Maybe buoyant would be a better word for me!) I've done a lot of soul-searching and re-evaluating of my priorities. My faith is strong. I'm happy to be "me". I have a good life, a good husband and 2 sweet and healthy little girls. And I'm on course to be the healthiest person I can be! It's going to be a good 2008!
there is no miracle fix. eat less. move more. repeat. the end.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." -M Thatcher

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baby steps
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-As of today, it's been 400 days since my last line of cocaine. I'll always be an addict, but I feel like this year, I've set into a motion a very strong start to recovery.
-I've made a commitment to changing my life and health, and have begun creating new, healthy habits.
-I've spent a lot of time getting to know myself, and for the first time in a long time, I can truly say that I love myself and I believe that I have a lot to offer the rest of the world.
-I made amends with many people who I have hurt in the past, both through my addiction and otherwise.
-I've learned that following your heart isn't always a bad thing, and sometimes your head really doesn't have a clue what it's doing.
-I've learned that no matter how strong I am, I'm not strong enough to handle everything in life on my own. I've learned how to reach out to people, how to ask for help, and how to accept the help I am offered. I've learned that there is safety in numbers, and for that, I am truly grateful.
-I've learned how to be accountable and how to accept responsibility for my own actions and inactions. I've learned how to apologize for my shortcomings, and then how to move on.
-I've learned the beauty of acceptance and forgiveness, and that there truly is good in everyone. Just because you can't always see it doesn't mean it's not there.
-I've decided that dreams aren't only for sleeping, and it's about time I follow mine.

tell me goodnight and let it go

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Great thread, Lifeguard!

- I actually lost 30 pounds and have kept it off! This is absolutely amazing to me. Sometimes, I get down on myself for not losing much more weight, but I have to remind myself that I have gained a victory here. Now, I'd like to have another 30 pounds lost by the end of 2008.....or more!
- We sold our home in Florida and moved to Georgia....where we knew nobody and have no family. But, we knew this was God's plan for us and we absolutely love our life here and our new home.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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Default Blessed

Lifeguard, I think you're reflections are a great idea. Although, when it comes to weight, I'm not grinning as I reflect upon my past year.

2007 brought a 30 lb weight GAIN as I recovered from knee surgery.

By the end of 2007, I've finally "relost" the first 5 or so pounds and think I've discovered some key needs for my personal weight loss journey.

2007 has brought support into my life (3fc) that I knew I needed, but never seemed able to find.

I'm looking forward to 2008. There's a lot of planned changes (read stress) but I'm starting to think that attitude determines 90% of the outcome. And THAT I've improved significantly this year.

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Sounds like all of us have had wonderful things happen to us this year.

With Gods help I found this site. All I was searching for that day was information on Jenny Craig and Medifast lol. I have made some great friends on this site and always have someone to chat with.

My husband and I are very close and he is very supportive of me losing weight even thou he would rather I stayed the size I was. My kids, well they are kids and we have our ups and downs but I couldn't imagine life without them. ( Oh I have tryed lol, I dream of white carpet and peaceful nights in a hot tub )

I look back and remember May of this year when the doc told me the meds were just about out of my system and I could TRY to lose weight. She wasn't very encouraging about the results. I have done more than TRY, I am succeeding. I feel good about myself and no longer hide from the camera. The family loves this and heaven knows they catch me in the most unflattering times to get pics of me lol.

I would like to say this site is so great. Everyone is full of encouragement and ideas when we need it. There are a few threads I follow and chat in. Ok, I chat and chat and chat lol. You people are so very special to me, 40-Something Chat, Every Day 21 Day Challenge, The Worldly Chicks, Walk Away The Pounds, Christian Encouragement, Alli Thread, Nsv's Thread, and lets not forget The Sexy Chicks. Counting we have been on this journey together and your encouragement is so very important to me, Melody I still think wolf bain breath needs to take off those darn Taz slippers don't encourage him. He read what you said and now thinks I should let him wear them to church lol.

Without all of you I am not sure I could have done this. I give you smiles and laugher I have been told. You give me strength, friendship and the pats on the back I really need. Husband are good, they can be encouraging and helpful. The friends I have made here give more than they could ever know.
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Everything is a choice; we make the choice to be what we want to be or just talk about being what we want to be.

God, keep your arms around my shoulders and your hands across my mouth.

Sometimes God doesn't whisper in our ear what he wants us to hear. Sometimes he jumps up and down screaming PUT DOWN THAT COOKIE. We just don't listen.
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great thread!!!

in 2007 I....

- managed to live with my bf for a year and we haven't killed each other yet
- maintained a 50lb loss and lost an additional 17 lbs.
- have rejoined the exercise club on a regular basis
- am wearing a size 12
- quit my soul sucking high paying job for a poorly paying satisfying job
- overall I am much more happy with MYSELF than I was this time last year because of the changes I have made.
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I got thru a year of storytelling with a lame foot - had alot of help from people around me.

I welcomed a grandson with a wonderful baby shower.

I helped do a wedding for my son and daughter in law - with out going into debt.

I lost some weight.

I got my cholesterol and all those numbers way down.

I learned to sometimes let go of things I can't control.

I helped my sister get through a tough year - by keeping in close communication via cell phone.

Great thread!

Move ticker, move!
Next Mini Goal - 214

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.
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Hi, everyone. I'll keep these weight related. Well, let's see.

I've dropped 50 pounds
I've got a program I can stick to for life
I've become a regular exerciser

Those are the things I've been trying to do for years.
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I didn't achieve as much as I'd like but I've been on plan for 9/10 days. I am taking my schizo-affective medication consistently.

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

Height: 5'8


Let's see...as the year draws to a close, I've accomplished some weight loss but more importantly, I think I've gained a healthy relationship with food. I feel like I've grown up (which is a weird thing to say at 40) but I don't feel like a spoiled petulant child about food anymore - yes I may stomp my foot because I want that chocolate, but the grown up in me says "now tracey, don't be like that darling" hahahah

This year I've renewed my interest in piano and having a ball with it. I'm slowly learning to embrace exercise (who am i kidding - it's like housework, there to be done and that's it! hahahh).

While I don't share a belief/love of God as a lot of you do, I'm envious of the true believers and love to learn and listen to others' experiences with faith. Did a lot of that this year, from Catholic, Anglican, Jehovah, Muslim, Siihk and a few more!

I'm glad that starting my 40s I haven't lost my kick for life - I still love to laugh and have fun, fat or thin! I'm so glad my DH is a playmate as well, and for all the great friends/family we have around us.

2007 was a super year!

Started: 323
Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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Maintained a 92 lb. weight loss for one year.
Lost 100 lbs.
Got my body fat % to where I wanted it this year.
Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Hawaii.
Had all my kids home at one time.
Learned how to play Jingle Bells on the recorder.
Remodeled our hall bathroom.
Got within a few seconds of my goal 5K time before I hurt my knee.

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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