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Default Body shapes & bitter chicks: My belly ate my belly button

The grass is always greener on the other-side, yes? My beef is body shapes. I was watching biggest loser and this woman at 270+lbs was wide, but she had a BELLY BUTTON! I always say that I don't have one... or it ran away... or insert some other belly button comment. At 5'4, my weight is centered in my stomach. I have killer legs, nice upper back and shoulders and my arms are pretty decent as well. My stomach fold ate my belly button. I almost feel as though if I could SEE my belly button without altering my stomach with my hands, I wouldn't care how large I was. My girlfriend is 20lbs heavier than I, and she has a nicely sloped stomach and a visible. belly. button. How do you get over a hang-up like this? It looks sillier typed than how it sounds when I talk about it!

I am not losing weight for I have no intention of going out and finding it again.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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LOL don't worry about being silly here! we all have "things" that bug us about our bodies, but hopefully overall we can love the entire package

For me, I'm fat all over, not super-concentrated in one area, but there's this kind of bulge right about both elbows that absolutely drives me crazy! hahaha I can't wait to wait a short-short sleeve shirt!

yup, that looks dumb typed too

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Hiya Red,
One day you will be re-introduced your belly button. You'll wake up-then- BAM!!! You'll be posting an NSV so fast our heads will spin. Keep up that great work!!

Trazey-you crack me up!!

"Calvin Klein's never FELT sooo good!!!"
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I am 5'4" and most of my weight is centered in my belly, as well. I look at other girls who are around my same weight, and it seems like they are built SO much better. Their stomach is big, but it's all on one plane. They have a belly button. They have a waist of some sorts. They have a gradual slope. I am just lumpy and rolly all over. I am jealous of the non-lumpy/rolly bodies. But instead of looking at it as a hangup, use it as a motivator! The best way to change it is to lose the weight that is hiding the belly button, and causing the lumps/rolls.
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LOL that is an eye-catching thread title! I'm roly-poly all over too. My friend and I weighed the same, but she had flat-ish stomach, whereas mine is all droopy. That was because she hadn't had any kids and I'd had 3. Now she's had 3 and we are droopy together! As far as belly buttons go, I plan to have a tummy tuck at the end of this and I'll see if they can remove the belly button at the same time. I hate them, they are so gross, I've always wanted it gone. When I was pregnant, I was so afraid it was going to pop like an oven stuffer roaster, that I duct taped it down every day towards the end. Yes, I'm crazy, sorry about the off-topic belly button rant!
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Everybody has a weird little thing about their body that they obsess over. Mine was a lump of fat on the back of my neck that kind of covered up the top of the spine area. If I put my head back, I could feel it kinda roll up.

My poor husband used to watch it to make sure it wasn't growing because he has told me since that he thought it might be a tumor and he was watching it for me.

The belly button thing might sound silly to a lot of people but not to anybody here. We all get it.

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Yep, I definitely understand where you're coming from. My weight has always been centered in my stomach and it still is. I had to get REALLY big for my legs to start getting big. At my highest weight, everything was big, but my stomach was definitely out of control. Now I have excess skin and still have a bigger stomach than I should. I plan to use weights and yoga and continue to run to try to shape my body, but sadly I did quite a bit of damage to it by being so obese. I know how you feel, though -- it used to really annoy me to see heavy women who had a good shape and could tuck in their shirts because their bellies were still somewhat flat relative to the rest of them. I always had the big pregnant-looking belly I had to try to cover. Now I just have a little pouch that isn't so bad, and I can wear shorter shirts. So it DOES get better, but to some degree we do always have to make the best of what our bodies are like naturally. I'm quite pleased that I have a waist now, though!

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -- St. Francis of Assisi
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When I was in high school, I was a cute size 6 or 8 and weighed 140 lbs. (aah, to be there again...)
But I had an inherited stomach pooch (women of my family just have it), and a lady at church came up to my mom (I was 16 at the time, mind you) and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry about your daughter!" My mom didn't know what she was talking about, and the lady said, "She's pregnant!" HA! My self esteem took a little dive that day.
Since then, other people have come up to me and put their hand on my little pooch and patted it affectionately saying, "When are you due?" And my relpy has been, "not for a long time! I'm just fat, not pregnant." That is why I NEVER go up to someone who has put on a little weight in the belly area and ask if they're preggie. I always ask someone else on the sly or just don't ask at all. Even when I was carrying my 4-month-old baby and trying to lose baby weight, someone came up to me and said, "are we expecting again?" HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I BE PREGNANT ENOUGH TO SHOW AGAIN FOUR MONTH AFTER GIVING BIRTH?????? Whatever. That lady had enough grace to call me later and apologize.
Gosh, I feel better after getting that out.
I have actually come to be comfortable with my body and know that some people are just plain tactless. I don't want to look like a boy. I want to look like a woman, and my hubby likes me in the buff. I like me, and I'm glad I know that there are more important things in this world than my tummy pooch, and I may as well make friends with it, because it's probably not going to go away ever.
By the way, I LOVE the title of this thread!!
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Oh the little things we loath about our own bodies... I've got droopy upper arms, so I feel self conscious even doing this:

My friend who is about 5'8" and weighs maybe 130 was asked if she was pregnant... someone actually patted her stomach and said "when are you due?" I nearly fainted as she told me this story. The girl does NOT look pregnant. She happens to carry the tiniest bit of "extra" weight in her stomach area. (Like there's any extra...) All of a sudden people are assuming she's pregnant... *SIGH* Please if that girl looks pregnant, I must look like I'm expecting an elephant.
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This is just a thought... What if women didn't compare their bodies with those of others (or worse yet, images in the media).

Because when you think of it, who are we to be ungrateful for the shape of our bodies? Our precious human bodies? Especially when it was our lifestyles and choices that put them into this shape.

Now I know some folks are going glassy-eyed reading that and want to say, "Yeah, sure, but what about my thighs??"

If you are alive and have no physical defects, and if you can still make choices about where you live, what you do, how much you eat, and so on... then really, why spend even a minute disliking something about your body?

OK, thanks for listening. I'll get off my now.

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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I'm of two minds on the "I don't like X about my body" mindset.

On the one hand, it can be very destructive to our self esteem and self worth to feel like parts of us are inadequate, and comparing is only going to make that worse. And we ARE all beautiful and unique, as Jay said, and should honor and respect our bodies more for what they DO than what they look like. Your body carries you through every activity you do every day, whether it has a visible belly button or not.

On the other, it can be incredibly empowering ALSO to have something you didn't like about your body resolve itself with weight loss, which can be a major boost to feeling empowered...YOU took control and made something you didn't like go away. Which is all well and good, as long as you don't move the dislike to some other part (Yay! I can see my bellybutton! But, oh, look at all the loose skin underneath it...I HATE that).

So it goes either way. I have my issues with certain parts, but I always try to remember to respect my body for what it does and can do. I lost weight so my body could DO more things, as well as for physical reasons.
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is recommitted
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I think some people wear weight better than others, and if it's not wearing well on you, I guess you're just meant to be thin, so don't fret, the real you might come out on the other end of this journey!

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I confess to being semi-obsessed with the shape of other women's bellies. I have lower ab fat (below my belly button) and then a second roll of fat above the belly button (when I was heavier, my belly button was also lost in the crease between the two rolls).

As I lost weight, I kept the 2 roll look. At 130 lbs, the upper fat is finally, almost completely gone (but I still have a gently rounded lower ab belly, and I'm sure I always will). When I hit 140 lbs or so, the upper ab fat drove me absolutely crazy - I remember a trip to a water park where I stared at every woman there (in a 2 piece of snugly fitting one piece) to see what their bodies looked like!

It seems like MOST of the women at the park that day just had a solid belly line, starting below their breasts, it might have rounded out a bit and then ended above their pubis. Very few people seemed to have the "two roll" action that I did. I was very very jealous of the single belly folks!

My other obession is my left upper, outer thigh. As much as I lost, as thin as I now am (my collar bones stick out! my wrists and ankles are tiny, my ribs show!), that stupid thigh still has a fat pouch and is much bigger than my right thigh. It completely ruins most straight skirts - I will be in Spanx forever!

Wow, long rant. Sorry! ha
SIX YEARS at maintenance weight!

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beautiful on the inside:P
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I too have the whole apple look going. Except that apples look cute Anyways, finally now it's become somewhat motivating to have it (as in, I will get RID of this thing) rather than my usual despair and loathing. One thing that IS driving me bonkers these days are the fat pads on the backs of my upper arms. I hate that flappy look. I'm hoping that with some weight training that'll tighten up a tad
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I'm a Loser ;)
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Originally Posted by Glory87 View Post
I confess to being semi-obsessed with the shape of other women's bellies. I have lower ab fat (below my belly button) and then a second roll of fat above the belly button (when I was heavier, my belly button was also lost in the crease between the two rolls).
Ahhh that's exactly what I have!!! The lower "roll" has flattened down quite a bit, but the top roll still sticks out there. Drive's me absoulutely BONKERS! LOL

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