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Default Hoping I can do this with all of you.

I just joined now. I read some of the stories and realize that people do can this, hope that I can. I was a bit overweight in high school (20lbs), I think I gradually put on 1-3 pounds a year after that. Got married, had a child, got divorced 13 years ago and put on about 10 pounds each year. So now I sit here at 338 pounds. I actually was up to 349 but decided to try to lose some and have managed 11 pounds over the past 2-3 weeks. I have recently decided to try the 5 day deliciously yours plan. I start receiving it after Thanksgiving.

I just cannot seem to motivate myself when it comes to diets. I think I am afraid I will fail and that is why I don't stick to it. I was 288 only 22 months ago. Went through some really difficult events in those 22 months, and now instead of having to lose only 89, I have to lose 139. Ugh. I tried Seattle Sutton. But I was starving!! I used to not eat breakfast or sometimes lunch and then I would make up for it all at dinner. I am trying to eat differently (past couple weeks). I now have salads more often and enjoy them. I eat breakfast. I really can't exercise much for very long and that is discouraging. What good is 10 minutes on a treadmill? I just think I have too much to lose and would never have GBS because my friend had it and she lost 120 pounds, but has a bunch of issues from it. Now she is just skinny, but has the same problems. She has kept the weight off for 2 years now. Surgery is just not an option for me. I am not wanting to be 120 pounds or even 140, but I would like to eventually be less than 200.

Not quite sure what I am searching for as to answers, because I know that ultimately I am the only one that can do what I need to do.

Thanks for listening.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
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10 minutes of exercise is a lot for someone not used to exercising. The great thing about exercising is you get better with time. Perhaps try 10 minutes once per day, then 10 minutes twice per day, then 10 minutes 3 times per day, then 15 minutes twice per day, etc. You will eventually build up your endurance. Your weight isn't a determining factor for how much exercise you can do, it is your overall exercise endurance which can be built over time.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.

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Welcome, and congratulations on the 11 pound loss. That's a great loss! It can seem like an overwhelming amount of weight to lose at first so I've always just worried about the next 10 pounds and figured I would face the rest when I get there. You can't lose it all at once so why worry about it?

10 minutes on a treadmill will do you a lot of good. It will get you to a point where you can think about doing 15 minutes, then 20 and then even more. It's just a starting point; the important thing is to actually start.

You'll find a lot of support here. Just knowing that others are sharing your experience can really make you feel less alone and overwhelmed.

Good luck!

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Welcome! I agree with Nelie. 10 minutes at a time is a GREAT place to start! Stick around and post bunches. You'll get loads of support.
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Welcome! And congratulations on an amazing start! Eleven pounds is a lot of weight to lose. We tend to downplay our accomplishments in this forum because we have so much that we are trying to do, but I think it's really important to celebrate rather than downplay them, because it's that high that helps us do the next ten pounds and the next ten. Eleven pounds is amazing!

As for the ten minutes on the treadmill - Congrats on making it through it! Those ten minutes are likely doing you much more good than my twenty minutes on the elliptical, even though at this point, I am likely going a lot faster than you. It's new to your body, you are burning calories at a faster rate than someone smaller would be, and you're gaining confidence. Ten minutes is a huge victory, and so will the fifteen minutes you start doing in a week or two, and the twenty minutes after that....

I can't tell you how many times I've read success stories and people have not "known" that this would be "the time" for them. I certainly fit that profile. It's all about trying again and again until it clicks, then continuing to work hard to get to your goal despite setbacks. Some do it fast - others more slowly - but it's wonderful to be surrounded by so many success stories on this site. I know you will become one of them as well.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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HI & welcome pretty face! 10 minutes is a LOT when it seems impossible to do 5!!! don't belittle those 10 minutes -- that's 600 seconds your body is burning junk off the trunk

be sure to check in and let us know how or if we can help!

keep on truckin'

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Hi and Welcome!!!!!
I really think you can do this if you want to..... I do not look at this as a diet, but a lifestyle change, because I think if you think of this as a diet, you give yourself permission to stop and gain all the weight back. I started exercising on my elliptical for 2-3 minutes the first few tries, and eventually worked myself up to 48 minutes... So I think take it slow and know you can do this!!

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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Welcome! And way to go on those 11 lbs. I realize that it may not seem like a lot right now, but the point is that it all adds up. (You can't get to 50 lbs down unless you've gotten to 10 lbs down etc etc.)

And I'd like to say that I started out exercising 10 minutes at a time. I'd take 10 minute walks five days a week. That was it. I've worked up to 30 minutes of treadmill time now, but I would never have gotten anywhere if I hadn't started with 10 minutes of walking.

Don't belittle your efforts. You're changing your lifestyle. This is a good healthy thing.
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Instead of focusing on a specific diet plan, why not make one change at a time? You could switch to all whole grains, stop fast food and start cooking lower fat foods at home, stop sugar or cut carbs...counting calories is an easy, yet excellent way to track what you are eating. Think of it as a permanant lifestyle change, and find things that you can stick with forever...that is what will keep it off long term.


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Welcome! You can do this. It took me ten years to find something that really works for me, but now that my brain has "clicked" I am on my way to a better life. You have to do what works for YOU. This is a great place for support!
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beautiful on the inside:P
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Hi there prettyface,
11 pounds is awesome. Keep up the good work. Remember it's all about lifestyle, and now you're being more active. That's great. All you need is just to continue this trend. You can do it!
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Kelly M
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First of all, WELCOME! And congratulations to you for taking those first difficult steps towards a healthier you! Everyone here struggles. It might be a five pound struggle, or it might be a 150 pound struggle, but we all go through it, and here on the 100lb club threads you can bet we've all been at a very discouraging point in our lives.

Any form of exercise that you do will help, even if for only a couple minutes. The day I started my journey I got on the elliptical machine DH had purchased. I made it 5 minutes, then had to sit down for 30 minutes before I could even go back upstairs. My legs were like jello and I really think I was a bit light-headed, but I kept going back and doing those 5 minutes every day until I could handle it, then gradually upped my time by a mere minute or two at a time. I did it, and you can too!!!

One of the biggies that you'll find on this site is the mentality that we are NOT dieting. Diet is a four-letter-word! It implies that there's a point that you'll come to when you'll be "finished". That won't work. To be successful you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. Please know that this doesn't mean that you'll never eat any of your favorite foods again or that you'll continually feel deprived.....it simply means that you'll learn to make better choices for the long run. As an example, I'm sure that I'll want a piece of fresh apple cake on Thanksgiving.....to make that possible I'll make sure that I get in all my exercise this week, and make the best food choices possible all week so that Thursday's Thanksgiving meal and dessert will be the exception to the rule rather than the norm of eating high fat/calorie dinners. Life is full of give and take, and through your progress you'll learn that eating is just another one of those compromises. If I want pasta today, I need to choose the rest of my foods wisely to accomodate that rather than having pasta, potatoes, breads, etc. all in the same day.

OK, I've gotten a bit carried away, so I'm jumping down off my soapbox now! Again, welcome, and good luck to you....you've found a home where people truly do understand your struggles and will help you all we can!
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Welcome prettyface!
You are doing great, 11 lbs gone already! And 10 minutes of exercise is way better than no exercise. You'll be able to increase that bit by bit!

I agree with the chicks, just start making some small changes, they will make a huge difference. Here are some of the things that have helped me: drinking water, snacking, eating a high-protein breakfast, staying away from sugar and refined grains (white bread, white rice, and white pasta), eating tons of vegetables, experimenting with all kinds of new healthy foods and recipes.

Best of luck to you! I know you can do this!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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WELCOME!!! Im pretty new as well...

I know how hard it is,I think we all do..its a battle with in ourselves that is the worst..but hang in there...giving up is not an option,your life still goes on,and you can either start here at this weight,or with an extra 10 pds..at least that is how I looked at it..its hard..

the one thing I have learned from these incredible people are..dont look at the big picture..that is too intimidating..look at the small pic for the week,my first goal was 245 from 250,no set time,just do it..small choices can reap big rewards,its not much,but to me its not a gain,and it means not crying a bit more,or knowing the pants fit at this weight,its all great..now my next goal is 240..and I will give myself a good week or a bit more,its hard with the holidays..dont get me wrong,I am taking this seriously,but right now,I can not go all strict on myself right now,Im too vunerable,I will quit if I make it too hard right now..and that is what Im saying..I cant throw in my towel because I know I will be lost,but I have to set small goals until I feel strong enough to take on more..thats all..

I also come here read what peoples choices were for that day and it inspires me to keep going,to make better choices,and sometimes I follow the leader and eat what they eat...lol..hey..if its working,its working..

now,I may have only lost 7pds,but this 7pds has been pretty effortless,I have already attended 4 parties,and on the road as well..so its those small steps,those small changes,if you are use to only doing 10 min,the say Im doing 10 min all this week,the next week add 5 min to three of those days,if you only drink 2 glasses of water a day,drink 4...if you wait to eat when you are starved,eat just a bit before...just small changes and see how you feel..

Im with you on this..its not easy..it does feel easier to walk away,but right now,if I walk away...I may not be able to turn around..I want to live..

take care,

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The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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