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I'm a Loser ;)
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Default ARGH 3 lbs??

I'm a little frustrated this morning.

Yesterday morning I weighted 238.8 lbs

Yesterday I ate:

Breakfast: 1 yoghurt
Lunch: 3 tbsp hummas, 1 carrot stick, 1 celery stick, and 1 strip each of green and red pepper. Half a whole grain pita.
Supper: 1 bowl fat free cream of mushroom.
Dessert - shared a piece of chocolate cake with Todd. Mine was about 150 calories.

I only drank water througout the day.

I walked 4 km yesterday.

Last night I weighted 240 even.

I woke up (did my morning duties) and weighed in at 242!!!! I'm kicking myself for eating that chocolate cake. I dont' think the food thoughout the day was even 3 lbs!

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Your 150-calorie cake did NOT lead to a 3-lb weight gain! Say it again - Your 150-calorie cake did NOT lead to a 3-lb. weight gain.

There are so many things that cause the scale to fluctuate. Both the hummus and the soup could have a lot of sodium in them, which could cause water weight gain. Also, I don't know if this applies to you right now, but TOM often causes weight swings. If you're recently started weight training, that could also cause water weight gains initially. Plus, you don't say what you ate the day before yesterday, which could certainly have impacted the scale this morning as well.

Just stay on plan, allow yourself to eat enough nutritious food to fuel your body, and the scale should start behaving itself. If you think sodium is a problem, increasing your water intake for a few days could help your body release some of the water it's retaining.
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Masterpiece in progress
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I would take a deep breath, sometimes the scale plays tricks with us, you sound like you are eating fine( I love hummus), just keep it up and you will loose, I am sure of it. It might be TOM, PMS, salt , water, lots of things, don't sweat it , just keep to your plan and I am sure you will see a downward change asap. cheryl

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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Just Me
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I'd blame the soup more than anything. Looking at your menu, it looks like you were really low on calories so it isn't that you gained fat. Could be something physical or sodium but I wouldn't call that a real gain.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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Raised by a cup of coffee
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If you strained yourself exercising recently (if some of your muscles feel sore), that could also account for the gain. Your body will retain water to help those muscles if they are sore!

The scale can fluctuate for lots of reasons. It may be something you ate 2-3 days ago! I wouldn't fret. Just keep on track and don't let something like this bother you!
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The scales are evil. They do that to me ALL the time. Ill be up 3 one day and back down the next. I even went out and bought a new set of scales cause I thought mine were wrong.. its just my insane body. lol. Dont stress out. ((HUGS))
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I'm sure you enjoyed the cake...don't fret....your obviously concious of trying to eat healthy. Just keep focused. Patience...patience....
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No, the cake didn't cause a three pound gain. Things fluctuate for a variety of reasons; there's a great sticky about it. Unfortunately, it's inevitable.

However, eat some food! I don't know if this is a typical day for you but that really isn't enough calories. It just simply isn't enough nourishment. I only take in 1200 calories a day and even I'd be starving on that.

Current Weight: 144 lbs.
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Robin got to it before me.
That is not a lot of food. Maybe it was a light day for you, but hopefully that is not an average day. If you go into starvation mode that can affect things too, I understand.
Don't stress the scale. Sometimes it does wierd things. I think mine just likes to mess with my head. In the end it will have to pay you back if you are doing things right.
I also try to keep my weighing to once a week just so I'm not freaking out over these little bumps. Yes, I do peek more often sometimes, but twice a day is a lot.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Trying so hard....
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You will drive yourself crazy weighing that often. Try to weigh once a week or longer, you will be less stressed, I promise. But........sometimes I can't stand it and have to take a peak. I usually wish I hadn't.
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Everyone is right...you did NOT gain 3lbs of fat since yesterday. I'll bet it's just water.
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I'm a Loser ;)
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Hmmm I quit smoking a few days ago as well.... Been trying to drink more than anything (because if I eat I crave nicotine, If I don't smoke I crave food)

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Ms Lili
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Ditto to everyone's response here. Hang in there - this is a stumble, not a disaster! The good news is if that 3 lbs is not true wieght gain, (which is very doubtful) then it will probably disappear as fast as it came on.

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Weigh in no more than once a week. Always wearing the same thing (if anything), always the same time of day.

That's it. No more... It will only freak you out.

After 2-3 months you will see it is cyclical. It is not uncommon that it would rn like this either:

Week 1 down, week 2 down, week 3 minor up, week 4 up a bit more, week 5 way down (ties into week 1 and is the start over).

I weighed in 3 days in a row once. Day one to day two I lost 5 lbs (kinda scary amount), then day two to day three I gained 2 lbs.

P.S. Breath - It is NOT the cake.
Starting over... If at first you succeed a bit then get sick... Get yourself better and start again darn it! AND AGAIN!

Ok! Straight up... First time through... I lost and then got sick and gained more than I had lost. Second time through I lost, got where I needed to... Enjoyed it. Took prednizone (oh lordy how I hate it) and was creeping back toward my worst.
So let's do this (C is stopping point apparently):
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2nd: S/C/G: 369/291.2/200 - 2009-2010

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I feel fantastic!
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I'll just reiterate what everyone else is saying because it's sooooo true.

Definitely weigh only once a week at the same time/day (preferably naked, first thing in the morning after you use the restroom). I weighed myself everyday for awhile and it was driving me nuts. My weight will fluctuate 2-3 pounds during the day but when I weigh myself on that Sunday morning...in my birthday suit etc...I usually see a weight loss for the week.

Don't be too hard on yourself, it wasn't the cake it's just normal things our bodies do but we didn't notice until we started tracking our weight more closely.

Take care,


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