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Default When Can I Claim a New Size??

Hey all!

First, I apologize if this post sounds stupid!!

I am so excited because I am almost in the next size. I claim a size 16 because I tried on size 16W jeans today. I got them buttoned and zipped!

Back to reality: I had MAJOR muffin top and could barely sit So, do you think I can get into this size with another 10 OR 15 pounds??

How does it work for you? Sizes versus pounds lost to get to the next size. Some say the smaller you are the less pounds you have to lose to get to the next size Any truth to that?? Anywho...


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I thought the post title had to do with the fact that I - and I know this is true for many of us on 3FC - fit into a variety of sizes. I'm quite comfortable in the size 18 jeans I'm wearing now, but I have another pair that claims to be size 16 (no W even) that I will be sadly giving up soon because I don't have cool enough boxers to wear something that baggy. Of course, I also fit into a size 12 pair of suit pants, but struggle to even button another pair of size 16 jeans I really like. So, I am lost about which size I can or should "claim." And I'm rambling about something that you didn't even bring up. Sorry.

CONGRATS on being able to get those jeans up! That's a huge accomplishment, and I imagine it's also a great motivator. My guess is that you'll fit comfortably into those jeans at another 15 pounds or so, and I base that on my size 16 goal skirt that I tried on periodically through the process. But, it is truly different for everyone. I know I've heard lots of people here say that it took a lot of weight loss to get below their original sizes, but then just breezed through sizes once they got to 18 or so. I don't really know, because I'm still so confused about which size I "claim." (And looky there - I did tie my rambling in after all!)

ALMOST 100 POUNDS! That is so incredible!
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At the moment I lose a size about every 20 or so pound, so I'd say if you can just about squeeze into a size smaller another 8-10 pounds should have you in that size.

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I think the clothing size depends on the brand of clothes. I have a pair of 18 Gloria Vanderbilt jeans( stretch) and they are majorily loose on me, but then I have some dress pants size 18 and they are a little snug. I have lost 64 lbs and have gone down froma 26 to a 18-20. I am figuring when I am at 200 ( 15 lbs more) I should be a solid 18 going into a 16. Everyone is different some people here who weigh around the same I do, are in 16's all ready.
Also I suggest don't worry about sizes right now, just worry about being healthy and let the weight come off , and then you will be the size you want.

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I usually go down a size at 15 pounds
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It's such a variety for people. I wish I could say "another 10 pounds & you'll be golden".

Truth is... I've lost 50 lbs and have not yet changed a size. (My pants do fit better, though!) I'll probably have to lose another 15-20 pounds before I lose a pant size.

It's true that the less you weigh the less it takes to change sizes. Were I 150 pounds I wouldn't have to lose 60 in order to fit a size lower...

Anyways, congrats on fitting in a lower size ^^ I'm sure you'll shortly be able to walk around & sit comfortably in them!
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Congrats on squeezing into the 16's!

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I havent really kept up with what size I was in when I lost x amount of weight. But Ive lost 43 lbs and went from a 26 to a 20.
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I started at a size 22w when i was 234 lbs. Now I'm a size 8 in jeans, 11 in dress pants, and a size 13 in super stretchy juniors... if i wear a belt.

It DEFINITELY depends on the pant, because they're all so different. As I get smaller... it takes less and less weight for me to lose a pant size.
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I don't know. I feel like I am in the same boat. The only capris I could find that didn't give me camel toe(I really didn't want one of those :P) this summer were 28s but so huge on my legs and what not. Yet, I knew I could fit into 26s comfortably. Yet I can fit into the 24s tightly but I can still wear the 28s(although I think because these are "customizable" it's let me wear them longer because theres a little "corset" part at the back of the pants which made them tighter). It's really hard to figure out. Although I never ponied up the 28s because I only bought them to have a little breathing room(I like things loose).
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It took me a long time to get out of size 18 through out my weightloss(es). It's really fustrating.. I wore a size 18 from 195lbs to 230 lbs. before I could fit into a 16 comfortably... This is also going by Old Navy Jeans.

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At least I am not the only one wanting this to happen lol. I have sizes 12 to 18 in the same brand of jeans ( kind that has a bit of stretch to the material ). the 18's at 198 fit really good but were getting really tight around the waist. Now at 173. The are a bit bigger everywhere but I am sure not ready to wear the next size down. I have to hold in my breath to button them. I am not ready for the next size lol.
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I would say to "claim" that size when they fit decent enough to be worn in public!

It feels like I've been in an 18 forever now. I've lost 71 lbs. and started in 22's. The 18's are getting pretty loose and I could probably move down to 16's in just a few more pounds. I sort of feel proud to wear baggy jeans around that were once super tight on me.
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I also claim a new size when they fit in public. I currently have 2 size 12 skirts and one jean, so I am a size 12. Except for that pair of pants and other skirt that's a size 14. They're cut small, I say.

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It took me 60 pounds to go from a 24 to a 22, then 9 more pounds to go from a 22 to a 20 (all in the same brand/cut of jeans). It's all so weird. I agree with what others are saying. If you can wander around in public in a new size, then that size is all yours!
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