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Default Why can't it come off my butt?

So I am down about 7 pounds for the month, and near as I can tell its all come off my boobs!! No fair! My pants are only the tiniest bit looser but my bras are ready to fall off. Grrrr!!!
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Marseille - I feel your pain. I had serious boob shrinkage after the first 20 lbs. It was DH that pointed this out to me. My finger fat, however, remained firmly in place until it started to shrink a tiny bit recently.
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When I started losing weight, I told my husband to enjoy the boobs while I had them cause they'd be the first to go. He laughed but it was true. Frankly I wasn't that big to begin with.

I like to think it will all work out eventually. Thin with no boobs is still better than obese with boobs.

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Shoot..I'm over here PRAYING that some will come off my boobs. Ha! I don't have much chance of that happening...the women in my family never lose their chests.
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it seems you always want what you cant have , i wish i could lose a little boobage, on the other hand i dont have much of a butt , quite frankly i dont have a butt and when i lose weight the little bit of a butt i do have is the first thing to go ... if it was avoidable i would NEVER wanna lose weight from there .... theres too little to let any go
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Doing it for my future!!!
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Me toooooo Cassie and Unhappy!!! The boobs aren't budging. Marseille, I wish I had a bigger butt. Oh well, I guess I have to be happy with what I have.
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is recommitted
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Height: 5'6"


I am surprised that my bust is what's gone down the least. But I guess I'm not that surprised, because even when I was around 200 I was a C.

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S/C/G: 270/244/135

Height: 5'2


Well I am about an F or a DDDD or a EE or whatever brand calls it whatever size so I am not too sad about losing some boob, but I would be happier to get to buy new jeans!! I don't think it will ALL go away... I was a DD in high school when I weighed 140 pounds. They just don't really look so nice and plump anymore!!
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I totally and completely lost my butt. I used to have this huge, shelf like thing, now it's as flat as a pancake. Same with the boobs and hips. Gone, gone, gone - it's all gone. I wouldn't mind a little of it back, and remove some from my calves instead. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose where it comes off of.

But when I was in high school and weighed in the 130's, I had plenty, plenty of boobs, hips and butt - and my calves were fine. So, go figure.

Marseille, hang in there. Give it some time and a bit more pounds lost. The weight will start falling off of EVERYWHERE. And you'll be dropping dress sizes like crazy. You'll not only need new pants, but new bras and underwear as well. And eventually, even new shoes.
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My boobs have shrunk. Well pretty much everything has shrunk, but I can tell more in my upper body than I can in my stomach.
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My thighs and arms have gone down quite a bit, but almost nothing off the tummy and hips. Of course, the tummy and hips are my largest body parts and the place I want to lose it the most!
- Rhonda

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Have you had The Surgery?
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I have totally lost my butt! 30 minutes a day on the treadmill helped that out. I used to have a lot of padding back there, not anymore.

Meanwhile for everyone complaining about losing your boobs, I am JEALOUS! While my man-boobs seem to be shrinking they are still there!
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I want my boobs to be the first thing to go. I just remembered I am close to the weight I was in middle school. But I do know the last time I was at this size I was just a C and still had more puberty to go through. Gosh, that doesn't make me that happy considering I wonder how much unrelated to the weight boob gain I had since then. Lol.

I do notice my butt is changing shape. I mean, my underwear fits funny. It's not loose, it's just fitting weird. I'm pretty sure I will always have hips and butt considering my body type and family. The boobs were just a fluke! I'm actually okay with that. I think a little booty and wide hips look sexy. I don't want to have no hips!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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whoohoo I'll put in an order for the butt and legs getting smaller, and my boobs can get bigger if they must! hahahahah I'm one of those BIG girls with normal boobs It's a b.i.t.c.h getting bras - i don't want a "minimizer" or they'll disappear!

I tend to lose weight like a tree losing the leaves -- from the top down! my face and neck, shoulders and arms, BOOBS, and waist/hips, legs.... maybe by the time a year passes i'll have tiny feet hahahahah

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Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
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