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Becoming myself
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Default Whoa, random compliment!

I was cleaning out my closet this morning to get clothes ready to take down to the plus-size consignment shop. I'm in an 18-20 bottom now, and about 16-18 top, so the 24s have to go! I was going through my hangers and found a short red-and-black-plaid pleated schoolgirl skirt in a size 20. Hmmmm. I tried it on, and it fits! It's a bit big, actually, I have to adjust it pretty regularly, but with a tucked-in (!!!!) slim-fit black tshirt it looks really cute. I've been doing a lot of biking for about the last 4 months and I'm developing really curvy, strong, muscular legs. So I decided to be brave and wear my little schoolgirl outfit out of the house.

I had to run to Home Depot, and let me tell you, schoolgirl skirts do not belong in Home Depot! So after enduring the raised eyebrows there, I went across the parking lot. I needed to stop in the grocery store for dinner fixings. I was standing in the frozen food aisle trying to find what I was looking for and a man passed behind me and said, "nice skirt." I turned to look at him and he smiled at me, gestured, and said again, "nice skirt." I smiled and said "thank you," (mommy raised me well, it was total reflex) and he kept walking.

I stood there in the frozen food aisle and just grinned. Me! I got a compliment! On a SKIRT!! A skirt I was WEARING at the time!! I've felt so bad about myself for so long, and I have had no joy in being who I am for so long, that I have been trying to be invisible when I'm out in public. This sexy, attractive, adventurous woman who feels visibly good about herself is new to me. But she gets compliments! From STRANGERS!

I just had to tell people who would understand how giddy I am about this.
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Happy New Rears!
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How much fun is that!!??!! I think I'd be wearing that skirt more often, congratulations!


. . .
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is recommitted
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I bet you are beaming from ear to ear! You deserve it!

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Senior Member
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Not just strangers - but a man! I've gotten some clothes compliments - I think largely because I have been confident and feel good about wearing things now - but all from women.

Congrats! And congrats on being able to describe your legs as "curvy, strong, muscular." It's wonderful to be able to recognize that about ourselves.
onederland in 2016
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Live with Intention
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Very cool!! I have a school girl skirt that I tried on the other day. I need to lose about an inch in my hips for it to be perfect. I'll have to try the grocery store when I finally wear it.
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I have less blubber!
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LOL Love this story. You go girly!
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Great story and congrats. I'm with LaurieDawn I've gotten compliments but always from women and you always wonder whether they are complimenting the clothes or how I look in the clothes (of course in my mind it is just the clothes)

I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!

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Fantastic, you deserve the compliment girl. I'm sure there will be many more to come.
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That's wonderful!!

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Made of Starstuff
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Your story had ME grinning! I'm so happy for you!!!
~Made of star stuff~
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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i'm 40 so the term 'school girl' applied in any way, shape or form is just not right LOL

good on ya

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Doing it for my future!!!
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Aren't those the best???
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How AWESOME!!!! I would have been giddy too.
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Kelly M
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Ooooohhhh, baby, I've got goosebumps! You go girl, and I have to say that if it were my skirt I'd be altering it when it gets too big so I'd be able to wear it as long as possible!
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Gez I'd be grinning for the next month! Fantastic, congratulations....I bet you look fabulous!
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