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On my way...
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Unhappy im gonna be 30..... not dealing too good

Ok. So I am sure that everyone has seen in my signature that I wanted to be 225 by my birthday which is this thursday the 27th.... so I was down to 234 on saturday. I know I wasnt going to be 225 by my birthday but I was hoping to be at 230 so I did really good on saturday and sunday. Then it hit me, like a MAC TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!! BLAM!!!!!!!! I am going to be 30...... I started thinking about how much time I wasted being afraid and "starting a new diet on monday" I have been starting fresh on monday since I was 20 years old. Well you think that would have motivated me more.. ..... NOPE!!!!
I have been on a binge the past 2 days. I do really good in the morning and then I have gone out for lunch and dinner yesterday and today. I am not even going to be close to 230 unless I starve my self for the next few days, which I dont think is a good idea...... So why am I doing this. I keep telling myself that 30 is just a number and that my 30's are going to be alot better than my 20's. Well they arent unless I get my butt in gear and get serious about this. I really dont want to be coming up on my 31st bday next year wishing that I did something about my weight. I am tired of starting fresh on monday. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so DAMN tired of this.... Please pardon the language. I am just extremely frusterated and disappointed in myself.

"Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Choose your hard."
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So, I don't usually post but you need some cheering up.

Turning 30 isn't so bad. I did the same myself back at the end of May. May 30 to be precise! Granted, I too have stalled with my weight loss goals - I gained 100 lbs. while taking anti-depressants and have only managed to lose about 8 of them! But here's my take on it. For some reason turning 30 made me really excited. My 20s were rough, and I've kind of looked at it as a re-birth. I'm a fabulous, 30-year old woman with a lot to look forward to and a chance to finally get healthy now that my head is on straight.

My sister, my great-grandmother, and my best friend share your birthday. Sept. 27. My best friend, however, passed away 2 years ago from cancer at age 27. She would have been 30 on Thursday too.

I just wanted to share because I hope you can look at your birthday as something fantastic and you should celebrate it! We only get to live once. Losing weight seems to be something we get to do over and over Good luck and feel better!
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Beauty, Brawn and Brains!
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I was really upset about turning 30 so I made a list of resolutions for year 30.

But I didn't just put down my weight. What ELSE did I want to do?

I wanted to do a triathlon. So I picked a tri and paid the entry fee! And do you know what? I wasn't even 10 pounds thinner by the time the event came around. But who cares - I finished it and I was totally proud of myself.

Losing weight will not solve all your problems and being overweight shouldn't cause you so much pain. YOU are NOT your weight. It's just one facet of you. So besides losing weight in her 30's, what does Daphne want to accomplish?
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Sorry you are so down about turning 30. I didn't mind it so much myself because 29 didn't seem like a real age anyway. 29 is what people say when they don't want to tell their real age. So by my birthday I was thinking, "let's just get it over with already." But age is just a number you know. On your 30th birthday you will really only be one day older than the day before. And look at it this way, you could be in my shoes, 43, about to turn 44 and wondering why I didn't do this before! At least you have 14 years on me. On your 30th birthday, instead of being unhappy you didn't make a weight goal, try to be happy that you are doing something about your health. You are giving yourself the best birthday gift, healthy living for the rest of your life, one day at a time. Only you can give yourself that gift. You can do it! And have a Happy Birthday! The thirties are great!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Becoming myself
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Oh, honey, your 30s will be SO much better! I swear, I was thrilled to turn 30 for personal reasons, but ever since (I'm 32) I've been happier, more content with myself, and more accepting than I ever was in my 20s. I don't know what it is about turning 30...I just seemed to lose so much angst and was able to just set aside things I was "supposed" to be and focus on what I really was. Life is incredible now, really. You're going to LOVE your 30s, I promise!
"If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer." ~Silversun (and others!)

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"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked pensively.
"You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
~ Trina Paulus, Hope for the Flowers
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Masterpiece in progress
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30 is not anything, I am going to be 40 next year. since I was 22 I was trying to loose first 20, then the weight just kept creeping on, I would loose, stop eating right/exercising, and keep on gaining what I lost back+ more. Don't wait until you are going to be 40 to loose the weight, you can do this today!!! Stop the binging, I did it and am just recovering now( after a 3 day stunt), you are messing up your body, and you are worth more!!!
I believe in you!!

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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is recommitted
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I'm 21 (22 on halloween) and I'm poor, lol! AND IT SUCKS. So far, getting into adulthood means freedom, yet, now instead of being bound to my parents I am bound to the almighty dollar. I think no matter what age you are you can feel depressed about it, but honestly, 30 is a GREAT age! I have a lot of friends who are in their 30s or almost there and things are so much better for them than when they were in their 20s.

Also, you can't live in the past. So you've been trying to lose weight since you were 20. Geez, I've been trying to lose weight the same amount of time - and it's sad, if I could have just maintained what I weighed 10 years ago I'd be about 140lbs. But, I didn't, and you didn't, and there's nothing you can do about it.... BUT you can make your 30s what you always wanted! A 30 year old woman is still a YOUNG woman! And you look like a young woman in your signature too

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Its all about choices
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BIG Hugs! I can so relate to what you are going through, just add 10 years! My daughter was born when I was 29, I vowed to be thinner by 30. It didn't happen! Its taken my 9, yes 9, years to get myself where I needed to be to begin this journey. My life didn't end when I turned 30 and was still obese. Yours will go on, with no changes, until you decide to do it. A binge did not help you feel better, move past it and the next time you feel so inclined...stop. YOU have the control. Make 30 an AWESOME year! The YEAR you took control and lost the weight, made the changes and became the healthier YOU that YOU want to be!
I cried tons the day I turned 39, because I was still obese. I had lost weight, but was still, by government standards, obese. 39 felt worse to me, than 30 did, because I had not made the changes I promised I would. (I was only about 2 months into this journey).
Start NOW..not Monday..NOW. You can do this! The possibilites are endless...if you only believe in yourself!

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Made of Starstuff
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I understand completely about "starting fresh". Things are so much easier in the future. I'm standing here now at my age thinking "If I had just been more careful when I was 10/15/20 I could be healthier & weigh less! *pout pout pout*".

But you know what? You're doing it now. And now is the only moment in time that matters.

As far as birthdays go... at least there'll be presents!!!
~Made of star stuff~

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Oh, Daphne I am right with you! 30 is staring me right in the face (I have 17 months to go) and after the wreck I made out of my 20's (bad credit decisions, bad relationship decisions, bad nutrition and fitness decisions) I think my 30's can only be better. I am SOOOO grown up now . We are big girls now, right? When it comes right down to it, would you want to be 20 again? Not me.. I am ready to live it up! I want you to live it up with me so first we gotta get our heads into the game. I KNOW THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!!! Start over NOW, not Monday.
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Kelly M
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Thirty. Hmmm. That one can smack you in the face if you're not expecting it. Here's a little tid bit to think about. I was 38 1/2 when I had my revelation about my size, health, etc. I'm almost 40....in fact I will be turning 40 in December. Looking back I feel like I lost an entire DECADE of my life wishing I was thinner, prettier, sexier, whatever. Now I'm there, and you're on your way....a whole decade earlier than I was. My 30's were pretty good, and I can't even imagine how fabulous they would have been if I would have started my journey at 29. Good for you for starting that trek, and keep it up. The 30's will be as fabulous as you can imagine!
My Personal Goal!

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(((HUGS))) Just remember that tomorrow is a new day and try to do better tomorrow. You are well on your way to being healthier. You will reach 225 soon.
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Girl from Rio
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I went through the same thing when I turned 25, I had gained 80 pounds in 3 years, and was in total denial of how I looked and even how I felt, I pretended, I was numb and wasn´t living at all ... I was feeling really lousy ... so 25 came with as a big wake up call, and it hit me like an avalanche, I was miserable and my priorities were all screwed up... you´re so far ahead, you´ve already realized you´re not happy ... changing habits wasn´t easy and first what I did was eat more, then some very special people did an intervention and they didn´t let me bury all the feelings again, they told me like it was, and as harsh as it was, it was the best thing they could have done for me...

So, you know you´re not happy, doing something about it it´s up to you ... no more excuses, no more mondays, do it NOW !!! the 30´s is supposed to be one of the best decades in life, give yourself a chance to really enjoy it !!! Don´t be afraid of the world and all it has to offer you ... don´t be afraid of being the person you want to be ...

Pardon if I´m harsh, but I do it because I really care... and I´m here for you, we are here for you !! When you´re anxious and need to vent something, use us instead of food... it will be hard at the beginning, but if you stick to it, I promise it will get easier...
Long term goal
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Hi Daphne,

I understand that you're disappointed in not reaching your goal and going off track. Sometimes, we can be our own worse enemy,huh? I do the same thing...over and over again. I wanted to get to Onederland by December 31st, but I'm having some major doubts that I can make it and I'm allowing myself to go off-plan for comfort. But, we have lost some weight. You have lost 20 pounds! How many times have you said that you're going to lose weight and never did anything? This time, you did! Whether its big or small, progress is still progress...and its a good thing. Be proud of yourself...and do it again...because you can!
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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You're gonna have some great years in your 30's - (I am 47 now, so I KNOW this!) I quit stressing about the numbers, they do not mean anything! Start TODAY - and see how great you'll be in just a year! Your age does not matter. You have a beautiful smile, and you've already lost 20 pounds!!
"wrap your brain around the idea that this is for the rest of your life" (thanks Jillybean!)

Christmas Gift Goal - 170 pounds (which will be 100 pounds GONE!) - 17 to go!
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