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Default For those counting calories...

What does your grocery list look like? What kinds of foods do you eat for your meals and snacks?

One for every 10 lbs gone:

Small goal - Down to 250 by August 11 2010(day before we leave on our trip
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to be honest i buy whatever i desire.. but when its time to actually eat.. i make sure and stay within my calorie limit & not let it all consist of junk food lol just some once in a while .
Started on 8/28/08 - Goal Date: 10/31/08

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3 + years maintaining
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Height: 5 foot nuthin'


I , like Pinup, buy whatever I desire. I just desire very healthy foods . I want to get the very most from my calorie allotment. I not only want to be thin, I want to have low cholesterol, normal blood sugar levels, a healthy heart, strong teeth, gums, bones and muscles. I want good vision and to lower my risks of certain cancers. Therefore I opt for foods with lots of nutrients. I particularly like protein and fiber, as they help tremendously to keep me full, satisfied and healthy.

My grocery list consists mainly of fresh produce. Heavy, heavy on the vegetables and some fruit. Fat free/sugar free yogurt. Chicken breasts. Salmon. Tuna. Veggie burger type products. High fiber cereal.

What types of foods do YOU like Jen? What type of foods are you looking to eat? If you give us an idea, maybe we can help you out. You might also want to check out the Whole Foods Lifestyle section here at 3FC. Lots of good info there.

Some people like to make a gradual change to their diet, others prefer to completely overhaul it off the bat. I did find that by elminating the foods I overate the most, totally and completely, like pastas, bread, rice and the sugary stuff, that after a short (although not easy) 2 weeks, I no longer craved them. I felt sooo much better and I was off to a fabulous start. Switching over to healthy foods was the best thing I have ever done. That's what I crave now.

Experiment. Try changing some of your recipes by making healthy substitutions. It's definitely a learning process, especially in the beginning. A little experimentation, a little tweaking here and there and before you know it, you will start seeing some fabulous results.
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Masterpiece in progress
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My Grocery list is a mess...
there are 4 of us in the house and we all don't eat the same thing. Usually I have to make my own meals. For example tonight I am making the family Baked chicken, with roasted potatoes, I am thinking of making myself some spaghetti squash with veggies. I usually have to buy about $30 or more things for myself--- Kashi cereal, Kashi tlc granola bars, Veggie burgers, Veggie hot dogs, tunafish.

I do not eat red meat or poultry and here is what I eat
Breakfast: Kashi Go lean crunch cereal , or oatmeal, with grapefruitjuice or fruit.
Lunch: Tuna with tomatoes, Veggie burgers( no bread) with hummus , Veggie hot dogs with mustard.
Dinner: broiled fish, grilled veggies, refried( fat free Beans), with tortillas, and fat free sour cream..
Snacks: Kashi TLc bars, fruit, fat free vanilla yogurt with fruit and some go lean crunch clusters, pretzels ,,

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

Height: 5'8


i was in the grocery store last night and they sell white buns from a local bakery -- buns that i have snarfed down in the past with lightening speed, sometimes 3 for one meal, thinking 'oh they're about 50 cals each' and for fun i checked the bag and they were 250 CALORIES EACH!!! that's without the lashings of butter i'd put on it!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

calories can suck it!

Started: 323
Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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Height: 5.5


My buggy is filled with vegetables, fruit, fish, whole or sprouted grain breads, brown rice and/or sprouted pasta, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, whole grain cereal, antibiotic free/hormone free/fat free milk, meat substitutes (Smart Ground, veggie patties, etc...) and some LEAN, antibiotic free/hormone free poultry. In addition, I'll have some chips and sweet treats for my kids' lunch boxes, some ramen noodles (my kids love them...I HATE them!), fruit juice, fruit preserves, natural peanut butter, real butter, bologna, american cheese slices, and possibly some ice cream. REally, it's a schizo buggy I push around and I'm sure people wonder about it.

I mainly feed my children the same, healthy foods that my husband and I eat and they truly do like it. However, if we're going out on a date, or if I have an evening meeting or something then I'll fix them the Ramen or something equally crappy. I'm teaching them moderation rather than elimination. So far, they are all thin and VERY healthy. So, I guess it's working!

St. Patrick's Day goal - MET! Baseball Opening Day (April 2) goal - MET! Memorial Day goal - to be in the "teens" - MET! 36th Birthday goal - below 200 - MET! Labor Day goal - MET! Wedding anniversary goal - MET! Christmas goal - 175 - didn't make this one. Maintaining for now...no new goals at the moment.
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Never want to go back!
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I generally try to shop from the outer ring in the market: fresh produce and fruit, raw nuts, fresh chicken and fish, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, eggs. I only venture down the aisles for specific things, never to browse. I'm committed to this, but I don't have a huge amount of restraint when faced with my old binge food "friends". I'll grab low sodium canned tuna, Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, diet coke (my sole remaining vice), pitas, steel cut oatmeal, dill pickles, brown rice, Amy's organic frozen meals, etc.
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I'm a pescatarian (fish-eating vegetarian), so my grocery list usually consists of vegetables, organic apples, veggie burger-type products (to quote Robin), organic yogurt, tuna fish and whitefish filets. I really, really love whitefish. Must be all the flounder my dad caught when we were kids! I know I should eat salmon, but I just really don't like it much. Oh, well.

For treats I buy Target no sugar added ice cream bars because they're only 50 calories each. There's also natural peanut butter, which I put on lowfat frozen multigrain waffles for the commute to work in the morning. On days I don't work early I usually eat the organic yogurt with some organic blueberry flax seed granola mixed in. I too try to get as much nutrition for my calories as possible, but sometimes I just really, really want chocolate, so I buy Dove dark chocolate. Or if I'm in a hurry and need meals for work, I have been known to buy Lean Cuisine. I try not to, though, because hello, sodium content.
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I shall be released...
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I don't make a list, I just decide at the store. Here are a few things I pick up about every time though:
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, low sodium stove top stuffing, fat free chicken gravy, ground turkey, mushrooms, Sarah Lee delightfully wheat 45 calorie bread (sooo much better than Wonder light), Iceberg bagged salad, California blend frozen veggies, fat free cheese (slices & shredded), light fudge pops (no sugar added, 35 calories each), skim milk, 2% cottage cheese, Baked Lays, and Coke Zero.

Yeah, those are my favorite things.

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Its all about choices
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Height: 5'9"


I still hang on to a few packaged foods. I make instant oatmeal for breakfast, Quaker Weight Control all 3 flavors. I buy bananas, apples, cantaloupe all the time. Fruit cocktail in natural juices too. Nature's Own 100% Whole wheat bread, Kraft light mayo, lettuce, deli meat for my sandwiches and baked lays chips. I get IQF chicken, frozen shrimp, frozen salmon and some lean pork for dinners. Lots of frozen broccoli and cauliflower, fresh sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini, tomatos and mushrooms for salads...I also use the Wishbone Salad Spritzers on my salad. Snacks are fruit, Breyers light yogurt, Kashi TLC granola bars, and occasionally popcorn. Desserts are sugar free ice cream pops, sugar free fat free jello pudding made with 1% milk and my vice....Edys Light Ice Cream! In case of extreme chocolate attacks....Dove Dark Chocolate or Hershey's Dark Chocolate kisses. I will also buy Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisines to help in a bind.

I do buy some other stuff for the kids. Cheerios in assorted flavors, mac & cheese, chicken hot dogs, tater tots (we bake them), boxed flavored couscous and pop tarts! They usually eat what I do, with a starch side dish that I avoid. Canned veggies too...well rinsed! Natural peanut butter and grape jam. And like Tricia's kids....ramen noodles! I used the eat them too....but quit!

I keep my calories under 1800 (most days!), so I fill up on fruits and veggies. Hope this helps!

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Height: 5'4"


Unlike some I go down every single aisle. I'm afraid I'll miss something? I'm pretty good at the motivation while I'm in the store and don't pick up things that aren't good for me.

I always have the following available:

Fruits + Veggies
Skinless boneless chicken
Lowfat organic vanilla yogurt
Kashi go lean crunch cereal
Kashi TLC bars [These are heaven... seriously. Best cereal/granola bars I've ever had!]
Whole grain pasta
Whole grain bread
Wheat Thins whole grain crackers
Lettuce!! I eat so many salads! I love to put some chicken or salmon in them, and I use the spritzer 1cal/spritz salad dressings.
If I happen to see something else that looks good and not too unhealthy I get it - Kashi or Amy's brand stuff is generally pretty good. Amy's pizzas are delicious when you just need that pizza but don't want to be real bad and go and order from somewhere. Sometimes I get blue chips for my "salty" craving times.

I get organic whenever possible/realistic, and my general rule is to avoid breads,rices,pastas,etc. unless they're whole grain.

Fiber fiber fiber. I'm a firm believer in the idea of getting lots of fiber into my diet:
http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art49479.asp has a list of some high fiber foods.
Goal #1:

To lose 10% of my current body weight!
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Height: 5'3"


chicken breast, ground chicken, all sorts of veggies, fruit, light bread, fat free cheese, 100 calorie packs for sure!! Crystal light, lean pork chops, shrimp, spray salad dressing, spray butter, healthy heart promise butter, carbwatch BBQ sauce, fat free cheese, salsa, sugar free popsicles, oatmeal, special K cerel, skim milk, chives( to go on everything) lean turkey burger, sugar free jello and pudding---oh the list goes on.
On this rollercoaster ride for the last time!

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Height: 5'4"


Skinless boneless chicken & turkey breast
lean pork
TONS of vegetables (fresh and frozen)
fresh sweet potatos
squash (summer and winter varieties)
brown rice
lettuce (all types)
smoked turkey
whole wheat wraps
steel cut oats
frozen berries (all kinds)
plain non fat yogurt
all bran
sardines in mustard
olive oil
bagged popcorn (for air popper)
green tea
bottled water
natural peanut butter

I do not buy very many processed foods now. I know everything that goes into my mouth. I also read labels like a maniac. I won't buy anything that has more than 4g of sugar in it. (that is ADDED, if it is natural sugars, I don't follow that rule) I also avoid all artificial sweetners - the only thing I eat that has any in it is the all bran.

I eat beef ONCE a week, and that is usually a nice steak.
"wrap your brain around the idea that this is for the rest of your life" (thanks Jillybean!)

Christmas Gift Goal - 170 pounds (which will be 100 pounds GONE!) - 17 to go!
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Height: 5'11


im single in the city. i cant/wont cook. i buy a lot of lean cuisines, that sort of thing. not the most 'healthy' i know, but its easy. i loooove the motts healthy harvest flavored apple sauces. i eat a lot of baby carrots. apples. i eat your various kashi cereals and bran cereals. i love hotpockets, ultra lean pocket whole wheat supreme pizza (210 calories!?) thats just what i eat. not really conducive to anyone but a lazy single girl. haha.
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Height: 5'7"


First of all you need to buy what you like and will stick to for life. I have tried lots of diets. I would never eat that stuff for life so I always gained back the weight. I will never go on another diet and I will never eat anything I don't like. I also like to try new things that is why I eat some of the things I do.

Ostrich (yes I eat ostrich, don't knock it unless you've tried it) there is on ostrich farm in our area
lots and lots of vegetables fresh and frozen
I buy the frozen small packages of green giant and have them for a snack and with most meals sometimes even breakfast(I know I'm strange)
berries, oranges, apples, kiwi
green tea
high fiber cereal
light soy milk
low fat stoneyfield yogurt
chicken and turkey breast skinless
wild salmon
nuts, mostly walnuts
progress pictures
My weight removal journey
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