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Default I got a little upset, maybe even jealous

Sunday we had a family reunion. My first cousin has lost 41 lbs and I couldnt tell you the people that asked her how she was doing it and told her that she looked so good. Im down 35 and not one person noticed.
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Never want to go back!
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Oh, that would make me mad too! You are doing soooo good though. Maybe use this as a motivator to keep going for the next reunion?
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Yeah, thats a good way to look at it. Thanks.
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Aww thank you. Ive always been told I pack my weight better than others. But BELIEVE ME.. Im 271. A LONG LONG LONG way from where I should be.

I can tell a difference and I guess that is all that matters but it would have been nice if just one person noticed.
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sweetie i just looked at your before and after and i could TOTALLY tell you lost weight hang in there you've all ready come so far i WISH i could loose that much
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you know what is weird...the whoosh of people all of a sudden noticing is random. i had lost about 50 pounds and a few people said stuff...but then at 60lbs, the same people that saw me a week ago where making comments left, right and center. they all thought i did it so fast. (it was actually a year at that point.) it is noticable on everyone at different times. weird. soo..oh my point. hang in there, your whoosh moment will come too. your cousins was just earlier.
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Alana - I'm sorry this happened. We all know how hard you are working and how great things are going for your regardless of daily / weekly challenges you have. You lost 4 lbs just last week alone!!

They're going to see it on you, babe, it's just a matter of time. You know yourself what you have done, don't forget to stay proud of that!

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Alana,I am sorrry , you have every right to feel upset. I think you are right some people pack on weight differently, my husband thinks I weigh 200 lbs right now,lol. He never guessed I was near 300 lbs. I have almost 50 lbs gone, and no one, no one, except hubby and the kids have noticed. It gets me upset, but does it really matter ? no , because this is not about being noticed by other people, it is about me being happier and healthier. Cheryl

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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I can sympathize. DH has lost weight with me, and people will comment on both of us looking smaller, but HE looks fifteen years younger. HE looks like our cute fire chief now. HE has really changed.

But no, I don't get jealous. ;-) Not a bit. ;-)
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You must be so disappointed. You're doing such great things for your health...things that can't necessarily be seen from the outside. Hang in there. Soon, you'll knock their socks off!
- Rhonda

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I completely understand. Is it possible your cousin started out at a lower weight then you, and therefore she's lost a much higher percentage of herself then you?

Regardless, you are doing a FANTASTIC job. It's just a matter of time, and a short one at that, before people can't help but notice your weight loss and they won't be able to contain themselves from praising you up and down. Hang in there and keep up the good work.

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How disappointing for you! I too, can understand. You've worked so hard and can't wait for people to notice the changes!!
I've only lost 18 lbs, and my DH is so proud of me that he tells people that we are with that I've lost! (I really don't think they can notice it yet!) It's kind of embarrasing, but it's sweet on his part! Now with your before and after pics, I can really SEE the difference!! Have you ever tried to pick up something that weighs 35 lbs? It's heavy!! Think of all of that weight you're NOT carrying around!
Keep up the good work! I agree with Train's comment...your whoosh day is coming soon!!!
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Like the others, I can tell from your progress pics too. And I've been where you are; I've lost 31 pounds so far, but it's just not that noticeable. For me, that's motivation to keep going, because *I* want to be able to see it, and right now (even in pictures) I just can't really tell all that much.

You are an inspiration to me and everyone else here, and I hope you shake off the disappointment of your family not noticing and use it as motivation to keep going.
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Well, WE notice! I'm sorry you had that disappointment. What you wanted to say was "HEY, what about me???", but you couldn't.
Hang in there, you've done a great job so far and I wish I was as far along as you!
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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How often does your family see you?

How often do they see the cousin?

If they see you all the time, they may not have really "noticed" a gradual change, whereas, if they rarely see your cousin it would have been a huge change all at once.

Don't let it hamper your efforts
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