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Let's do this!
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Wink Good News. Semi-Bad News. Fantastic News.

Hey Ladies!

Good News. Semi-Bad News. Fantastic News.

Good news.
Today my friend said she could tell I'm loosing weight. She said she saw improvement in face, neck, shoulders, and forearms (whats that? lol).

Semi-Bad news.

Monday morning I'm leaving with a group of friends to another city about four hours away where we'll be staying till Sunday night. I'll miss my gym classes for the week BUT the coordinator is committed to good health and active lifestyle so I know she'll keep us walking and eating clean. I hope I don't gain anything and that I don't feel too self conscious doing exercises in the hotel room with the girls I'm sharing (it will be like 5 of us in the same room ). I'm praying the hotel has a workout room.

Fantastic News.
Another inch off the waist!! w00h00. Down to 49. I'm much happier measuring my waist every week then weighing everyday. A skirt I bought from a thrift store that was a way too tight to wear (lay on the bed, squeeze, fat over the edge, )is now fitting properly. I'm a snug size 22. I have another goal skirt that when I first bought I couldn't even get it up to my waist. It's now up...I just need to loose enough to get it zipped. hehe

I'll miss you guys!! Hope everyone has lots of success this week and the next!!
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Congratulations on your NSVs!
The goal skirts are a good idea. I bought a skirt not long ago that was a bit too tight, and I was able to get into it last week. What a great feeling! Maybe I should go and buy another for an incentive!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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I have less blubber!
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Woohoo!! Way to go! Don't worry about going out of town. You'll do fine
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Ice Cream Slave
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TempleBody, great job on the weight loss! I've yet to go to a hotel that did not have a fitness area so you should be in luck. You usually use the room key to access it. You could even do some water aerobics in the pool.

Stay away from the continental breakfeast, though.

I have a goal skirt...it's a slightly ruffled/layered denim skirt -- size 12. I fit in it 1.5 years ago.

I will be in it by next spring. Maybe even then it'll be too big.
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Almost the Big 50!
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Congrats.......going down !

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Congrats on the lost inch!
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Congratulations! You're doing great.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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Masterpiece in progress
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Way to go with the inches !!! You are doing great!!! Cheryl

When I am at 196 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of an obese women.
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