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Old 12-29-2001, 01:59 PM   #1
hot mom wanna be!
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Thumbs down goals for upcoming events

I am going on a week long cruise to Bermuda this June. I keep thinking about it in the back of my mind how great it would be to be a size 20 instead of a 26 like I was when I started to lose weight or a 24 like I am now. I know I would need to lose 50 pounds to do this but it keeps me motivated thinking about wanting to look as good as possible on this cruise.

Does anyone else have upcoming events they are using to help them stay focused on their weight loss goals? I thought this would be an interesting topic of conversation.

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Smile Keep focused

I have lost weight for numerous occasions - the latest being a 9-day trip to Disney World last May with my 3 & 5 year old daughters. But, then I lost sight of myself during post vacation blues and gained it back. Please be careful, lorelei, and make sure your trip is not the main reason or motivation for your goal. Losing weight for an event is actually fun. It could be a great start. I wish I had something major coming up. The last thing I want to do is rain on your parade - just please be careful.

I look forward to hearing more about your trip - Cindy

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hot mom wanna be!
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Hi Cindy!
Dont worry you arent raining on my parade. I have already lost 39 pounds since Jan 1, 2001. I had lost then maintained it and now have just started losing again. I am just keeping a mental image in my mind of how it would feel to be shopping for smaller clothes for the cruise. I have a long way to go so this will help keep me going (short term goals since I have a long way to go!!)

313/273.8/160 ultimate goal
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Default I have several,...

Hi Lorelei1,
There are several upcoming events that I'd like to be thinner for.
My birthday is in April,and I'd like to get 25 lbs off by then.Just because at least at that weight I can fit in a booth or up closer to a table if I do go out for lunch with the girls I work with.I won't go looking the way I do now.
I also want to be able to go to a city-wide celebration we have in my town during the week of the fourth of July.It would be heavenly if I could be down to 200 lbs by then.I have such a hard time in the heat anyway,and being so obese makes it doubly hard to tolerate.
I would also like to go to our company Christmas party this next year.I have been there 18 years and have never gone to one.I would like to go and look nice in a dress.
But,most of all,I want to be around longer to spend time with my grandbabies.
I have a granddaughter who is graduating in May,and I want to surprise her when I go to her graduation. I probably won't see her before then as they live far away,and she's busy with school and a job.
I wish everyone good luck and hope you all realize your goals.
Have a good one! Baylee
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Default Great Topic!!

My brother-in-law is getting married Feb-2003. I love his finace', but I plan to be the "talk" of the wedding. There will be many relatives that we don't see that often. Don't mean to steal the show, but those are pictures that I want to be happy to look at!!

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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Hi, That is an awesome thing to be looking forwardtoo. Since I never go anywahere , I havn't had this experience. My fear would be that I would see this as temp, until the trip. But I also know my mental battle. I have been reading about mental visualization.
Meaning that part of my training is to visualze me at a size 12. My ultimate goal. Or visualize the scale reading my next goal. I bet you can't wait!!
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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Old 01-01-2002, 09:59 AM   #7
hot mom wanna be!
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fralick-you bet I cant wait! This is my first cruise. I am excited because we are finally getting Carnival cruise lines coming to Nofolk, VA (near where I live). This way we dont have to fly to Miami or something to get to the cruise ship, it's practically in our back yard-no air fare!! Plus I havent travelled that much before due to being in debt. I was always jealous of those who could take cruises and now I can finally be the one going!! Like I said before, this isnt the reason I am losing it since I had starting losing weight last year (39 pounds so far) but the cruise is keeping me more focused to try harder and not be so slack. Even when the cruise is over I will still have a long way to get to goal!

Jacob's Mommy-what a cool idea to upstage the bride-LOL I hope you do it too! Maybe before you go to the wedding you can get a makeover-nails, hair, clothes the works!!

Baylee-I hope you reach your goals too! Please dont let life pass you by like missing parties due to your size though. That makes me sad to hear that. I bet a lot of people do that though. You should go to these things no matter your weight/size and just look your best-thats just my opinion though.

happy new year!
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I have an annual camping trip my family and I go to every april. Last April I had lost about 15 pounds starting out and I had hoped by this April to be below 200 pounds for the trip and able to shop in the "normal" clothes, but I'm not discouraged. I hope to be still way on program exercising more and be down to a size 22 possibly a 20.
After that, I have no other mini goals.
Good luck all you realizing them.

Halloween Goal

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hot mom wanna be!
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hey dawnyal!
You can do it! As long as you stay on program you will be proud of yourself, that's how I feel too. I feel if I exercise almost every day and keep my calories in check (1800 approx) then I will definately keep losing and hopefully be atleast a size smaller. I tried on some 22 jeans today and they fit in the hips but the stomach-forget it!! I really carry the weight in my gut. Oh well!
good luck everyone!
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Default immediate goal

I'm going to a wedding in Februrary and I want to wear a beaded dress that I haven't fit into for 4 years. I dug it out over the holidays to try on...and I can get in on, but cant sit in it! I'm afraid the seams would split open!! I'm hoping to lose about 10lbs in the next 6 weeks and then maybe I could sit down while wearing the dress. But dont worry... I have a 'backup' dress just in case.
Baylee...dont 'hide' behind your weight.
Yes, we're all a bit shy about looking so fat and being the 'biggest one there',
but you seem to miss out on so much.
It doesn't matter how big you are as long as you're clean and presentable. I'm a shop-a-holic and I admit I have a lot of clothes. My co-workers always comment on my variety of clothes..
they tease me that my closet must be
bigger than my bedroom!! Fact is that
my clothes are stored by size!! Now
that I'm losing, they think I have 'new' clothes...but I dont...it's only the clothes from 4 years ago that I'm now getting in again

So, put on a dress (or pants) or whatever and get out there and be active again
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My goal is to reach target weight by summer. The weather will be hotter and most years I dread it, but hopefully it will be a lot easier for me this year. I'd also like to be able to wear summery clothes instead of the usual trousers and baggy top to cover everything up that I was ashamed of people seeing.

Good Luck all.

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Old 01-04-2002, 03:26 PM   #12
hot mom wanna be!
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Susan-that's a great goal trying to get into the dress for a wedding. Isn't it kind of fun to go shopping in your closet for clothes that used to be way too small and now fit?? good luck to you.

Karen-Wow! You have lost a lot-you are an inspiration. What are you going to do to celebrate when you reach 100 pounds?? I would have a party (unless you want to wait until you have a goal party!!) keep up the good work~~

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Old 04-17-2002, 10:36 AM   #13
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Found this in the archives..thought I'd bring it back up..
1st Mini Goal: 239

Got lost along my way, started over 09/19/09

Follow your dreams and dance to the beat of your own heart. Fly to the stars and claim one for your own.
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Old 04-17-2002, 11:15 AM   #14
It's been so long...
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Thanks Jenniffer, for dragging this to the top, I was just telling hubby that my next mini goal is going to be my birthday, July 20... I want to be at, or under 300... that's 25 pounds from my last weigh in... I don't know what I weigh now, I don't think I've gained, but I want to avoid weighing myself as much as possible, until close to then

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My sister is arriving back in USA From Italy (she left Feb 22nd) somewhere between the end of June and July 22nd. Its my goal to have lost 50 lbs by then!
Beth Anne
The Ability to persevere is what separates whiners from winners.

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