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Default An apology

I feel I owe many of you who have been on here way longer than me a big apology. I admit it and I'm sure many of the new people that first join this board with high hopes have probably thought the same thing I did in beginning.
I couldn't figure out, if you were as set as I was to lose all this extra weight, why you were on here for so long with so little to show for it.
Now that I'm nearing the end of my first year, I can see why. It's a committment that you have to stick with 24-7-365. And for each minute, hour, day, week, month that you tell yourself, oh it won't matter, there's always tomorrow I can get back on program, you're only kidding yourself.
When I found this group of very supportive women (and men) I was so motivated and pumped. I even lost my first 40 pounds in about 4 months. I've since gained 20 of the 40 back and it's opened my eyes to see that there is so much more to losing weight and getting healthy than can initially meet the eye.
So to all of you who have been trekking this journey much longer than me, I give you my apology for misjudging you.
There is so much more to this weightloss journey than counting calories, fat grams, and exercise. Without overhauling your whole life, you will encounter many speed bumps and it's how you handle the speed bumps that determines how well you succeed.
I will get off my soap box now and hope that you will all forgive me.

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I think we all ahve had those thought. so do not be so hard on your self. It takes a lot to admit that, stand up and be proud, that gives you an edge over many who do not get it. You can really sympathisize with them for their troubles, and can really give them a hand up and back on tract, and know how hard it is going to be. I use that as one of my success, as i know how hard it is and know how hard it is going to be and know what will throqw them off!!! because it throws me off every time!!!

there are some that can lose the weight and do it all at once well more power to them i can not!!!! they are the people who think it is just a matter of will power, well if that was all it was how did we get fat????
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I don't see that you have much to apologize for. You were on a roll early on and lost lots of weight quickly. I think its pretty easy to think, my gosh I am doing it, what the heck's the matter with the rest of these people!!!

For myself, my weight has been a struggle all my life. I am a compulsive overeater and am trying to uncover all the reasons that may be so. My family moved around so much when I was young that I never could make friends because I knew that within a matter of months we would be gone. I guess I found food as a friend. I had some resentment of my father for moving us around the way he did and the heavier I got, the more verbally abusive he got. Please don't misunderstand-this is not a blame the parents cop out. NOBODY make us eat.

I am also a perfectionist. If things aren't perfect I get irritated and that leads to my bingeing as well.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that everyone's battle is different, and for some of us it is hard and excruciatingly slow.

You certainly haven't offended me!!! That is one reason I like this site so much, we can be honest and tell things how we really feel.


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You are really a insightful person! And an honest one too! Gaining back some of the weight makes you human and you have nothing to apologize for.
Losing weight is a life changing process and a very difficult one. remember, we're all here to help and encourage each other. Also, you can be certain that you are with friends who are non-judgemental. God bless!
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I am so happy that you aren't going to let the struggle overwhelm you! Thank goodness you were ever to lose 40 lbs at the beginning. You showed yourself that you could do it. I think we all have humbling experiences and but you have chosen to make it work for you.

I am behind you and I am glad everyone else is here to for me.

I am just beginning my weightloss journey again from 296 and I will need all the support I can get.

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barbi..Takes a strong woman to do what you did..but your not alone. I am sure we all had the same thoughts when we first joined 3FC. In October, it was 2 years for me since I joined this site. But wasn't till January till I commited to losing weight. Well..that will be 2 years very shortly. I lost up to 63 lbs..now am sure it's less than 50 lbs. It's been a rough year for many of us. And your right, this is for life. Life time struggle. And I hope I have the chance to be here at 3FC in 2 more years. This is a wonderful place, and many of us would be lost without it.
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