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new scale woe's

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Default new scale woe's

I'm sure we've all had them before, mine just... disturbs me. I am trying to get over it though. Anyways, so my old scale said 205 one minute, so I got off and back on, it said 225, I was like, huh. It was definitely broken. So the bf picks up a very accurate Taylor one, and once it was all ready, I jumped on, 246!!!! My normal weight was 218!! My scale was off by 28 pounds, is that even POSSIBLE? I guess so? I was considering getting a different scale, but when I went out to look for one there weren't many out there.

I think I've accepted it, and so now I have to lose the same weight over again. In some sort of way it feels like I haven't lost ANYTHING, even though I know it's not true. I've decided that my pity party ends tonight, and tomorrow it's back to the grind. Stupid scale.


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its not the number its rhe loss....forget the number...it only a number and watch it move lower each week

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oh, that must be so annoying! I would really hate that. But don't let it discourage you - hey, I'm sure your size has changed already, maybe use your pants and your measurements to keep motivated. Scales will come and go but a tape measure never lies

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Aimee, I've been reading you for years.. Look at our join dates . And I've got to tell you.. You have come so far!! I am so proud of you!!

Do not, do Not, DO NOT let that scale get you down. You are doing it! Your living it and its working. Its showing from the inside out!! If you dont believe me, believe you... Go back and read some of your older posts, say from 2005. And see how far you've come.

Girlfriend you are an inspiration to those you dont even know your inspiring... Mainly me! So dont you dare let that silly metal monster mess with your mind.

Take care babes... and thank you.

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I agree, do not let the scale get to you.

You do keep your scale on a hard surface don't you? That is a crazy amount for your scale to be off and I feel for you but you have lost a lot of weight and you should be proud.
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You've lost the weight - adjust your starting weight if it makes you feel better.
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It's amazing how much that number has us. I lost a significant amount of weight (105 lbs) a little over 10 years ago and was down to 220. I still have the scale I used then, though I had to replace it this time around with a larger capacity model at the beginning of my weight loss efforts. I've since discovered that the original scale weighs about 6-7 pounds light. More than 10 years and a zillion pounds later, I *still* felt a real stab of disappointment that I had not weighed what I thought I did back then. Every milestone I cheered on that 9 month journey had been false. Which is so silly intellectually - I still felt wonderful as my body evolved and I still looked better and better and I still lost 105 pounds.

I do understand though. Right now I am rabid about getting to 299. I don't know what I imagine will change between 300 and 299.9, but I'm imagining something.

The disappointment will pass, and you'll feel great about being able to truly rely on your new scale, which is just one of many indicators of your progress.
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sassy - wow, thanks! I honestly don't think I've come that far, its nice to hear others notice.

MetaChick - I totally feel like when I hit 219, and struggled to hit that mark SO hard, that now I find out it wasn't even true and I have to do it again? It's just really frustrating, and nice to hear it's not me being crazy and that others might feel the same way.

I know I shouldn't let the number be such a factor, and normally it's not, I use the scale to measure weight loss, not to be all about the number. That being said, hitting 199 would feel great. I think a lot of people would be crushed to gain 28 pounds overnight. There is no way to go but down from here!

Thank you all for replying - in my RL I am alone in this weight loss process, it helps to not feel so alone


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Oh Aimee, I feel so badly for you. But do not let this derail you. It's just a slight bump in the road. You and your efforts are so much more then a number on the scale. And 199 will still be fantastic when you get there. And get there you will. There's plenty of room for you, so don't worry about it. You didn't gain 28 lbs overnight. You didn't. Years from now you will look back at this and chuckle, I know it seems hard to imagine, but when it's not so fresh in your mind and when you are a skinny little chickadee this will all seem not soooo darn frustrating. And you are most certainly not alone. We're all here for you 24/7. *hugs*
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Scales are so frustrating. I agree Nelie, don't let it get to you! But the science part of me wants to ask you if you tried weighing something like a 5lb weight or bag of flour, to check the scale. And I know mine weighs off if its not on a hard surface. If your clothes are fitting better and your measurements are dropping, then you are losing regardless of what the scales reads.

We have a weightloss support group at church, and everyone lined up for the scale that weigh the lowest. Some would weigh on both then report the lower weight for their loss. One was always over the other by 5 pounds. I trust mine, even tho its 3 pounds lower than my doctors.

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You definately didn't gain 28 lbs overnight - the bottom line is that you've still lost the same amount of weight overall. But I agree with Nicki - try putting a 5 lb bag of sugar or flour on the scale because it's quite possible that your scale just needs to be recalibrated - even new scale can get knocked out of wack during shipment.

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Oh Aimee, I know it just sucks. Why not just add those 28 pounds to what you originally started out at. That way it shows you lost more in the end. You'll be back down to 219 in no time and this will be but a distant memory and will make 219 that much sweeter.

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Wow! How aggravating! Hang in there...don't let those stupid scales win!
- Rhonda

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Swimgirl, I seldom post but long time member... I didn't weigh myself for a long time as I knew that I would become obsessive about doing it. Last year in March I weighed myself after going down a few clothing sizes, working out 5-6 days a week etc. I was about 20 lbs more than I thought I was! I was really down. I spent the day upset and then decided that I was still the same happy person I was the day before and could still fit into the much smaller sizes and was still on the path to a goal. Can you tell I've had therapy! Can you tell I have lost 65 lbs before and regained it?
What I did do is take my two five lb. hand weights and my two eight lb. weight and recalibrate my scale to that 26 lbs. I also put a new battery in it as I had put it in a closet for years. I can assure you it was not the battery and I don't remember how off it was but I felt I had a new starting point. I check it with the weights about every 6 months and I leave it in the same place on the bathroom floor. I lost 40lbs since last March and do tend to weigh myself a bit too much. I still work out every day, write it all down etc and its harder now as I am older to take it off. I have another 50 to go!

I can give all the talk about success is not measured by the scale, it is how you feel and look, it's just a number, but you know all that! Life does measure us in all ways but for a lot of us it is a number mixed in with all of the above. For me the biggest incentive is the health club I belong to and the people there who lately tell me how great I look and that they can really tell how much I have lost. I also use a tape measure for a benchmark. I take out a demin shirt (2x) with a zipper I know I wore pre weight loss at the end of 2003 and put that on in front of a mirror. There is room in it for another of me.

My numbers are close to yours. I try not to think back too much because I think I was closer to 250+ or more when I lost the first 20 lbs and when I did the !st scale thing I was 238 and really upset! I am now in the 195 - 200 range and I have learned to use a range of 5 lbs to keep from going off the deep end! I have never posted my numbers before! You can do this! We can all do this, just not as fast as we want. Hope this helps. I lost the first weight swimming almost everyday for close to a year Swimgirl!
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I decided that it was best to add the 32 pounds to the 245, taking it to 278 as my starting (eeeeeeekk!!!), I just can't NOT show the loss, I worked my tushie off for it!

Thanks SO much for all the replies, I appreciate it more than you all know!

Starspangled - I am in love with swimming, I am truely a water baby! My mom spent many a dollar on all my lessons ranging from technique classes, to synchronized to speed swimming. I don't do it as much lately, can you believe it costs 6 dollars at the local pool?? 6 bucks for drop in? Yikes!!


November Goal: 2.5 down / 2.5 to go!
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