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Default the reality check hanging in my closet!

For some reason last night, I decided to see if any of my capri pants from last summer fit.....they didn't....not one stinkin pair! Okay, two pairs got on okay, but looked horrible-the other ones-forget it.

Why did I delude myself that I haven't gained much weight since last summer!
My new incentive-to get into some of those pants without them looking terribe. I have them in various sizes (naturally) so I don't expect all of them to fit this summer.

Anyone else have smaller clothes they'd love to wear lurking in their closet?

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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Yep...but just a few. I got rid of most of them about a year ago when I decided I was just going to be fat. The ones I still have just got accidentally missed in the purge. I have 2 pair of pants, a shirt, and a dress left. I put the dress on yesterday and it went on but was too tight. It didn't look nice at all. About 10 pounds and I think everything except 1 pair of pants will fit...and 10 pounds later they will. I haven't worn any of these clothes in about 4 years...so I'm very happy to be close, again. All of them now go on....but they aren't fit for public!

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back on track, again!
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Default Oh my YES!

I tried to purge out most of my little clothes, as they were out of style since I haven't worn them in so long.. but I do have two brand new pairs of Old Navy jeans that I never got to wear, and then one pair of size 16 shorts that I hope to get into soon, and a pair of 10's that I hope I will be able to wear someday. I have actually gotten into my 18's that were hanging around, now the task is to get rid of all my bigger clothes, (except a pair for before and afters) so that I won't let myself slide again.
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Since this is the smallest I've ever been, the smaller clothes hanging in my closet are brand new I've recently bought some size 16 and size 18 misses petite pants. The size 18s are so close to fitting. I think 10-20 lbs and most of the pants will fit perfectly.
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Oh yes, in fact I was teasing a day or two ago saying I found a new clothing store - in my closet! Keep on going - it won't be long until you find they are fitting!
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Bringing SexyBack ;)
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I pretty much have a whole wardrobe in every size from 26/28 down to 18/20. Lots of stuff still with tags on them. So I look forward to wearing some "new" things pretty soon. I plan to try on some stuff this weekend, to see if I can start wearing some things now.
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Mz. Matherne
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I have a pair of pants I bought last year as "motivation" and I tried it on the other day and it fit BUT its a stretch jean and it was really tight so I'm hoping in 2 months are so it will fit okay!
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Thanks for your responses! I think if I keep up being consistent with exercise and lose 10 lbs or so, most of them will fit (I hope!) I live in NJ, so it won't be warm enough to wear them until around mid-May anyway.

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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I have two outfits that will require about 20 lbs to be gone before I can wear them. Then, there is this one dress that is hopelessly out of style, but I just want to be able to fit in it again!! Someday!!
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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Well, I tossed out most of my smaller shirts and pants, except for two pairs of jeans that I can't even DREAM of wearing until I've lost closr to 50-60 lbs.

I do have smaller bras, though. And I can't wait until I can wear them without "spilling over" or "over flowing". Right now, with my short 5 foot frame, I look like breast implants gone wrong.

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It must have been a good night for closet cleaning because I too was looking at my capris last night. Though I didn't try them on because they would have split at the seams. There was this cute beachy pair I loved to wear. They are from a couple years ago, the last time I lost weight.. before gaining it back plus 50 more. I was curious and looked at the tag--- SIZE 10!!--- I don't even remember being in a size 10 pants. What I wouldn't give now to be out of my 18s and back in those 10s this summer... but that is too soon. Hopefully I can wear them next year! *sigh*
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I have one pair of jeans that my son's skinny XGF gave me that I hang onto just to judge my waist size. I can button them laying down only. If I can't button them, I know my waist has gotten bigger. I know that I'll never be able to wear them in public, but they are my tape measure. LOL.


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Its all about choices
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I have 2 skirts I bought last summer, when I was losing weight. Then I fell off the wagon and I was never able to wear them. I would love to be able to wear them this summer! I also have 1 pair of capri's and 2 blouses that I've never worn. I am thinking of them as motivation. And I probably need to lose 15 pounds before I can wear the capri's and 20 to wear the skirts.

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I understand the delusion...I had a really rough stressful winter. I started thinking about summer this weekend. Even my fat clothes don't fit. Got some serious work to do...These posts got me thinking. I have a bin of skinny clothes. They are now 10 years old, some of them even older. I'm thinking they're out of style by now even if I did think them "classic" at the time. Besides, I've had 3 beautiful babies since then. I sincerely doubt my body shape will be the same. Off to the good will they go!
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My entire closet AND my dresser are full of nice clothes that are too small...by ALOT

I have one pair of jeans...which I broke down and bought last week (size 20)

I also threw out ALL my fat clothes when I lost last time...so I wouldn't gain it back. Well.....that didn't work too well and now I have NO clothes to wear...no fun. Especially when I look at the stuff I do have, and it's so cute..and looked good on me, too

I truly hope to be in them again someday!!

TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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