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View Poll Results: Is your spouse/partner overweight?
Yes, we are losing weight together. 19 31.67%
Yes, but they still eat the way I used to. 21 35.00%
No, my spouse has always been a healthy weight. 20 33.33%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Is your spouse/partner overweight?

Is your spouse/partner overweight? If the answer is yes or no does it effect your weight loss?

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The answer is no--always normal weight. It's a problem because I gain weight on the food my SO can eat with no gain. So we now eat different foods.

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He has always been very fit and athletic. He has always been able to leave food on his plate when he is full. He has also never, not once, given me grief about my weight or fitness. He has recently expressed an interest in eating healthier, so that makes it easy for me, too.
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Mine is overweight and is making no effort to change, even though I've been cooking healthier. I hope he'll join me one day.
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Yes - my fiance is significantly overweight (~320 at 5'10") and has been since he was a kid. He says he wants to lose weight but hasn't made any real effort to do so yet. It doesn't help matters that he started working third shift a few months ago, we're 350 miles apart and working opposite hours and days, and his roommates are pizza-and-beer types.

He says things will be easier when we're together, that we'll be able to cook healthy meals together and spend our "us" time doing fun active stuff instead of recovering from a long drive. I think that's definitely true, but it still comes down to each of us making our own choices (i.e. I can't do it for him).

One of my biggest motivators in getting active and healthy in a way I can maintain is so that I can keep up with my kids and raise them to be active and healthy too. I look forward to setting up a healthy lifestyle for the two of us, that we can just add to when we have children.

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Yes, he's overweight. He eats healthier if I buy it and cook it, though he will still eat out at McDonald's or Burger King if I do not make something for him to eat. Oh, and he has to like it.

I don't let him keep crap in the house. We live very near to a convenient store and if he wants something, he can go get enough for him to eat - he's not allowed to stock pile it in the house. He can also keep it in his truck and at work.
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My partner is 330 to my 220. We are both working on looseing weight but we both keep putting up silly blocks that cause us to fail. I am hoping that joining here gives us both more motivation to get that start we need.
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Yes, he's about 40 lbs overweight. Just found out this winter that he has high BP and cholesterol. He has a manual labour job April - Oct at a golf course so he eats a lot and is pretty muscular generally. He hurt his knee and last year was less active. he didn't drop his "winter weight" and has kind of carried on at the same weight. He does try to cook healthier by his definition. Portion control is a problem for us both.
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I started this thread because I'm frustrated that my dh is going down a path this is not good. I know I can't force him... even if I suggest it he runs the other direction. He is 5'4" and is 270 lbs. He has high bp.
I don't even want to think of how many calories he eats... about as many as I used to. He drinks about 4-6 cans of regular soda a day. He is frustrated, tired, angry and did I mention tired. He is where I was.... sigh.

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I guess I am the *one* poll response that we are losing weight together. Between the two of us, my partner and I (see picture) have lost 185 lbs collectively.
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^^That's great!

Yes, my boyfriend is overweight. He really likes food, but he's not 'addicted' in the same way that I am. That is, he can buy a chocolate bar, eat a piece, and then put the rest away for later. Weeks later!

I too often use him as my excuse to overindulge, because he makes me feel good, and makes me feel like my weight doesn't define me or isn't important. While that's nice, I'm trying not to use it as an excuse anymore. He doesn't really eat healthy, although he's a trained chef and when he cooks for us, he will make a healthy meal. I only get to see him about once a week because he lives across the city from me (and he works, and I'm a student). I mentioned the idea of going to the gym with him one time, and he seemed interested, but I think he's too intimidated to go alone, and we can't find time in our schedules to go together.

I care about him a lot, but I don't know how, or if, I should bring anything up to him.
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My husband is also morbidly obese. He fell on the ice and tore his rotator cuff last February and accelerated damage to his spine that was already present (he inherited a degenerative bone and joint problem, which his weight and the injury aggravated). He also has severe diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain).

Before we met, he had never dieted. And his two previous attempts with me didn't go very well. We recently started reducing carbs together (he is a major snack carb junkie whether it be nuts or chips), and he is much more content to eat this way. We've agree that changes have to be ones we maintain, so if he or I are craving something to badly we talk about it, and decide if it is worth making an "exception" for. This often includes getting on the scale to check how we're doing, as our agreement has been that our minimum standard of success is 1 pound per week. So after we weigh in we decide whether indulging in our craving could jeopardize our success for the week. So far, it hasn't. He's losing more slowly than I am, but he's still lost on average 2 lbs per week, so I'm happy. When we were on WW, he lost much more quickly than I did, but he was very unhappy and grumpy about it, so this is a vast improvement.

It may take us 2 - 5 years to reach ideal weights, but if we can maintain this lifestyle, we'll do great. While each of us is responsibile for our own eating, it is a lot easier to stay on program, when we're both in it together.
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My husband is skinny and has always been that way. Apparently, after college he gained a few pounds (10? 15? not sure) but realized it and lost them fairly quickly. When we started living together, he gained 5 lbs and amazingly he noticed it immediately. So I switched around the way we were eating and incorporated exercise into our lives. He has since lost 15-20 lbs (which puts him in the 130s, yikes!). He tries to fit in exercise and he eats what I eat although he snacks a bit more and has a bit more leeway in what he eats. I'm glad he likes to be active though because it does help and I like that he likes to eat healthy and doesn't mind his portions getting cut down.
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My DH is 6'1" and weighs 207, so he could stand to lose a few probably. But his issue is more with toning. However, he has always been great about eating what I eat and working out when I work out (I got to a women's only gym so we can't technically do it together). So I voted for Yes, we are losing together.
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My husband is "overweight" at 215 and 6' - but he's HOT to me!! He enjoys good, healthy food. Just a little too much of it! He tries to eat healthy and is trying to lose some weight - plus he is very supportive of me. He works out regularly doing cardio and weightlifting and has for the 10 years I've known him...but has gained some weight in spite of that. When we met he was 195 to my 220. Before I met him he had been over 300 pounds. So he understands what it's like to be obese and the struggle it is to lose weight and maintain the loss over a long period of time.

BTW - He has DM type 2 and has been able to control it through diet/exercise ever since he was diagnosed 6 years ago. His glucose is always normal (except for when he's really sick) and his hemoglobin A1C is that of a non-diabetic, so he's doing something right. I know the disease will show it's side effects someday, but I'm pretty dang proud of him that he's conscious of his health and able to control the disease without drugs for now.
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