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Default Where does your fat come from?

Not the fat on your thighs silly.....

the fat in your diet

How much fat do you eat? do you know?

I really try to limit my fats - some days are harder then others. It's weird - sometimes fat fills me up and other times I get terrible cravings.

I still love butter... I don't use much. But I love the taste of it! I will have some nutty whole wheat bread with a tiny tiny bit of butter.. just to taste it.

I also love cheese.. too much! Heck, I live in Wisconsin people.. it's the law!!

I also eat almonds - but I limit them b/c of the high calories. They are high in the good fats and vitamin E.

What kinds of fat do you eat?

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I use olive oil in stir fries and in salads (occasionally) and I have a soft spot for cheese, like you. I love my cheese, so I just have to be careful and only eat small amounts. I don't eat many nuts just because it feels wrong and strange to me to spend that many calories on such a small amount of food, even though I -know- they're good for me. The rest comes in little bits from my Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, chicken, etc.
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I never liked butter/margarine (I had to buy some last month for a recipe, first time I had any in the house in years). I looove cheese, but sadly it does not love me back anymore so I've had to almost give it up (which is sad, because I love cheese and miss it!). I don't eat a lot of meat (very rarely red meat, some grilled chicken or turkey). I am currently tired of yogurt (a serving a day for 3 years wore me out).

I cook with olive oil almost exclusively. So, some olive oil every night, usually. I also eat natural peanut butter on my toast every day. I love the health benefits of nuts, so I add a few nuts to my salad everyday (slivered almonds or walnuts or sesame seeds). I love avocados, I should eat more. I also love salmon, but only eat it about 1 day a week (should eat more salmon!)

I think that healthy fats are important and I have a goal that 20-25% of my daily calories should come from healthy fats. When I'm using Fitday, I check to make sure I am reaching that goal.
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Olive oil mostly although recently I bought some avocados and olives so I'm getting some fat from those. Any meat I eat obviously has fat as well so my fat also comes from that.

I love cheese but I rarely eat it.
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Glad you clarified that, Dana! I thought we might have to go to the very basics. Too much food... too much bad food... no exercize... and there's the fat!! Ha!

I like cheese a lot, but I've tried to cut that down to just about nothing. I still drink a glass of milk every day, so that's part of it.

I also like red meat, so that's in there every so often.
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I eat entirely too much fat, I'm the first to admit. A "typical" day's calories are 35-40% from fat. I know this is NOT good and Im making the conscious effort to fix it.. doing pretty well so far.

The BIGGEST culprit for me is the cream in my coffee. I am one of those people who HAS to have a nice big cup of coffee in the morning... on the positive side, I've eliminated cream outside of this (I let myself have a cup in the afternoon once or twice a week, only if I have it with milk). A few months ago I would be having four or five cups of coffee with god knows how much cream in one day.. ick.

Other culprits: peanut butter (I've limited myself to one tbsp every few days now), eggs (i LOVE them but i'm trying to do the egg beater thing when I can, ugg), cheese (I just can't get started, but I have a melted FF piece of cheese on my broccoli with lunch so it gets rid of the craving for hte most part). Olive oil, I LOVE cooking with it, and I also love avocados, the "good fat."
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Yeah, I have to be careful with cheese. While cooking dinner last night (turkey cheeseburgers), I actually snacked on 2 slices, plus had 2 slices on my burgers. Not good.

Other than cheese, I had guacamole in my lunch today, so I got a punch of fat from the avocado. Other than that, I only really eat chicken as my meat (aside from turkey burgers), and I buy the 99% fat free chicken breasts, so not too much fat there.

I find the fat sort of sneaks in on me. Like today--some of my fat comes from my spaghetti sauce (to which I have not added any cheese or meat). I wouldn't think of spaghetti sauce as being fatty, but there it is.
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Honestly, I don't care about where the fat is coming from and how much of it I'm consuming as long as I stay in my calorie range. But I try to make sure it's good fat (olive oil, nuts, etc).

I like to think a little fat in your diet is good since it satiates you. It definitely satiates me.

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I do about 25-30% of my calories from fats. I try to stick to good fats, but I do eat lean red meat and reduced fat cheeses. My good fats come from walnuts mostly. I eat a couple of tablespoons with my cereal in the morning, and I sometimes add them to my salads as well.

I also take a fish oil supplement daily.
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I'm not sure how much fat I'm eating...I've been following Southbeach and not tracking calories or foods. I can tell you that I use a lot of olive oil. I also eat cheese, nuts and natural peanut butter...but, the daily allowance is very strict. When on-plan, the weeks I dont lose much are also the weeks that I didnt strictly monitor the cheese and nuts. I also eat very lean meats and no saturated fats. High cholesterol and heart disease runs in my family, so I have to be careful.
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I eat nuts everyday - usually almonds or walnuts. I also eat a lot of salmon, and I use olive oil anytime I need oil in my cooking. Natural peanut butter too - although I don't eat it everyday. My fats are usually in the higher range - but I don't pay much attention, I know they are all healthy ones I am eating, and I am loosing consistently.
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I am very fortunate that I don't like butter or margarine. So I never, ever eat it. Same thing with mayonaise. I love nuts and yes I know they have good fats in them, but I would rather spend my calories on a higher volume of food.

I use olive oil for my stir fries, no more then a tsp. I eat chicken breast and salmon and talapia. I very, very rarely eat red meat. As for cheese I love it, but the only time I do eat it is when I make either whole wheat pita pizza or pizza using whole wheat flat wraps. And then it is only low fat and just a sprinkling at that.
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I'm not sure exactly how much my daily fat intake is. I am following a low-fat, low GI eating plan. One of my major weaknesses is cheese - cheddar, mozarella, swiss - you name it, I love it!

Just curious - am I the only one who really can't tolerate the low-fat stuff?

Cheers m'dears!
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I don't love the low fat cheeses either. Which is why I don't eat them. And I'm just not willing to eat full fat cheese. So therefore like I said earlier the only time I do eat the low fat stuff is on my pizza. So it's melted and covered with sauce and veggies. It doesn't bother this way.
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Since I just had the fattiest meal since I got here, I`ll share since it`s where all of my fat comes from:

Fry my chicken breast in a teeny bit of olive oil.
Quarter an avocado (I can get some big ones for like 30 cents)
Dice some onions and tomatoes, put a bit of red vinegar, some pepper, cilantro, a bit of chili powder.
Add that on top of the avocado, shred the chicken a bit and add to it. I LOVE it!

So that´s it.
Meats, which are chicken, beef, and tons of fish and shrimp.

Avocados, although I limit myself to one a week. It`s hard, and sometimes I fail. The worst part is that avocados are bigger here, so a binge is baaad.

Olive oil.

Wow. I think losing weight here is easier than I imagine it to be.

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