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Default Coming home to MY FOOD!

Anyone else feel like a hothouse flower? I feel like when I go anywhere, I hate all the food! Everything made with white flour, white rice, sugar everywhere, etc. I simply don't like those things anymore, and I don't think I ever did.

Well, not just that. Like, the LITTLE things that add up.

I went to a restaurant with my mom for lunch in our small town the other day. The salad bar was pathetic; iceberg, pasta salad, coleslaw, mangy looking tomatoes...the only things on it that appealed were cottage cheese, beets, and hard boiled egg. No go; though I would love that for lunch at home, I wouldn't pay $7.95 for it haha. So I finally settled on a salmon burger. It came with soup and potato chips. I won't turn down an occasional potato chip if it's good, but restaurant chips are always the nasty generic kind you'd never buy from the grocery store, so I said hold them. The soup was french onion. It was incredibly salty and had globs of oil floating on top. Again, I don't mind globs of oil from time to time, but it didn't seem to IMPROVE the soup any, so it was just icky. Then just, you know, there's no option to get a whole grain bun, of course. It came with "secret sauce," which I'm convinced is created by putting mayonnaise out in the sun. I asked for it on the side, and boy, it looked like it was about to get up and walk.

Today I went to a child's birthday party. The food (I ate beforehand but ended up being there/at the parent's house after for about 4 hours) was pizza, chocolate or banana cake, and superman ice cream. I knew the menu beforehand, so I was ready to fit greasy old pizza hut pizza into my day, but still...

I couldn't help thinking the entire time I ate pizza and cake...

I can't wait to get home and have a black bean veggie burger. I can't wait to get home and have blueberries in yogurt. I can't wait to get home and have some veggie lasagna.


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I feel exactly the same way! You said it perfectly

I'm especially frustrated every time that we have team meetings, because the only food there is the fattiest, white foods and desserts. And tonight...we had some friends coming over, so my bf was planning on ordering pizza. I ended up having a salad beforehand because even when the pizza is made on a whole wheat or multigrain crust and piled with veggies, it's not my favorite food any more!
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It is amazing, isn't it? I never in my entire life would have thought that I would be so turned off by eating outside of my home. I just find I'm too picky and I don't enjoy it. I scrutinize everything. I keep on thinking of all the ways they could have made it better and healthier. Who wouldv'e thunk it? In the old days, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. I would have eaten anything they would plop down in front of me. Not anymore. I feel so much "safer" at home.
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And there are never enough vegetables when I'm eating somewhere else. We eat at minimum two kinds of vegetables with both lunch and dinner. I always think how am I going to get full without my lovely vegetables??

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It is funny you mentioned it. Today we had a huge oral competition at my school (a requirement for all first years). Yesterday, I went to my friends apartment to prep for it (which I didn't plan when I planned my meals). On the way there we stopped at the store to find something quick for lunch. I ened up getting a lean cuisine not what I really wanted however it was ok. Then we were still and all the sudden it was 8 at night so we went to Subway to get dinner. Afterwards all I could think was boy I fell like crap I didn't get any of my veggies today.

Then during the competition they provided us with lunch and an afternoon reciption. Lunch was sandwiches and chips. Nothing I was very thrilled about but I had a ham wrap, no sauce, skipped the desserts, skipped the pickle, and skipped the chips. Then the reception, cheese platter, salads with tons of oil dressing, mini quiche, some type of beef crossiant thing, and a fruit. Well I took one look at this and thought it was gross. I had one piece of cheese, one mini-quiche (vegetarian no cheese), and some fresh fruit. All I could think was I can’t wait to go home and have some “good” food.
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OMG, I feel this way, too! It's CRAZY!

I would take eating in any day of the week - I love the foods that I cook, and am just not that into restaurant or other "outside" food anymore. Even if having a special meal, I'm more often than not disappointed in meals out these days - knowing that I could have prepared something just as tasty, if not tastier, and for fewer calories and less money!

My MIL is notorious for doing obscene things to vegetables (bacon grease in the beans, anyone? ), and when I'm at the table there these days I'm longing to get home to have something fresh.
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I actually started feeling this way years ago when I learned how to cook. I would go to restaurants and say, "I could do this... better! and cheaper!"

That's when I started exploring some of my favorite foods at home, like Indian, Thai, and sushi. (I still eat sushi out because it may be cheaper at home, it's still a lot of effort).

Now when my friends say they can't go out because they're trying to save money, I invite them over for dinner or we do a BYOM (Bring your own meat) BBQ.
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