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Default ahhh the humble calorie

OK, I've spent the last two weeks purging the house of anything suitable for a binge. It's amazing how those things sneak in here. I've stockpiled enough veggies to survive the next ice age and I'm eating a multitude of colors every day. Now comes the hard part. I have to lug my butt onto the scale and I have to say the thought scares the jeepers out of me. It's been two pants sizes since my last visit to the scale of shame, but I want an accurate start. I just hope it doesn't scare me into a vat of potato soup (with full fat cheese and maybe bacon). My next biggest hurdle is counting calories. Is it better to start high and lower the amount until you start to lose or start low and go up until you stop? I know physical activity and body responses determine what you need so everyone is different, but I just don't know what would be a good place to jump in.
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Start high and lower slowly! You want to be at the highest calorie level at which you can lose at a reasonable rate. Also, its easier at the beginning to eat a little more and adjust into changes slowly...easier mentally and physically.

Its hard to guess at what might be a good rate for you without knowing your weight...so get on there, and remember to keep in mind when you step on that you are already WELL on the way to changing the number to something you are happier with. Its just a starting place...one that you're already launching off from.
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I agree with mandalinn. You may envoke a "starvation" response if you drastically reduce your calories all at once. I know that has happened to me in the past. Once you know your weight, you can calculate a decent starting point and go from there.

BTW, congrats on losing 2 sizes! You are doing something right!
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oh, it wasn't losing two sizes... that's why I don't want to get on that freaking scale.
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scale of shame
I love it!

I agree with the others - start high and work your way down! You can find sites on the internet like calorie-count that will help you determine your calorie needs for your weight and activity level.

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Good luck on the scale. OWN that number, whatever it is! Truly know that you are not the heaviest person in the world and begin to lower it!

As for calories, you can check out a lot of the action in the calorie counters forum (Under "Diet Plans"). nearly every day someone asks a question similar to yours. The answers you've received so far here have been great. Calculators are a good starting point, but know that they are simply estimates, as they don't know as much about your metabolism as they would really need to to be really accurate...

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