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Default who bugs you the most about your weight?

who is the person(s) in your life who bugs you about the fact that you need to lose "some weight"? it your husband, boyfriend, family, ect..?

march weightloss challenge goal: 240

highest weight: 300-305 [august 2006]
weightloss goal #1: 200
weightloss goal #2: 170
weightloss goal #3: 150

overall goal weight: 130
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Just Me
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Height: 5'6"


My mom and it used to be my grandma as well. My husband tells me I don't need to lose weight.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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Bringing SexyBack ;)
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Height: 5'5"


No one but my doctor... and it sometimes pisses me off because she could lose a few herself. LOL.
WLS (Duodenal Switch) 6.26.08

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New start 24/10/10
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Height: 5'8


a horrible aunt who used to tell me this everytime she saw me from like age 8...my mum would never believed me when i told her what she would say. horrible witch lol sorry....my boyfriend says i dont need to lose any.
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Height: 5'2.5"


nobody but me!
First Goal ~Healthy BMI met March 2007

Goal for October 6,2010

Long term goal~~ To meet by Christmas.
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S/C/G: 346/186/186

Height: 5' 9"


My grandma used to. She would be proud of me for losing weight if she were still alive. After she passed on, no one really bugged me about it.

160 lbs lost!

My progress pictures
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Intuituve Eater
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Height: 5'7


My parents were horrible at it. Since I've been working out they haven't said anything. I think particularly since I am doing something about it and they also have weight to lose.
Obie =every 5lbs lost

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My journey

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I feel very fortunate that I don't have anyone in my life who *bugs* me about it - other than myself, that is (I'm getting better, though!) . I know there are people who have been concerned for me, from a health standpoint, but it's never come across in a negative way....I'm grateful for that!
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Both my allergist and dr says time to get it off LOL geeze gimme some time

Hubby loves me just the way I am or will be ...not sure if thats good or bad really

= 5lbs

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Future Skinny Teacher!!
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Height: 5'8.5"


My Granny is rough! I think she lost her manners at age 85 or so. Every time I see her she mentions my weight. At least now she can see I am doing something about it and has cut the rude comments down for a more pleasing "You look a little better now, keep it up"
Overall goal

First mini goal met 2/19/07-287 to 260 Second Mini Goal met 260-250 3/19/07Third Mini Goal met 250-240 5/14/2007 Fourth Mini Goal 240-230
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S/C/G: 315/see ticker/175

Height: 5'5"


Mostly Myself!!!

There are a few others that have made comments throughout my life! Too many to list!
"One day at a time is all that I can do!!!"


Goals Met:
1st Goal: 300
2nd Goal: 50 LBS
3rd Goal: 100 LBS
4th Goal: Onederland
5th Goal: 179 LBS (No longer obese!)
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No one has ever really bugged me about needing to lose weight, ever; which is surprising since I have been fat my whole life.
What bugs me is that there are people that my family has told about my efforts (which I am a very private person and wish that I could disclose my personal information as I feel comfortable). I have one aunt, who at family get togethers looks me up and down to see if I've made progress.
Last week she said I looked smaller, and I said "no, I look the same" which was the truth - I hadn't gained or lost since she had seen me.... I was just irritated that she needed to make a scene out of it.
I just wish people wouldn't comment at all.
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Me. No one says a thing. I almost wish they would. Someone has to be bugged about it... especially my husband!

My goal: Me in a summer dress, walking with my family. Feeling beautiful and healthy again.
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Bikini Season :)
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i bug myself enough
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Kelly M
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S/C/G: 246/147/150 WW Goal

Height: 5'5"


My mom has always been the one to comment about my weight. DH, bless his heart, has never said a derogatory word about it, even when I was DOUBLE the size I was when we got married.

Mom's blatant comments have subsided, but her new compliments are a double edged sword....I just wish she wouldn't say anything at all. A compliment that stings doesn't do anything for you....
My Personal Goal!

8~8~06 Journey Started, 246 lbs.
11~10~07 WW Goal Achieved, 150 lbs.
12~22~07 WW Lifetime Achieved, 148 lbs.
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